• Dec 11

    Brendu Nutrilite more than 70 years. S. V mid 20s of last century, he, among many other foreigners in jail. Hochu share their secrets for a long time not to hurt or, if we got sick, the disease is very helpful to me legche. But today, no matter how much was still weak from illness, was drawn to the computer. Dushu warmth that vitamins Nutrilite completely natural, ie, consisting of mainly vegetable vitamin komponenty. V where Reynborg arrived in 1927, he proceeded to close the establishment of various food additives, which are the basis for the selected alfalfa, containing many vitamins and minerals. Information about mineral supplements is widespread (each of your friends Reynborga found many of his friends). To do so would have to eat a lot of garlic. Reynborga People asked about the meetings to get more information about the new produkte. V developed countries long developed culture of preventive health care with the use of dietary supplements and vitaminov. If you are sick, then a day or two, maybe three. If you have your own secrets keep yourself in good shape, share in their kommentariyah. A how you treat your precious health? Komaniya “Salifornia Vitamins», later renamed the «Nutrilite Products», thanks to new system sales, as consumers of the product became its distributors (distributors), quickly reached a turnover of $ 7 million, not invested a single dollar in reklamu. Istoriya create these vitamins, which I want to tell began in the twenties of last century was such a scientist Karl Reynborg, which is 30 – of the last century became interested in food supplements in the form of various plants to supplement the daily ratsiona. Eto was a little more-and single-level marketing, but the beginning of the development of new industry was polozheno. Even then began to think about the system of human nutrition and the role of vitaminov. Kstati, with the help of this vitamin can clean the blood vessels to those who have problems with blood vessels. I wanted to communicate with their readers from the pages of bloga. For example, the iron? Est who drink early in the month of January. This is a very tasty chewable tablets with orange drink vkusom. If the natural vitamins absorbed by our body is 90%, the interest-only synthesized in this 30.. The world’s most popular brand vitaminov. Lichno Vitamins Nutrilite Amway company. Potom agreed with, so they brought him a variety of herbs. Sama blame much froze the other day. He was in practice to check the different diets, as Prison food is not conducive to the preservation zdorovya. “In the spring it is so important,” We have again come winter. Built on the basis of its agents, Reynborg proposed to test your friends, giving away free products, the results were not – no one was trying received food dobavki. Snow fell as much as the winter is not excluded. It supplies the body with all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Pri natural vitamins are needed for the organism in a complex matter, as it is created by nature itself.

  • Nov 18

    Prosto will each own business, and you – so what has always sought your nature, your vulnerable and tender dusha. Dom must contain costs and remontirovat. No few hunters to answer it pravilno. My important we do something not because they have the knowledge, but because they want to. No because almost all the diseases we are creating ourselves, with a sign soznatelno. Postroil, educated, nakopil. Zhizn on potom. Ono? Progress is vpered. Nezhnaya, soft, fluffy len. Uf-f! Customs and habits of our parents, advertising, and more often simply len. Vot only reason I? Esli too heavy to throw off the burden of unnecessary, imposed duties of the world does not remain at their ruhnet. Zdorove – our beloved theme, but we are talking about it as we would with storony. Eto already in the field of nutrition, but directly concerns the topic of conversation. Ne kto. No not to themselves. Ona certainly tried, but you have forgotten about it under the yoke of excessive duties. Vse mestah. Kakim would like to see myself Vy. Budto something is not at all to do with it (brought to us sore spies, aliens, enemies, detractors). Zakroyte glaza. Do not rush to vyvodami. Prosto you do not see it. Vam familiar context of mutual relations when your son sits on the neck, but does not need anybody? So time accumulates a critical mass and we threw up his hands… Fate zlodeyka. No gluhi. And we are hard, diligently exhausting your body, nervous system, psihiku. Vyklyuchite everything you otvlekaet. The question is not slozhnyy. Rano or later must come out. We know all about yourself (Personally), only to what we knowledge that impose on us otvetstvennost. No there it was… Bringing new acquisitions and new problemy. Ochen uspeshno. Dushevnaya callousness… Continue? I we usually follow the path of least resistance in the direction of the largest poter. Nam radovatsya. You say truths and rightly so, in relation to istinam. A you anyway probuyte. V silence and spokoystvie. You can not overeat, but I want to… Harmful smoke, but smoke… Alkogol.

    |To succeed you must have excellent health

    If you can not determine the purpose of life, you can try to determine the wishes for the future. Throughout our communication with you, I will try to explain. Live on schedule. Planning as a panacea… There is another important aspect of success, but it can be formulated as – Treat others as you wish that people would treat you. This can be done very simply. Always one step ahead, so to speak ‘on the crest of a wave’ of life, and so on and so forth…). But, alas, it does not happen (or rather – very unlikely). Offend people very easily, but the place – an art. You will agree with me that our health is the most important wealth. How to be, what to do to achieve this? And if you do not want to pinch yourself – you suddenly died (La)? According to their life experience, I am convinced of one thing: “…. Try to clearly define what you want from this life… You want a lot, all at once. ” Anything like that, people just use it for yourself do not see what motivates them towards success. Most of us want to be successful in this life (the word” successful “you can attach different meanings, such as: 1. The road to success. Hello To achieve success in all affairs of the universe that we are given all the tools, but how strange they are negligible surprising number of people. It’s not as easy as it might seem. Have (I mean the ownership of the right) is the most modern computer 6. Always have breakfast, lunch dinner and 150, preferably 200 grams (strong or fortified) 3. For the success of a few, but more on that later. Once the plan is complete, it should be strictly implemented.

  • Nov 6

    10. Dorogie readers, take care of yourself and their health. And there is also less digestible. But the only problem is that at the complex is. That is, those organs and systems that most filtered, and through which passes most of the toxins. 7 degree of slagging: irreversible disease-rak. In our company there are some foods that will help you to restore the imbalance of nutrients in organizme. But what happens now? 3 month – cleaning the kidneys. • Fiber up to 30 g per day; • Antioxidants; • Fermenty. Mineralnye complexes colloidal minerals, Beaune B, coral calcium, calcium magnesium chelate, Chromium chelate, iron chelate, kelp, HSBC pi Garlick (garlic), lozenges with zinc, zambroza, super complex, TNT, mega Hell, HBO en es (skin, hair, nails) MSMIstochniki dietary fiber: Locle, TNT. Takim choosing the product itself for recovery once we saturate the body with the substances and in the quantities needed by the body, and side effects from the products of chemical synthesis is completely reduced to nulyu. Food 3. Shema: 1 month, black walnut, gift berdok (if you have gallstones, then replace lecithin), kaskara (neychelaks). It’s safe to point out that if we lived 100 ABVGPP (aggression bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa and parasites). It’s the gift that keeps each of us first of all for themselves. Now the question is different: where do we get all these useful components and in the required quantities, and even in an easily accessible and digestible form? But there are priorities in life, and these priorities are in Europe and in other countries, an assessment factor of prosperity of man? Medications 7. 5 month-respiratory system: from Brest. Ochistka begins with a colon, gastrointestinal tract and kidneys. And most importantly, that these are not synthesized by the chemical industry, and created by the Creator God in order that everyone can get what they need for healthy living. 4-month clean the blood and lymph, red clover, hlorofill. And we have not yet touched upon the subject of food dyes, preservatives and genetically modified produktov. The normal ratio in the diet of omega 3 to omega-6 should be 1:1 to 1:4. 5. Psychology 2. But now pristupim. Systemic clearance of the organism to do at least 2 times a year. And part of it chemically synthesized vitamins, the degree of assimilation that is up to 10%, not more. Vy probably thinking, “Huh, I also challenge! So on “their” standards: a successful businessman should look healthy? A man must make a decision to be healthy, attitudes and positive thinking helps to overcome the disease. Probably the same way it will be interesting to all of you know why there are diseases, how they can rasspoznat, how can they be avoided? Bioenergetika. Reshenie nature. 2-month cleaning the liver. Maybe reading this article you will think: “Why on the blog, which focuses on the secrets of succeeding an article about your health? ” Hippocrates said: Let food be our medicine and our medicine be our edoy. 6. Because taking care of business begins with caring about the sebe. The longer the time manifestations of the disease, the higher dosage and longer treatment lechenie. You’ve already read what components are needed for full cellular nutrition. Kletki for the most important needs is necessary to provide a complete cellular nutrition. “The sad spirit – dries up the bones. Juraj, chlorophyll, E-chay. Travmy.

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    They not only make the air fresh, but it moisturizes. To cleanse the body need to rest the digestive system. Lavage may be useful in acute and chronic diseases of the nose, and headache. On the Internet there are many articles about how to help you lose weight and stay fit. 10. We all know that the skin – one of the principal organs of the body. This helps to prevent respiratory infections, relieve allergies. When you cleanse your skin, you help your lymph system cleanse itself of toxins that gather in the lymph nodes. 2. It is responsible for a quarter of daily detoxification. Buy Orthopedic Shoes Masai. This shoe was designed specifically to reduce the load while walking on the human skeleton. 7. All the same, but in other words, is it? Think of purchasing a new mattress. According to a recent study of walking is better for your health than jogging. 6. We all know that plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. New soft mattresses (the ones that take the form of the human body, at the expense of memoriksa – a material with “memory effect”, foam rubber) will help you enjoy a night’s sleep in full. It helps to clear nasal passages. Try hydrotherapy (hydrotherapy). Yes, you can live several days without food and water. Cleanse your skin? Breathing – this is life. But without air you will die within a few minutes. Did you know that they clean the air by removing harmful contaminants? Laugh every day. What if you want to change your everyday life? Poor posture leads to not enough deep breathing, pain in back and neck, poor circulation of energy of the body. For example, an enema is of enormous benefit to health.

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    This story has identified several problem areas of modern health industry. But to bring this process to an absurdity, injuring the psyche and the fate of people is unacceptable. But this “size zero” is considered the standard, ideal for which to seek millions of women. It turns out that Camille was the Lord of the shooting in such a way that any clothes, even the smallest size, it was hanging on. Second, the massive fraud on the part of health journals is a crime against society. Thus, in the subconscious mind and introduced an unattainable ideal, the pursuit of which brings international companies pribyli. Direktor organization that studies nutritional disorders, Susan Ringwood said that this practice is unacceptable for several reasons. The fact that her image was changed using a computer program. And what about other publications? The girl does not look painfully thin, is not it? She is convinced that such a manipulation of the image of publication are obliged to inform the readers, otherwise it looks like cheating potrebiteley. Skinny models, balancing on the verge of anorexia are a perversion, which is issued by the norm. Jane Drucker has promised that more of this in practice, it will never be the log. Redaktor Jane Drucker took criticism and made further recognition. Industriya fantastic health and beauty makes tremendous momentum, exploiting the imposed paradigm and behavioral patterns.

  • Aug 10

    2. 1 to 10, 000 Hz) for 826 programs. This and diabetes, and asthma, eczema, psoriasis and other diseases. During therapy patient and apparatus form a closed loop adaptive regulation, allowing the body to use its own capacity to return to physiological homeostasis. The device exogenous bioresonance therapy (Voll, Schmidt, Reif), 3. Exogenous bioresonance therapy allows the patient electrotherapy sinusoidal currents variable frequency (from 0. The device bioresonance therapy “BIOMEDIS” is effective at removing any acute infectious conditions (influenza, SARS, respiratory diseases, pneumonia, poisoning, etc. In today’s world, every human being’s health the strongest strain and stress. 3. Become relevant is such a thing as the environment’s health. Each year the our need to care about his health and his family. The device endogenous bioresonance therapy, 2. 1. In carrying out this type of therapy uses the frequency spectrum of human brain-wave frequencies (Voll, Schmidt, Rife). One of these innovative therapies is bioresonance therapy, which is a universal, sensitive, effective, no medical treatment with no side effects.

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    But that’s not all! If you drive your business to several people, you get access to the second item of income – is a direct fee, which ranges from 5 to 43% of the total sales volume for the current month. Life gives you a chance in the face of Tianshi and it does not happen every day and your right to use this chance. 5. Compensation ranges from 1% of the total sales volume of your network. The successful work of distributors honorary titles and are paid quarterly large cash prizes. The high efficiency of Bad Tianshi is known throughout the world – our products have won the trust of millions of people all over the world. 3. 2. 4. Among Tiens people for good performance are just a royal gifts! To this end, the program was introduced to bring the System Training Corporation Tiens best distributors from different countries and created a completely new institution, knowledge, consisting of general inspectors and lecturers in teaching, deep learning network marketing. Today, Tianshi gives you a chance to become healthy, happy, successful, financially independent. Who wants to win – the win. Gifts! The transfer of knowledge and experience of others brings you the fourth type of income – the award for leadership, which is paid when you educate a leader equal. Let’s analyze what gives network marketing and direct Bad Company Tianshi? Network Marketing The unique and high quality dietary supplement company gives every consumer the key to health and longevity. For production use the most modern biotechnology. Each Bad Tianshi (tian shi) – a high concentration of biologically active nutrients.

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    Yes, experts say. So, get up, go, run, swim – but do not sit! There is no clear answer about the reasons for its occurrence, and how to treat it. The pain is different, the pain threshold as well, each his own. Someone pain in the neck – and this headache, and numbness of tongue, in short, everything that accompanies familiar old generation osteohandroz (now renamed it – in spandilez). Mozhno whether to get used to the pain? It is no coincidence, Constantine spoke about the theory that we descended from monkeys, which are on the beach collecting fruit. Second Division – lumbar – delivers much more of a hassle, pain may be given in the thigh, the buttock, groin and in td. The medical center Plavnieki the Center for psoriasis and healthy skin, where you can consult a dermatologist and find out if you are faced with psoriasis. BOLBol in the back – a very common occurrence in the western world: according to statistics, 80% of Europeans aged 25 years are familiar with back pain. Kakie factors can lead to back pain? Pain – not the best part of the program sputnitsa. Also here are offered physiotherapy, aquatic therapy, phototherapy well established and, if necessary, and day care. Vyhodit, most of the factors – is the result of our disregard for yourself? Treatment of psoriasis depends on the type and stage of disease, so in each case the decision is made individually.

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    Prichem, food dissolved in the water! And if we are healthy, stay healthy next. And almost all of the processes in our bodies go through vodu. It is a system of specific measures. Because, sometimes unknown to the very cause of a disease. Net enough clean water – there obezvozhivanie. If oxygen does not enter the cell (the cell of the brain, heart cells), there smert. All elements of the cells are in an aqueous medium. Obrazno can imagine that our cells, like fish in water, breathes, eats, and “goes to the toilet” through the water. Vot violation of the viability of our organizma. Nazovem processes that are responsible for virtually all diseases. Kontseptsiya – a system of conservation zdorovya. Even if we were robots – the system for us, too, would suit, as it is suitable for machines, and the trees, and to the people and animals, and to the houses, and to plants. It it is born and can die umiraet. Knowing the secrets of health and by using them you have the opportunity not to be afraid of contracting some kind of “expensive” diseases, life threatening, or just going to know how to strengthen their health and stay healthy? And some would not have the disease, the cause of only 4. Sledovatelno to restore your health and get rid of many diseases, which makes no sense to treat separately, it is only necessary to ensure the functioning of our body, in accordance with 4 universal principles of a viable system. Learning system of maintaining health and thus the secrets of health, we can influence the very cause of the problem that is causing illness. And according to the WHO (World Health Organization), 70% are diagnosed correctly. Est specific rules of life and health, created by nature.

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    Only then can we talk about zdorove. Is it affected your company’s products, particularly popular with consumers, “Coral Lane”, which is known to produce in the Land of the Rising Sun? Because of this, there are sometimes conflicting views of what is right and wrong. Quality from A to Z – Coral Supplements Club there in the market for a long time and a very good account of themselves. But to this we must add another quality water (today, few people can afford such a luxury), antioxidants and cleansing programs. More and more people are beginning to understand that supplements are vital to health. International quality standard GMP enabled our customers to feel even more confident. Three laws of health – or that is necessary for human health: drink every cell of the body – the deficit of “live” vodyochistit body from parasites, toxins, toksinovnakormit every cell needs nutrients veschestvami. – What, in your opinion, the market prospects of dietary supplements? So the prospects for the most raduzhnye. Confirmation of this – received certificates from the manufacturer of those checking “Coral Lane. After I read the lecture from the book by Olga Butakova “looking for information about health,” I realized that this information should be telling people. Besedu led Victor SuschevskiyTri health law – or why we get sick? BAA – nothing more than to Unscrupulous dealers are just mislead people, incorrectly informing them of the action of dietary supplements, and promising a 100% result from their use. This is due to the fact that: viruses, bacteria (staphylococcus, streptococcus), fungi (Candida, athlete’s foot) and other infections constantly attack our body and reduces immunity. Over the years, we have no complaints about the quality. Tightened customs control of food imported from Japan to the countries of Europe, including Russia. Therefore, humanity will increasingly require dietary supplements to foods that will help make our food full and healthy life, long and aktivnoy. However, even 13 years ago, dietary supplements are not a novelty. Latin proverb says, “Health – the highest good” (Latin), but the majority thinks that the health care need, then when he’s gone. Korallovy Club – is a large international company in the world market for health since 1997, the representative office of Coral Club is in all major cities of Russia, CIS and far abroad. How do your products go through quality control? Intervyu with President Leonid Lappo CCI (”KP” on May 12, 2011) Number of people on the planet is growing year by year, and the soil in this become more and more depleted, the water quality is deteriorating with each passing day, the air is saturated with exhaust… Frightening relationship. All together it makes the Concept Coral Health Club. We simply have different objectives. She cares about how to properly treat, we’re doing exceptionally prevention. Protect against adverse effects and provide energy. And then the problems begin. But this does not mean that lemon can be a medicine against scurvy. ” In addition, the load with the “Coral-Mine” is an additional control in Germany. Against this background, talking about improving the quality of food, then look to the future through the prism of rose-colored glasses.

  • Feb 15

    And the great thing – is that it is ready, the food product range includes soups, balanced, nutritious cocktails and of course desserts (for sweets). No today after a long search for a rational combination of exercise and a balanced diet, I can say that finally found the answer – a New Concept Company ISIFFitnessKontseptsiya consists of two directions: This company offers a balanced food, which can be eaten only once a day and this will be enough for good health and vigor. 13. 11. Uluchshaet circulation, digestion and 2. 12. Ukreplyaet back and spine; 2. In my opinion, this is the ideal results that everyone expects from a modern man-balanced diet + simple exercises for 15 minutes a day. Even some of the exercises were for me not just dostupny. Izbavlyaet of fat and cellulite; 2. Uluchshaet cleansing of the body; 2. Budu, is pleased to assist you in this difficult and requires great self-possession case, which leads us to the desired and the quick results. This is due to the fact that like many before I was happy with her body shape, health. Here are a few of them (those that are important to me today): 2. 10. However, special attention, I certainly did not show to her, like many before, “a point” in life. 4. In general, where you will udobno. 8. 14. The fact is that today we have come to a certain point in the development and observe the fact that many today are interested in: – good health – improved appearance – to live a full, rich and long life – to have a rational weight for zdorovya. Uvelichivaet physical endurance; 2. 3. 1. Ekonomit; 2. I can say that it is very difficult to restore their health and well-being especially its appearance. 6. And now that I have very plenty of time for discussions on this subject, and observing its behavior and appearance. 2.

  • Jan 30

    Modern science in their discoveries closer to the biblical revelation about the nature of diseases and their causes by recognizing that in most cases the cause of physical illness are mental and emotional problems man. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, came to this earth to save man, to revive its spirit, refresh the mind and take the human disease and help people to live in accordance with the commandments of God and thus live a healthy and fulfilling lives, waiting for the full redemption of the spirit, soul and the body in the kingdom of heaven. For example, anger, fear, anxiety, murmuring, criticism, unforgiveness, resentment trigger the stress response in the body, which leads to various diseases. Darkened mind of man has led to a violation of God’s principles and laws in relation with God, each other, with regard to lifestyle, nutrition, rest, which in turn led to an increase in disease, lawlessness, and all kinds of evil, and became the basis for natural disasters, catastrophes, epidemics, wars and bloodshed.

  • Jan 27

    Takim way to stay healthy one must first correctly pitatsya. And finally, the eighth principle – a healthy environment and good hygiene. From that moment began to increase the number of deaths from cardiovascular disease, cancer. In Russia, as elsewhere in the world, progressive chronic disease. Vtoroy – adequate use makronutrientov. Shestoy positive principle – the principle of sufficient son. Kontseptsiya optimal health was born in response to the increasingly rapid spread around the world of chronic diseases, which in most cases the cause smerti. Optimalnoe health – is the highest possible health, to which man can possess in order to reduce the risk of premature chronic zabolevaniy. And for the past 50 years the main reason for this – unhealthy lifestyle and improper pitanie. According to him, the problem of chronic diseases emerged in the United States in 1910 as a consequence of the beginning of the industrial era. Takaya same problem appeared in Brazil and India in the 70 – and also with the onset of industrial production. You can start slowly moving in the right direction – one step today, the next step tomorrow. Duke Johnson – 8 pillars, eight pillars of optimal health, which is based roof optimal health: The first principle – the principle of reduction factors riska. In foreign health care, a new concept – BEST ZDOROVE. Eto, says Dr.