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    At present, modern man has become even more susceptible to viral and colds. Ceychas many sick already and winter and summer, spring and autumn – each transferred disease weakens the body as a whole – even though “teaches” immune to experiencing the type of virus virusaA more and more of a pig, a bird, a goat and a list of constantly rastetOslozhneniya disease after more and more and you are all weaker weaker-how to protect themselves?? immunity to many people ready to attack but the introduction of the virus, antiviral substances in the body are formed in the greatest numbers and are able to suppress the virus is 3-5 days zabolevaniyaANTIVIRUSNYE PREPARATYarbidol amiksin Amizon rematadin cold remedy, and others, they are effective at the beginning zabolevaniyaDlya total body strengthening – Badger FAT – take a teaspoon in the morning natoschakSuschestvuyut very simple and effective means of preventing zabolevaniya1Podderzhanie immunity at a high level of readiness usually requires a good supply of sleep a positive attitude and hardening of the nervous system in as once a week or more dipping in cold water for 20-40 seconds (it can be cold in the bathroom) or perfusion of vedra2Virus air is passed through droplets penetrate through the mucous membranes – and you feel a burning sensation his appearance in the nasal mucosa – at this stage rather 30-40 seconds to smell pine oil, and most viruses will perish, and that part of that time to get into the blood will be localized immune sistemoy3Esli you missed the point the introduction of the virus in the mucous begins obschegrippoznye symptoms – enough to make a run in 30 minutes, sweat-bathe and take tea with raspberry and lemon – while the main break with no one talking for an hour at least a better procedure to do this evening after work and get up the next day absolutely zdorovymZnaya these simple rules, you can effectively defend against most viruses cause “cold”



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