• Dec 15

    You can put next to the battery capacity with water. Dostatochnoe of drinking – it is important for an organism with signs of the disease. This applies particularly to young children whose immune system is not sufficiently strong. Ne forget about right, a gradual hardening of the child. Nauchite properly cough, cough – an important process in the disease, so the lungs are cleared. Heating dries the air and leads to drying of the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, and this is – a way to mikrobov. Aktivnye useful for immunity. Therefore, we should not be with people sneezing and coughing, with those who have a bad cold and high temperatura. How parents take care of the baby’s health and prevent disease in the winter? Therapists recommend several measures to reduce the risk of respiratory illnesses in the winter. At first, the absence of appetite offer baby juices or doctor prescribed antibiotics frukty. Na out in the cold heat wear your baby. Variations in temperature of the body opens the way for the game infektsiy. Esli should give the child to maintain the intestinal microflora of yogurt or baby biokefir. At the first sign of a cold, if the overall health of the baby normally, you can wash his nose with saline. Everyone knows that winter respiratory infections are sick more often. If a child gets sick quite easily in the winter is better to avoid public places, and enough of a kindergarten. This may help in mild heat nasmorke. Firstly, it should come with a smaller kid in the room with so many people. Kogda the baby takes more than a day and he with difficulty breathing, feel weak, you need to contact vrachu.

  • Dec 13

    Health management has been prepared by all previous studies of this condition. In some studies expression of the essence of health and illness are classified, grouped by similar characteristics.? In addition, you can always add a sign, which had never noticed before. In joy and sorrow, on weekdays and holidays mention health. Such work will undoubtedly be useful because they give an idea of? These publications are generalizing, and stable. In the first half of the XIX century restored the idea of? Such a definition, as can be seen, not just because it passes the signs of health, not its essence. ” Further searches for the essence of health go in another direction. Kazhdy cellulite treatment at home will use more and more popular in our country. But it remains unclear what counts as both. And in the twentieth century the concept of health finds its current definition, which is essential for today’s modern Secret den. These publications are preserved very old and very new ideas about the essence of health. Doctors say – take care of health. Definitions of health and illness are borrowed mainly from the encyclopedic dictionaries. Tut read 24k + the secret can be reviewed each year posetitel. In the middle of the XIX century, researchers seek to expand the complex state of health on the constituent elements – the spiritual and social.? A step forward, as you select a specific sign of health: the order in vital functions. Their ideas are striking in their depth, dialectical.

  • Dec 10

    If you drive your business to several people, you get access to the second item of income – is a direct fee, which ranges from 5 to 43% of the total sales volume for the current month. For production use the most modern biotechnology. Gifts! Among Tiens people for good performance are just a royal gifts! 1. Network Marketing The unique and high quality dietary supplement company gives every consumer the key to health and longevity. 3. Own business. The successful work of distributors honorary titles and are paid quarterly large cash prizes. Compensation ranges from 1% of the total sales volume of your network. Who wants to win – the win. The company, through the use of network marketing gives everyone the opportunity to become financially independent and create your own successful business. 4. 2. The transfer of knowledge and experience of others brings you the fourth type of income – the award for leadership, which is paid when you educate a leader equal. Most people are accustomed to blame their failures all but himself: “blame the school, the teachers, the state government…. 2. Tianshi Corporation is the exclusive supplier of the UN in the field of dietary supplements, nutritional supplements and health security. ” But life is winning the one who takes responsibility for his life.

  • Aug 19

    For more cost-beneficial fluorescent lamps, because most of the energy they have transformed it into a glow, and not as warm as in a conventional bulb. However, the serious disadvantage of these lamps is that they are micropulsations light, which is tiring your eyes. For health is the most relevant, since in a room where there is no comfort, deteriorating health, availability, may be aggravated by illness. Do so far dealt with the artificial light, but it is unable to compensate for the natural, because sunlight contains ultraviolet rays, has antibacterial properties and are capable of producing in the body of vitamin D. Pravda, these components change over time, for example, the same furniture in 50 years was very massive, covered with covers, 60-e is the fashion for a more simple and practical furniture, now has added to the furniture and appliances and a variety of scenery: fabrics, lamps, etc. If there is no natural light at all, then the visual work (such as a letter) recommended general lighting and illuminate the work that is in the room should work chandelier that illuminates the whole room, and, say, sconces, illuminating the working mesto. These lamps are used only in order to disinfect the premises. If natural light is weak, the artificial with it will only benefit the visually impaired. Navernoe, it makes no sense to speak of how important a comfortable atmosphere in the apartment. You understand from the quality of lighting is not only mood but also vision. At a height of 2. With this fluorescent lamps can be safely graze hands hurt your hands or valuables. In the spectrum of conventional incandescent and even fluorescent light of these rays is not so clear how important sun exposure at least some time each day. And those parts of the interior, which will be discussed further, can and should be independently select and ustanavlivat. Lampy for fixtures come in two types: incandescent and fluorescent lamps, also known as fluorescent lamps. Therefore, lighting, performing a decorative function, must still provide quality osveschenie. 5 m flat lamp is recommended to hang just below the ceiling, because in that case the light well covers the whole area.

  • Aug 14

    You say truths and rightly so, in relation to istinam. Vse then behold graduated, get position, build a house, raised syna. Nezhnaya, soft, fluffy len. Poluchil. V silence and spokoystvie. Vot only reason I? Silnye emotsii. Eto already in the field of nutrition, but directly concerns the topic of conversation. Otsutstvuet motivatsiya. Uf-f! Love sebya. Prosto will each own business, and you – so what has always sought your nature, your vulnerable and tender dusha. Mne lazy, warm and cozy – so no need to worry komfortno. Vslushaytes. Zakroyte glaza. Nam komfortno. Hronicheskoe comprehensive and misunderstanding. Not udivitelno. Razrusheniem sebya. Nesmotrya difficulties. No who or what defines the concept: comfort-nekomfort? Ono? Speshim create the future by destroying the rest nastoyaschee. We know all about yourself (Personally), only to what we knowledge that impose on us otvetstvennost. No because almost all the diseases we are creating ourselves, with a sign soznatelno. Uspokoytes. Kakim would like to see myself Vy. Otsutstvie movement, the abuse of the gadget TV without measure… Agressivnost. I we usually follow the path of least resistance in the direction of the largest poter. Na marks or son in-law apartment and nachalnika. Vse mestah. The question is not slozhnyy. Zdorove – our beloved theme, but we are talking about it as we would with storony. “Life itself – neither good nor evil: It is a repository of good and evil, and, according to what you yourself have made ee. Harmful, but so-hochetsya. Slishkom we are concerned about themselves and zanyaty. Whatever we may say – will still have Sausage sandwiches and jam down our sore nourishing broth, bridou all this fair portion of beautiful fashion tabletok. No not to themselves. Zatem hearty stretching zapem all this smoke under kofeechkom favorite brand of lightweight sigaret. Progress is vpered. Zolotaya fish would obediently our innermost zhelaniya. No there it was… Bringing new acquisitions and new problemy. Customs and habits of our parents, advertising, and more often simply len. Budto something is not at all to do with it (brought to us sore spies, aliens, enemies, detractors). Deadlock? My important we do something not because they have the knowledge, but because they want to. Poprobuy vozrazi. Prosto you do not see it. Postroil, educated, nakopil. And we are hard, diligently exhausting your body, nervous system, psihiku. Ona certainly tried, but you have forgotten about it under the yoke of excessive duties.

    |To succeed you must have excellent health

    There is a golden rule, “to locate the person to himself, it is necessary that he saw in you a good listener,” because everyone wants to be sure that people listen to him and take part in its affairs, as most, basically, people are interested in their personal Positive problem at all… Everything described here is the “smallest building blocks of a strong wall” in the name of success. You will agree with me that our health is the most important wealth. Most of us want to be successful in this life (the word” successful “you can attach different meanings, such as: 1. For the success of a few, but more on that later. According to their life experience, I am convinced of one thing: “…. And if you do not want to pinch yourself – you suddenly died (La)? Planning as a panacea… There is another important aspect of success, but it can be formulated as – Treat others as you wish that people would treat you. To achieve success in life must be, above all, to organize themselves. How to be healthy you are all well aware of, but something that can be recalled as a health tool…. How to be, what to do to achieve this? Hello To achieve success in all affairs of the universe that we are given all the tools, but how strange they are negligible surprising number of people. Offend people very easily, but the place – an art. This ability is called in different ways, such as “secret” or “supernormal. Throughout our communication with you, I will try to explain. That’s what I want you to share thoughts (observations). To be a leader in a certain range, 2. But, alas, it does not happen (or rather – very unlikely). The road to success. Have a lot of money 4. Live on schedule. Always be heard and understood, and 7.

  • Jun 30

    I wanted to also say that your health – it’s consistency. That, however, it is amusing in itself. ” Now I see why powerful people launched a desperate company “for a healthy lifestyle. And if life was smoking and drinking? We must strive to rise odubet and grove wood brothers, shoulder to shoulder! ” It is so comfortable to run the state in which some oaks! In view of the constancy of his drunken, I rummaged through the pile of dung called the Internet. Which is better: drunken constancy or constant drunkenness? Healthy literally means – “like a tree! Well, too lazy to force constant drinking to produce more serious scientific excavation. So. After all, you can change the rhythm all the functions of the body breaking down the possibility. “As always, laws, morality, and views – it’s tongue, which wags to and fro under the pressure of the wind, swinging an oak grove. …. Ministry of Health warns: “forewarned – not so dangerous. In the constant drunkenness? Why, if “cobbler drink” – is “fu, disgusting! And oaks grow well because of them is good – good sustenance in the form of acorns for the pigs, who just dream again, to around were some oaks. Mark and gave it up at once – it’s like death. And they say that “the constancy of the result – a sign of excellence. But not just oaks and oaks calamity strong! Again I turned to something not there. As possible to such a fall!

  • Jun 25

    We should not forget about the dangers of half-finished. Any woman always wants to be a charming, attractive, radiate vitality! It is clear that, having come from work, do not want to stand at the plate and come up with “To make this? But the semi-fraught many dangers for the human body! But the beauty of women – is, first of all, her state of health. Be always welcome and loved. What should I do if the skin is not perfect, but his hair is no longer pleasing pomp and pageantry? Da negative impact and stress and the unfavorable ecological situation (to put it mildly), but you can only give one piece of advice! A woman falls to the bottom very quickly, it melts into the social status glazah. People do not take it seriously, but just quietly gloat. Many women start to buy all sorts of expensive creams, masks, and spend quite a tidy sum of money in the shops and beauty parlors, not realizing that the cause of their health. And, above all, in order to draw the attention of handsome men, cause envy and admiration of colleagues and a captivating beauty podrug. Women who smoke appear over time, earthy complexion, darkened teeth, there is bad breath. Each representative of the fairer sex knows about it! This adversely affects both the reproductive health of women, and on her appearance! And it does not look at their 35. They can not get involved because you can recover strongly in the short term and earn a problem with the gastrointestinal tract, but it certainly will affect the appearance!

  • Jun 21

    Preryvchatoe breathing during orgasm leads to a deep breath during the relaxation: thus the blood is enriched kislorodom. Stimuliruet the brain because the brain during sex, well provided with blood, and it is known to increase the ability to clear myshleniyu. So before you do “recovery body”, think about all the possible posledstviyah. Provodit oxygen therapy. And do you know that sex is directly related to your health? Pomogaet against depression. Vo sexual intercourse burns up more than one hundred calories, so this is one of the best ways to lose weight. Researchers concluded that the one who has sex a little more likely to suffer from headaches, circulatory disorders, painful need for excessive eating, nervousness and insomnia. And sex makes hair shine and improves nail growth, clears acne face and leads to normal blood pressure! Too frequent sex can be dangerous and unpleasant consequences for the organism, such as physical discomfort. 5. Vyrabatyvaet immunity against the flu! Vyzyvaet enormous biochemical process that can not cause any drug. It is true that sex involves risk – you can lose your life or give it to another creature…. 7. Even the heart of love is needed in order to be healthy! Another interesting fact is that sex helps to keep a good memory. And you know the consequences until the next den. During a romantic embrace our feelings through the nerve endings in the brain are transmitted to the center of satisfaction. Scientists have proved that sexually satisfied people are much less likely to be depressed sostoyaniya. Pregnancy, in turn, may be desirable or not. Snizhaet aggressiveness, and in its absence, this aggressiveness aktiviruetsya. They are at least seven reasons, which should encourage people to engage in seksom.

  • May 13

    Therefore, prevention of dental disease self is so important and urgent. Consume sugar in fruits and honey. The interaction of salivary gland with food debris and oral bacteria often produce acid. Poleznoe effect on enamel also have fresh fruit and vegetables: apples, beets, rutabagas, morkov. Take care of your dental health! Incidentally, among the professionals in recent years are of the opinion that a small amount of chocolate has a positive effect on dental health, even protects and strengthens ih. As you know, for the strength of the teeth needed primarily calcium and fluoride. There is a risk of various diseases of the mouth, gum disease, the appearance of plaque, caries protsessov. Enamel – this armor. In this article we are talking just about this: what food should be avoided, and which, by contrast, used safely to prevent harm and to strengthen your zuby. It protects the inside of the tooth from external influences, that’s why it’s so important to protect the enamel to keep it strong and sturdy. Odin of the most powerful tools for the prevention of dental caries is parsley, she, like dairy products, supplies enamel indispensable calcium. Usually in the dental office is a necessity. And is it “fun” a lot. They can erode the enamel. Sovremennaya dentistry, of course, reached a high level, you can even replace itself the whole jaw, teeth and all will be strong, but very few people want to communicate with the dentist voluntarily. High level of calcium in dairy products (milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, etc. Therefore, there is candy as possible.

  • May 9

    Read some tips on how to stay healthy physically and psihicheski. So learning these techniques can greatly help you. How to stay healthy not only physically, but mentally and also? Try to eat as many different crops. Regulyarnye exercise: There are very few people who will go for regular exercise to maintain their health. Sdelayte break: sometimes be distracted from all the worries, stress relief. Health as defined by the World Health Organization: “Health is a state of complete physical, social and mental well-being and not merely the absence of physical defects or diseases. Constantly improve their knowledge about healthy pische. ” Thus, rather than aiming at a balanced diet and balanced exercise or techniques to balance your mind, to find balance between all these three factors for a healthy life. Read on to learn more about how to choose the appropriate action to be in good physical and mental zdorove. Kak keep yourself healthy mentally? d. I mean, take a deep breath, then exhale and repeat about 10 raz. Diet: Try to eat every day fruits and vegetables. ”. Kak stay in shape physically? Instead of following a spiritual or religious teachings, try experimenting with different methods of meditation, and then, depending on what you feel is right for you, try to practice, take it 1 hour a day. The requirement of water per 20 kg of weight 1 liter of water per day.

  • May 3

    Sekrety Women’s Health: no sexual relations can not do! Interested in maintaining their health, it seeks to understand all, often departing from the familiar, trusted to a doctor’s prescription of conduct. Secrets of Women’s Health: gratitude, forgiveness, love, do not we can say that is the hardest secret to women’s health, but, believe me, not so easy as it seems at first glance. “Who will run the household, to whom will the children? One of the iron rules of “Secrets of Women’s Health” requires to be attentive to your well-being is always: it is easier to prevent disease progression than then spend so much effort on his vosstanovlenie. Thank – it means to see that there are good things in life, to love – is to recognize that life goes on. Sekrety Women’s health: all diseases, child, from nerves, this is not the emotions, and proven science facts: the cause of almost all diseases, physical ailments are the nervous system. Yes, I have same rights as men to feel bad, hurt, but do not want this, do not adjust to it. In practice, it turns out that their knowledge of life truthful advice from magazines, hammered on the need to sometimes pretend to be weak, helpless, fragile, in order to cause the desired reaction from the men. Their relationship with medicine it builds several different. Of course, unless your nerves may be enough for ALL stressful situations? Secrets of Women’s Health advised to read only those who are ready for a new look at the ratio of women to medicine. Where are the secrets of their own women’s health? Secrets of women’s health suggest the need for internal needs of women in maintaining their own well-being and physical condition. Let’s think… Maybe change the attitude, if that happens, we can not change and prevent it.

  • May 2

    And if this estimate for the whole family favorite, but multiplied by the month, the amount obtained in general – is absurd. Ot I sincerely wish you all the good-health, happiness, peace, love and long life! And the worst thing – now it’s in the air, how to protect themselves? Tak as by investing in them? The fact that you are NOT ZNAETE. While you are free to move, while the doctors did not want to cut off a piece of you? And the possible children! They are harder to find. Is not it? Old men sit in the queue, hoping to get free medicine, which, alas, always there! So you can still find 135 rubles. As long as you have it? Konechno same wisdom of the ages, has never been useless. For technology to be paid, as for rare earth elements, because these funds are then invested in new development. My you live in a world that sucks us in any way from the inside and at every step. How much do you, dear, spend on your health? And well, if not cause harm to another, “curing” one thing. My used to spend on rings, fur coats, cars, travel, apartments, even already in stock investing! Improvised methods. The horror! This is especially true for those who are particularly susceptible to harmful factors by virtue of their employment or professional life. Already it is no secret that pharmacy – one of the most promising businesses. Drugs? But for those who remember how much we throw away every day in the wind – unnecessary studs, movie tickets, tenth or third coat dress, cigarettes, booze, clubs, parties… Food… In hypermarkets in SUPER will not fit. Iz Pocono centuries our Earth nurtures us. … Good question! Good doctors by calling becomes less and less. Ya love fresh salad. Our clinic has long we do not treat, but only eliminate the symptoms. And to do it every day! Mne interesting answer to this question: how much money you are willing to invest every day in person to you? And with that you can not disagree. What sense to spend money on products that do not have even a taste of what to speak about the benefits? But, without mayonnaise he was somehow “not at all. Antioxidants. And while it est. About vitamins. Yes, how much money? Or trend in real estate…. All believe that your heart than eating a plate and karvalola nothing. In their medicinal properties? But how much should be invested in your body of nutrients, but not restaurant meals, you will not znaete. You are not used to invest in your health? But they are certainly not cheap. So we went back to the original question: How much do you spend on your well-being? A how would you like? Enterprises that are out there -… So far… And even something to make… And our health – here and there.

  • Apr 25

    But it turns out that between the words “certificate” and “quality” can not be equated. It is no accident in the European countries banned the sale of products of public consumption that contain phosphates and chlorine substituted organic acids. Etc. How is it, because we were sure that gets on the shelves only certified product, which means – quality. After all, cleanliness – is the key to good health! Is the quality of the product to our needs? In the civilized Western countries appeared quite a lot of these companies. ), surfactants, sodium 2) you select a company should be responsible for the quality of products, giving it a guarantee and refund if you have something did not suit you purchased a product. Pleased with the fact that Amway sells its products exclusively through its proprietary shopping centers or through their sales representatives (distributors), which eliminates the possibility of fraud. And often, buying a particular product, comes disappointment – we have not achieved the desired result, Fooled Again, again, forgery, etc. I wish that Amway was not the only such company to look at the Russian consumer. How not to get lost in the flow of ordinary consumers a bright, promising advertising? Unsafe concentrations of surfactant are preserved up to four days. This means that the remnants of detergent remain in our bodies, causing allergies, depression, hypertension, cancer and other diseases. But on the biodegradability of any products in household SES is not checked. Experts say that even a tenfold rinsing in hot water is not completely relieve the fiber from the chemicals. What to choose?

  • Apr 12

    The only way to get rid of fear – this is to identify it! Allow him to be calm and sincere. Admire a miracle, how are you, yourself, tell others that you love them, and often loud laugh. There is nothing better for the health, energy and rejuvenation than the regular program of strengthening the body. Do not be afraid to admit himself into it. Sledite for their myslyami. 3. Oschuschayte your own and dispose of nego. Uspokaivaytes. Silence nourishes your soul and heal serdtse. But just think about what you want, could be part of your zhizni. By identifying your own, you risk only what will become healthier, wiser, more humane, discover a new side of life unknown. Learn deep relaxation techniques, such as meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, so that your level of stress had been under stress for kontrolem4. Nablyudayte and Show chuvstva. Regulyarno practice some form of meditatsii. 10. Spending time alone, doing deep breathing and calming thoughts everyday, you can greatly improve your health, find happiness and peace of mind. Razrabatyvayte a comprehensive program to strengthen his body, which would include exercises for strength and aerobics. Seek joy in simple pleasures. Each of us has the freedom to accept and embrace everything that he chooses a thought. Fear – a large, powerful force that we experience on many levels – physically, mentally, emotionally.

  • Mar 23

    Become relevant is such a thing as the environment’s health. This and diabetes, and asthma, eczema, psoriasis and other diseases. Thus, bioresonance exposure may be directed as to neutralize the pathological, and the restoration of physiological fluctuations, which leads to the normal functioning of the body. The apparatus of antiparasitic adjustments (according to the method of Dr. H. Clark). 2. Each year the our need to care about his health and his family. “BIOMEDIS” – a unique physical therapy device for bio-resonance therapy and anti-parasitic correction of the body. And this concern is expressed not only in healing the body from disease, but also a desire to use with the tools and technologies that have no negative side effects. Bioresonance therapy – a method of treating the body with electromagnetic oscillations, which the body is in resonance. 1. During therapy patient and apparatus form a closed loop adaptive regulation, allowing the body to use its own capacity to return to physiological homeostasis.

  • Jan 12

    Breathing: Deep breathing is useful not only for the light, but can also be used to calm your mind. So learning these techniques can greatly help you. Learn more about how to strengthen the immune sistemu. Fruits and vegetables provide enzymes for the body to help absorb nutrients from food that is your main course. ”. Various methods of meditation, tantra, yoga, Zen, Vipassana, Tibetan techniques, Buddhist practices, and t. Kak stay in shape physically? But, if you do not want to go to different courses, just breathe deeply when you have stressful situations. For example, to avoid a cold, eat foods with vitamin C to prevent muscle soreness or injury, make sure you’ve done a good warm-up before any exercise and perform stretching exercises after a workout. Diet: Try to eat every day fruits and vegetables. How to stay healthy not only physically, but mentally and also? Drink as much water as possible during the day. Prezhde than I start explaining how to stay healthy, let’s understand health and disease. But this will not always, you can follow these tips daily or regular basis. What should I do? Read on to learn more about how to choose the appropriate action to be in good physical and mental zdorove. Health as defined by the World Health Organization: “Health is a state of complete physical, social and mental well-being and not merely the absence of physical defects or diseases. Read some tips on how to stay healthy physically and psihicheski. For example, try eating only healthy food.