• Dec 29

    A habit. About the diseases are different, large and small, light and heavy. The time interval between disease? The importance of health for each mine. In itself it does not make you happy. We can say that health – a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely absence of disease. Each described: development mechanisms, symptoms, course, prognosis, treatment, mortality rate and severity of pain. And now let’s look at what gives us the confidence and the health of appeal – it’s a good mood. It seems that everyone is clear: health – the opposite of the disease. But we are not an encyclopedia! And even more so when boleyutdeti, then all ills crumb want to take and take from nego. They say, “poor health”, “poor health”. When you’re upset, angry or annoyed, it takes a lot of mental energy that could be useful for other more important things. After the course of your thoughts affect your health and mood. And only then – health. ”. A wrong way of thinking often leads us to stress and nervous breakdowns. It is very difficult to define this concept as a critical health. So people and think. Our health – both self-concept – it should be and everything and we’ll talk about it eto. Has created encyclopedia, counted them several thousand titles. Once we have enough strength and energy. Even a proverb is “The main thing – it’s great! It’s great that people get used to the unpleasant events is much weaker. Many health, less likely to develop disease. To do this you need to create diversity. The difference between right and wrong way of thinking is that we analyze the causes and effects, and can on the basis of this decision. But each of us knows how badly hurt. It’s like happiness, when it is, it does not notice. That’s what gives us the present health. All respond: “Sure! What is health and what it depends, everyone knows differently. For one, happiness – it’s power, or is this thing, and this information is to be spendthrift.

  • Dec 21

    Kogda the baby takes more than a day and he with difficulty breathing, feel weak, you need to contact vrachu. At the same clothes should be light and in several layers. Therefore, we should not be with people sneezing and coughing, with those who have a bad cold and high temperatura. So you can, coming from the street for a while in the room, remove one thing, and then again to put on while the child is neither too hot nor cold. Est special humidifiers. Ne forget about right, a gradual hardening of the child. If a child gets sick quite easily in the winter is better to avoid public places, and enough of a kindergarten. Firstly, it should come with a smaller kid in the room with so many people. At first, the absence of appetite offer baby juices or doctor prescribed antibiotics frukty. In her clothing a child should not sweat. Esli should give the child to maintain the intestinal microflora of yogurt or baby biokefir. Esli sick one of the parents are not located too close to the child, wearing a mask, wash your hands with soap yourself and the baby. Everyone knows that winter respiratory infections are sick more often. Do not forget to moisturize the air in the house.

  • Dec 7

    Of course, all runners know about it, except for the young. Want some examples? Is it true I can not say – as they say, “for he had bought, sold for. Cases of cannibalism among the people – not an uncommon phenomenon. Certainly not. For example, the embryo becomes a sand tiger shark has a full-fledged predator in the womb. In biology, this type of reproduction is called “intrauterine cannibalism. In short, it all starts with the grub. True, the difficulty lies in the fact that you had just been born, did not even think. Even a single case in Stalin’s camps, I heard from his friend. That’s just for a meal and take it. And he told some of his relatives, who have been there. Himself read the book, that during the famine in 1933, his mother, who had two children, to save at least one killed a younger child and nursed them older. By all means. So at what age should stay healthy? Another example. But even this one you already begin to take care of your health.

  • Nov 24

    Natural systems based on herbs, vitamins, minerals, trace elements – simple and natural for all of us and do not violate the laws of Nature. Since ancient times, we all know the unique properties of Aloe. Mono-and polysaccharides (carbohydrates), vital nutrients. Antrahiony: a set of painkillers, antibiotics and antiviral agents. 3 Restoration of energy balance. The composition of Aloe Vera has over 200 components including 20 minerals, 18 amino acids and 12 vitamins, including vitamin B-12. Amino acids: building blocks for regenerating damaged tissue. – Basic simptomymnogih people living in big cities. Scarlet – this insurance is to strengthen immunity, extending youth iaktivnogo longevity. Wisdom says: “The first half of life, a person earns money and spends health, and the second – spending money to restore health. Barrier filters in our body are the kidneys, liver, lungs and skin, from the operation of these systems depends on our health. We all know that we live in a world where not even the harmless usloviyagoroda and its environs. Secondary amino acids.

  • Nov 13

    Adversely affect energy food, bad habits and unhealthy lifestyle. Lose health is easy, but to return it can be very difficult. They help to prevent possible illnesses and remove the first signs of illness even in the early stages, when no clinical symptoms, and traditional medicine, in fact, bessilna. However, thousands of people across Russia and in CIS countries have found a way to reclaim that property. But not always successful. Perhaps the reason for this is the wrong food. Where to look for health? Izvestno that the leading cause of premature death in developed countries take for cardiovascular disease. Because children are so fond of chips, hot dogs and other produkty. It is recommended to all those who lead an active life – Food FORCE BIO. To do so, use the following drugs: – Food VITONK. Health is happiness. They are designed both to prevent deterioration and to address the serious problems with your eyesight. They increase in size and in the way, so that normal blood flow, which can lead to stroke or heart attack. But how to protect yourself from diseases? If, for example, a cold, we still observe at once, the same oncology creeps unnoticed. Cases when the plaques appear even in children. And with the latest development – mezokokteylem MEZOBYUTI, which contains zinc in its composition, prevents opuholey. Bol or other symptoms – is usually not the first stage of the disease. As a result, blood vessels are formed plaques and thrombi. Sosudy of little stretched us throughout the body, and therefore their “pollution” can cause a variety of complications. Dlya vision improvement in the company NNPTSTO also represented several products. Vizitnoy NNPTSTO card company may be considered anti-aging mezokokteyli.

  • Nov 11

    Being healthy – it means to be a reliable support his family. ” Sick people are not credible. Glavnaya reason why employers do not like to hire young mothers, is that young children often get sick. If all doctors were working exclusively on a commercial basis, then those who are often sick, lost a patient, and therefore earnings. Modern man often lives and works at a pace that it happens once to sleep, no time to eat. And how many would not say that, yes, there is discrimination against young mothers, think for yourself, honestly, how it is beneficial to the employer? ” It is someone like that? Of course, they honestly make out sick leave – all as polozheno. BAA athletes take to keep yourself in good physical shape to cope with physical activity to make it easier to recover from long workouts. Whether you want to be treated by a person who is unable to cure himself? And the question is not “how to be cured, if sick,” and “how to do so in order not to be treated – how to keep your health and stay healthy for many years. “At all times, health is considered the equivalent of beauty, and beauty – a sign of health. Sovremenny rhythm of the new demands. What is left? In modern conditions preventing diseases through natural products and attentive to their own health is an indicator of maturity and responsibility to themselves and to blizkim. But without it, everything else – nothing. Being healthy – it means to lead an active lifestyle and enjoy its features. And then the paramount…… No, no eyebrows. But soon the fashion palefaces beauties passed and no longer vozvraschalas. Today, to be healthy – it’s not just beautiful. Being healthy – it means to be always in rulya.

  • Nov 9

    Civilians do not understand everything, why officers leave lasts for 45 days without a road, why retiree receives a pension much more civil pensioners. At my age, who have devoted their lives to serving their country in the Armed Forces, everything was different. Only a year later, I realized that I was losing my health for years, and I want to recover in a few months. Now it all comes into oblivion. Range of pine forests, still comfortably in the hospital and in buildings. Mukhin, V. In fact, my whole life was not conducive to good health. Whom now treats this hospital? Homeland repay her sons as she could. When I arrived at the hospital this year, I saw a very different picture. Savchenko, did not serve in the army, and yet… Eternal Memory. Kogda I got my first vacation, I thought that I could relax, “the whole hog” but leave flying, like a flash. But everywhere scurrying young, healthy people, near the cottages were expensive cars. Alekseenko, N. At the very least, a lot of my peers – Border officers had already gone to another world.

  • Oct 26

    They are trained to breathe slowly, making a deep breath. Dobitsya such results is not easy, but easy douches significantly increase your energy. And after them – carefully rub the skin dry. A method called “Yogi Complete Breath” great massages the internal organs and has a positive effect on the brain. MirSovetov advised to start with a simple water treatment rubdowns cold wet towel. It is known that the density of the energy body in the healer Porfiry Ivanov was 500 times higher plasma density, the average person. She lets perspiration through the skin to take more energy than jogging pokoem. By adopting a sitting position, slowly start to breathe air at first stomach, then the middle part of the chest, and at the end of the upper. There is a movement of charged particles constituting the plasma from a region with high temperatures in attack with decreasing temperature. Natural emission of green plants positively affects our plasma, and hence on mental health. V Nowadays many techniques developed respiratory health. Beg – source radostiEnergeticheskoe body is an electromagnetic field which can be recharged while driving. And often, this frequency does not coincide with the natural vibrations of our energy body. With regular training you can achieve amazing results. In addition, the increase in heart rate is a powerful energizing the body. Through the air along with oxygen in the body receives free electrons, which activate the vital processes in the body. Izluchenie elektronikiSovremenny life surrounded us with a number of technical devices, which emit an electric field of a certain frequency. It is best to postpone an important matter to the forest and came back with ease and joy to complete it. Temperature difference contributes to the powerful flow of energy. But he at any time of year, even in the bitter cold, unable to walk barefoot in some shortah. Chasto, trying to get out of apathy with pills, we will only ruin our energy body. Let us examine some of the nih. It is also helpful to understand how the flow of energy into your body and makes you silnee. For a start will be enough for 5-10 minutes, but over time you can increase the duration of the practice. After inhalation can do short of breath for better absorption of oxygen. In the morning shower to finish better than cold water – it will give you the courage to fly day and night with warm – it will help you relax and fall asleep easily. Running will give you much more good if you use visualization or positive attitude. Proper breathing will make you even more harmonious person both physically and psihologicheski. Vo while running man does not spend, and draws energy from the environment. Although there are many natural ways to increase energy, and as a consequence of psychological health. If you want – just spray the utram. While running your body acts like a motor. I give you one very simple and effective way ulu Dyhanie zhizniDrevnie yoga said that the correctness of breath affects the quality of our lives. Deep breathing washes out deposits of carbon dioxide and pumping body energiey. Should be alternated for a short exposure of cold water with a longer warm reception. If you want to be healthy – hardened!

  • Sep 10

    Balance – the result of regular sex, because the body is set garmoniya. Zamette! There are even hormones satisfaction, that act as natural sedatives. Pregnancy, in turn, may be desirable or not. 5. 3. 4. Pomogaet against depression. They are at least seven reasons, which should encourage people to engage in seksom. And do you know that sex is directly related to your health? Vyzyvaet enormous biochemical process that can not cause any drug. It is true that sex involves risk – you can lose your life or give it to another creature…. Provodit oxygen therapy. So before you do “recovery body”, think about all the possible posledstviyah. Splash of passion can cause so much trouble, like a sprain, the vaginal muscles, microtrauma mucosal redness and abrasions. Even the heart of love is needed in order to be healthy! Too frequent sex can be dangerous and unpleasant consequences for the organism, such as physical discomfort. But we must remember not only the causes and consequences, and such as the ability to pick up sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy. During a romantic embrace our feelings through the nerve endings in the brain are transmitted to the center of satisfaction. “Sex – the magic bullet for health” – the conclusion made by psychologists, doctors and beauticians. Itak, SEX: 1. Scientists have proved that sexually satisfied people are much less likely to be depressed sostoyaniya. Stimuliruet the brain because the brain during sex, well provided with blood, and it is known to increase the ability to clear myshleniyu. Another interesting fact is that sex helps to keep a good memory. Doctors recommend that sex before bedtime: hormones are introduced into every corner of the body where they are used optimally in the body vsego.

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    Then he discovered that the heart is sick and a new diagnosis – angina. My name is Svetlana. ” My mother passed chronic swelling, helped “Limfosan Y”. Checked! A series of “reform” in general, I love it! ” Herself a former 2 groups of disabled, removed three years ago. In the spring he almost dug a garden and planted potatoes, walking long distances and does not remember about the joints. I asked the consultant to “Siberian health”, which appointed a course of treatment for 3 months. Were born during my work in the Corporation “Siberian health. Granddaughters stopped hurting – he was given “EPAM-900? Anastasia P. On the hips disappeared red vascular blemishes that do not pass over a year now, and nothing I could not remove them, no matter how trying. During pregnancy, I took PIC constantly, was anemia, nausea disappeared. Very grateful to the Corporation ‘Siberian health! Began to take “The Roots of purity”, joint complex “living cell VI». I’m very grateful for the Siberian Health Corporation’s products. Just a few days of living cells II said that it is easy to fall asleep, stopped irritated over trifles, improved mood, cheerful in the mornings and functional. The oncologists surprised by his condition and asked what we so treat it. Restoration of blood to me is much faster and I get regular chemotherapy with good analysis, chemotherapy is much easier to bear. I hope and believe in your products, it sustains me and heals I’ve been doing fitness, sports’m living, I wanted to achieve maximum results with the help of dietary supplements, “Siberian health. I’m 47 years old. Buttocks, hips, become more resilient and feel the whole body muscle tone! ” Three days later, the tumor was asleep – the teeth were saved. Long did not bother. ” My wife Lyudmila, doctors diagnosed hypertension II-III degree. Then connected the EPAM. ” After training I was often disturbed by muscle pain, probably due to accumulation of lactic acid, waist circumference was reduced with difficulty, while in the buttocks and leg muscles were increased slowly. ” After the first year Lyudmila normal pressure, no longer a headache, took heart pain, shortness of breath, heart palpitations. Fat deposits around the waist decreases rapidly, and new ones have not typed as fast as before with no change in diet. 3m. Thank you very much. A cold in the draft, there was a nagging pain in the groin. A low bow to you for the miracle products. Really love the whole series of “Limfosan,” “Rhythm of Health”, “The Roots of purity. Felt a huge surge of strength, energy and mood. Thank you very much for a new sense of life. Very comfortable series “Rosa”, a new series “Fitomedika ‘leg has brought me into a real delight! Results of recovery: We admire the products of the Corporation ‘Siberian health! Thank you for what you give to people’s health! Thank you for what you give to people’s health. ” Our whole family uses these products and get great results. My husband took “VITEL” often enjoys a favorite “root”, “Geskoy. We are very pleased with your products. I am a woman old, by Russian standards, so my friend listened to my recommendations creams “Hronolong. Decided to try the \ “Siberian Health \” on him (I only learned about it). On the fourth day of taking the pain vanished. Especially the cream to reduce the volume of the body. I and my entire family: a husband, two daughters, two son-in and three grandchildren – taking the product “Siberian health. At the moment I’m not just “forgot” the word puncture, I did get cold longer. Since 2005, I always use the products of the Corporation “Siberian health. I decided to take a chance to save the tooth: teeth and rinsing the throat “Sorcerer. Situation: Allergy to propolis, skin problems, chronic edema. It is crying at night, the head becomes cold, no krovinochki on his face. Three times a year my wife continues to pursue a policy of prevention of these drugs. At his daughter cleared skin, increased vitality after taking the “Cradle of purity” and “Rhythm of Health”. Thanks to everyone who created these wonderful products. Irritability, nervousness, fatigue, tiredness, poor sleep, decreased mental and physical performance.

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    ) Parents must be very attentive to the newborn child and in any case not to self-medicate. Estimated muscle tone, which should not be excessive, not weakened. S the first minutes after birth mom looks at him with interest. Keep your baby’s health, because it is the pledge of his health in adult life. The majority of babies in the early days of his life “scattering”. Assessed the state of a tummy – if it inflated – this indicates an increased gazoobrazovanii. The form of the same ears and their location will show whether the child donoshen or born prematurely. However, some newborn babies can focus briefly glance. Such a condition – evidence of hypertonus, which requires a correction (usually in the form of a special relaxing massage. Health novorozhdennogo. Odna of significant estimates neonatologist provides innate reflexes of newborns. It produces a newborn examination from head to feet. In fact, most of them are physiological and are considered the norm, but only up to 3-4 weeks. Does the same and neonatologist. For example, if the skin contains empyesis, without your attention here will not do, because it affects the skin in dalneyshem.

  • May 31

    At least two of the year paz shadow of the Moon and Earth padaet nA is a solar zatmenie, odnako nablyudat it can vcegda in paznyh pegionah Earth. V. “Zatmenie Solntsa nikak not influences the health of people” – skazal Kuznetsov on Tuesday nA ppess -konfepentsii to add an RIA Novosti. Otvechaya nA question RIA Novosti, Kuznetsov said that tpaditsionnye ppedstavleniya that for solar zatmeniyam particularly sensitive animals do not have in his dannym, nikakih nauchnyh osnovany. The passage of the shadows” – said ekspert. Solnechnoe zatmenie happens kogda Luna passes nA background diska Solntsa. Polnoe solar zatmenie that ozhidaetsya avgusta 1, can be seen in Russia in nA Nizhnevartovske, Novosibirsk and Barnaule. V Nizhnevartovske and the Moon’s shadow completely zakroet Sun 14. Zatmenie Solntsa nikak not influences the health and behavior of animals, zayavil dipektor Instituta magnetizma Earth, the Ionosphere, and pasprostpaneniya Vladimir Kuznetsov padiovoln im.? It could nablyudat Kavkaze nA, in Kabardino-Balkarii, Stavropolskom kpae, Kalmykii, Astpahani, Dagectane, Volgogpadskoy oblasti, Altayskom kpae and Tuve. On that “za nas date every of his life pepezhil decyatki solar zatmeny, and their conclusions about the impact of health nA can sdelat cam. ” Kuznetsov napomnil that “for many years, solar nablyudaya zatmeniya, ppedpriimchivye people pytayutsya manipulirovat them for his benefit, including ppedstavlyaya these phenomena kak misticheckie, peligioznye or svyazannye kakimi with a kataklizmami in nature. Poslednee full zatmenie Solntsa nA in Russia nablyudalos 29 marta 2006 Year period.

    |Health Elixir

    Cooperation between itself and other subgroups. (Presentation: “What determines health? – Facilitate the development of the students healthy and active lifestyle. In the process, students write the essay, found the answer to the question: Why should health? and responsibility for their health. We learned that we do helps the health of our plans, to successfully solve basic life tasks, to overcome difficulties. (Site “A healthy body – healthy mind”) – Why do I need health? The project aims at developing children’s positive attitudes towards their health, helps to make students think about the need to be healthy, introduction to healthy living. – Develop the skills to preserve and strengthen the health, safety and responsible behavior.

  • May 30

    And they say that “the constancy of the result – a sign of excellence. And if life was smoking and drinking? “As always, laws, morality, and views – it’s tongue, which wags to and fro under the pressure of the wind, swinging an oak grove. As possible to such a fall! If there’s something pricks, hurts, itches, aches – means the body is still alive. I wanted to also say that your health – it’s consistency. That, however, it is amusing in itself. If you’ve never played sports or did not do exercise, then later 20-30-40-50 years, beginning sort of sacrilege to make over his body, you have to drastically cut its way to the oak grove. So. Ministry of Health warns: “forewarned – not so dangerous. Strengthen the spirit – it’s not interesting. Oaks do not Buddha! …. Well, too lazy to force constant drinking to produce more serious scientific excavation. I’m not talking about the devastating and deadly process – “a change of pace. Confusion turns. ” But still like oak leaves oposhelestet.

  • Apr 14

    Kak for some talk about running, as I do and it gives me that.? If you have an unhealthy spine, no matter how industrious you are, forget about the productive rabote. To get started just jogging at least 2 times per week, 2-5 miles at a convenient time for you and 5 minutes of exercise every day in the morning. Vy 15 minutes and you will seem to bother already couple of hours. The answer was simple: play sports, play sports… Yes, yes, it is twice said:) So I took the mind and is now actively fighting for his health, and to me it does not prevent work, and vice versa, Pal theme – it’s just For me, the most magical pendal! And all this is only the beginning, until you do not have pain in the spine, you can bend down to where you want and what you will, believe me, very quickly (just a couple of years) is absolutely healthy young man, a teenager can get to what would groan how old each rising from bed in the morning. It’s simple – it is really very important, especially us, the people conducting the computer most of the day, and someone all day and all night, In the process of earning dough, you can easily mess up your body and health will not return any dengami. D. After a year away, I started to feel some discomfort in the spine in the area of? Est view that laziness is not entirely in the head and not in psychology. You go by car, you have minimal physical activity (even in a shop across the road I traveled by car), muscle spinal cord atrophy, body presses on the spinal column, vertebrae put pressure on the intervertebral cartilage, all compressed, compressed nerves, everything starts to ache, and the pressure is greatest in the department back. I am not a doctor, all information is on the Internet. Lichno my back problems started after I bought the car. There may be a banal “unhealthy” body. Suddenly, for no apparent reason manifested itself not a serious injury an old back. Therefore, I do not recommend you run this delo. Zdorove spine. When you hear, read, tell you what to do and keep myself in top form, it really means to be in sports and keep myself fit. Backbone – the foundation of the skeleton, passes through billions of nerves.

  • Apr 10

    The element of water – it is fear, fear. If you have the element of Metal is unfavorable, in the Year of the Monkey or Rooster you ever fall in dreary state. When your arms and legs begin to trot – a sign of loss of energy in the body. In this case affects all cells in our body. To cope with this, we must strengthen the element of Fire – watch some comedy, laugh heartily – and anguish gone, because the element of Fire controls metal. Afraid of something you have to first destroy their kidneys. Kazhdy day we are experiencing different emotions. If the Earth is very much people are exposed to disturbing thoughts and reflections. Poetomu actively show their emotions to your health! And if the child is afraid of something, he will suffer from enuresis, and treat this disease should not frighten the child scary stories or cartoons for the night, and the love and care about the kid, and joy and sorrow emotsiyami. In our bodies there is a power failure. About emotions and their impact on our health, of course, in terms of you already familiar with the five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Vody. Crying raises energy and laughter and slows formed so complete harmony in the body, yin and yang in balance. Small children are not embarrassed laugh and shed tears in a mouthful – and crying and laughter heal them. Fire – it is joy and laughter. So do not be shy of his emotions – cry for health. Both you and your home will be at the same cheerfulness and joy and more energii. Remember the saying, “Laughter for no reason – a sign fool? We are pleased that, then laugh, and then get angry, sad, annoyed or afraid. The fact is that when we are afraid there is a strong rush of adrenalin in the blood, numb feet, and the energy is lowered. Earth – it’s anxiety, reflection. The element of Metal – it’s a feeling of sadness and longing. Here it is useful to move around, warm up and eat sour.

  • Apr 10

    76% and in households where smoking three, healthy children almost byvaet. Otnositelno harmful effects of smoking I would like to give some ordinary examples of thoughtless attitude of smokers and their environment to their own health, as illustrated below inexorable statistics: 1). 11). 3). This silly habit that causes many deaths zabolevaniy. So, apparently, it is time to make serious conclusions, at least for that one day you could with a clear conscience say to yourself and others: “I made the right choice! Razve these headline figures are not arguments in favor of those people who chose instead of smoking’s health? 7). 9). In the house where one person smokes, 68. As they say, the facts – are stubborn things. Smoking – the main cause of amputations nog. “Sudden death from coronary heart disease observed among smokers are five times more likely than those who do not smoke” – warn doctors. The total mass of cigarette butts per year is 5. Smokers live on average 10-15 years younger than those who do not kuryat. Just imagine. Children born to women who smoked during pregnancy have an average weight of 200 grams less than babies born to women who do not smoke. Premature exfoliation of the placenta occurred more frequently in smokers, compared with women who did not kuryat. Children born of parents who smoke are more likely to lag behind the physical and psychological razvitii. 52 million tons. 2). 90% of deaths from lung cancer – kurilschiki. 8).

  • Feb 5

    But today our diets are sorely lacking vitamins, fatty acids, polyunsaturated, minerals, micronutrients, fiber…. Lack of each of them not only leads to a weakening of the body, but also to the development of an increasing number of diseases: iodine deficiency, the development of goiter, selenium -tumor, zinc deficiency leads to a violation of growth and puberty, lack of fluorine-break zuby. Medicine-10-15% 2. Lekarstvennye drugs by their very nature can not play any role in the care of health, on the contrary, help to acquire more and more diseases. Therefore, the pharmaceutical approach is all that is taught in medical vuzah. The key to this decision were the dietary supplements to ensure pische. Heredity-10-15% 4. People walk in circles for years, without receiving the effect of treatment or getting it for a short vremya. ” Fortunately, as a result of complex technologies essential scarce in human nutrition nutrients and biologically active substances have learned to select from a variety of sources, concentrating in tablets, capsules, powders, teas. Na recent years, thanks to research physiologists and biochemists, specialists in nutrition, science has stepped forward, and we now recognize the obvious truth ka the fact that good health is directly related to proper nutrition. Pochemu modern doctors prescribed, mainly pharmaceuticals, pretending that they know nothing about alternative means of prevention and treatment? “Nutrition should be your medicine, medicine should be your food” GippokratEkspertami World Health Organization found that the health of modern man depends on: 1.

    |: The quality of products, some lying on the products

    However, to speed up metabolism and appetite for sweet satisfaction can help. In terms of nutrients between the two makes no difference, only in black food coloring added. You know, for example, the more sugar – lemons or strawberries? Bitter is better than milk shokolad. Lemons contain no sahar. So throw out the idea that oil is dangerous to health. It provides them less than milk. Or, for example, that will speed up your metabolism and weight loss will give rise to? Dark chocolate is preferable only in terms of carbohydrate content. Both are wrong. The rest of the like. Wrong. Lose Weight by color Therefore, the quality of products used in food, you should be carefully monitored. Konechno you heard many times that the lower-calorie margarine than oil, and therefore more useful. It is believed that most vitamin C include oranges and lemons, but richer in vitamin C is a kiwi, and more vitamin C and contain rose oblepiha. Remember that no one will save your health is not better than you do. Znaete saying: “If you repeat a lie a hundred times, it becomes the truth”? One hundred grams of margarine contains about the same number of calories as butter. The reality is somewhat different. Iron is essential for transporting oxygen to the cells. Yes, a lot of orange juice contains vitamin C which enhances iron absorption from food. White or black hleb. In the skin of the rate Ray will find the remnants of chemical fertilizers. In addition, the fiber is much longer provides a feeling of satiety and supports healthy intestinal flora and has a positive effect on cholesterol levels. Therefore, the potatoes, boiled in their skins retains more nutrients than refined. Potatoes in their skins or bez. However, the sports nutritionist Peter Yandova believes that chocolate is, given the number of calories contained in it, not the best food in the diet. Author Zdena Novachkova. Take a look at some erroneous statements about the products, which can be met and matched vy. Many false statements relating to, and quality products. A pound of lemons contain more sugar than a pound of strawberries. Olive oil is due to the high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids protect against atherosclerosis and heart attack. Ostraya food metabolizm. Accelerator is not only spicy food, but very cold.