• Dec 11

    Somehow morphed dnyuhi all there, but mostly for no reason. I look back like this to life – that I myself had made a for friends, if you look at? Sometimes I ask myself the question – what for all these fizkulturki in the morning, then if that’s because his coffin and then find the answer: a fuck a health need, if it does not spend. Alcoholic Am I – an occasion to look for. Well, in general, asshole parasitic on normal society – that is, to me. Pro babloOdin one likes to talk about the loot, about his leading role in the life of its absolute sufficiency to achieve zen. And it’s very sad when a few of them – always a limit, and generally nasty feeling. Obviously, a person with such talk and such a vital position and no money has never been (which, incidentally, is absolutely true). But yesterday’s revelry was just dnyuhoy – very notably booze and, specifically, I do so very close to world standards. And now seeking a new job that would pay to loot, not pennies. That is, you just have a lot of health, which any disasters nipochem. Do not understand – why him money if he was a lifelong without them. Works extremely reluctantly. The idea that I myself asshole and so is surrounded by assholes reject completely, because 1) no asshole (according to other people), 2) not all solid asshole around. I think it could be as much again – and a lot of health because it can survive in such conditions. And if he spent his free time to plunder the caravans, or there are any cash halturki, it is understandable, but not the same: sleep and booze.

  • Dec 2

    Thoughts can cause not only fear but also anger, together with its inherent physiological responses. But I am sure that the way we think affects health more than any of these factors. Why do we blush when embarrassed feel? Disorganized people often can not cope with the habit of overeating because of poor self-discipline. However, precisely because it is based on psychosomatic medicine. You can treat skeptically to such a declaration. Influence on physiological processes of thinking is so great that there is no need to prove it with sophisticated laboratory equipment. In this regard, it would be strange if the thought did not affect our health. And when such behavior leads to disease, they may not be able to take constructive action to increase the chances of recovery as a constructive effect on the thinking of heart disease and cancer The most dramatic evidence of the influence of constructive thinking on health associated with the “killers” – heart and with cancer. All these changes are due only anxious thoughts. If the thoughts and interpretations of cause sadness or depression, muscles lose their tone, movement, slowing down, it often becomes so quiet and free from every kind of tone that it is difficult to understand. Personal superstitions also have a major impact on health issues. How constructive thinking improves health studies provide a more detailed understanding of how the mind affects health. The influence of consciousness on health and disease We found that between thoughts and emotions and between emotions and physiological reactions there initial closely related. These thoughts cause intense emotions, complemented by appropriate physiological responses. If you could evaluate the condition of your body in times of strong excitation, the observed changes would take place simultaneously: muscle tension, increased heart rate, decrease in salivary secretion, the release of glucose and adrenaline in the blood, increased blood clotting, blood flow to the skin, especially on the hands and legs. The disease can overtake you, regardless of how you think, feel and act. Behavioral Health does not deny the influence of other factors such as heredity, diet, physical overload and toxic or contaminated environment, but adds a psychological stress, as another important factor in the disease. Everything you need to do – take a close look at yourself. Completely proven that people who are inclined to be pessimistic, have low self-esteem, believing that they control events, perceiving difficult situations with fear, with no baggage in his life of considerable achievement, more likely to suffer from headaches, stomach and spine than others. These physiological responses prepare the body for passivity and inaction – condition caused by thoughts of helplessness, hopelessness and weakness. People with low self-esteem, convinced that they will not be able to affect their lives, or deprived of their commitment to long-term goals (examples of destructive thinking) are not inclined to take care of themselves. Not surprisingly, among the components of constructive thinking control emotions more closely associated with susceptibility to common painful symptoms. Of course, not all diseases have a psychological origin. In both cases, constantly accumulating new evidence that positive thinking can not only help prevent the risk of disease, but also an effective aid in his rehabilitation. Emotions involve physiological reactions as a preparation for certain activities. Helplessness and depression, on the other hand, can weaken the immune system, making people more susceptible to infectious diseases and possibly cancer. Think different, and the reaction calm down. The most common cases of confusion, as I have found are caused by thoughts about what you have been on everyone’s mind in an awkward way. Numerous studies confirm that the mode of thinking can affect physical health. Release of sugar in the blood gives an immediate influx of energy and flow of adrenaline increases the activity of other important systems. How can something as intangible as an idea, to influence a dense matter, as the body? Psychological factors, like any other, may in varying degrees of influence on health (or disease) of each individual. In times of danger your body does not need an influx of energy to the organs of digestion, which supplies energy to “long acting”, in these times you need a quick burst of energy. This relationship between destructive thinking and unhealthy way of life is understandable. Tendency to redden with embarrassment is a well-marked physiological reaction caused exclusively thoughts. How do thoughts affect your body Why heart beats faster when you have to speak in public? They tend to seek short-term pleasure and ignore the long-term consequences, which leads to drinking, smoking, drug use, erratic power supply and unreasonable risk, such as the neglect of means of protection during sexual intercourse. ) You can cold sweat and feel the dryness of the mouth (because saliva – a part of the digestive process, which at that time suspended). The latter explains why the fearful descent skiers freeze more than confident. People rarely blush alone, in his room.

  • Nov 18

    Only they are not so straightforward. Then he has breakfast and see the dishes, which enhances the color of his health. If we are talking about a woman who is about to leave home, she gives herself up – lipstick, apply makeup. He opens his eyes and sees the wallpaper to lift his spirits, because they are specially selected color. Outwardly, everything is simple. Vliyanie a particular color to a specific person depends on many individual factors. Tested first on myself, because I was very unhappy with their lives. – Of course there is. Psychologist Igor O. Enough wish – and the disease will not stick, the vacant seat will be yours, the top prize in the lottery will get you. But Igor O. But it is not as great as people think. – authoritative psychologist. Laws that are open to them, like a computer program, run once, running until the machine is turned on. – In recent years, talk about the impact of color on human became fashionable. I started watching people who are the stars fall into the hands of twenty years ago. They can be described by the laws of success. Buy you imagine, for example, a yellow shirt – and forget about all sorts of ailments. To a person is treated as a robot, trying to identify some common to all patterns. Have you ever wondered why some people, clever and workable in order to achieve something, we have to literally turn inside out, while others, lucky, get the same thing, without straining, by a happy coincidence? For example, the claim that some colors are always depressing, while others, on the contrary, they all cheer up.

  • Oct 4

    The total mass of cigarette butts per year is 5. In men under 40 years of sudden death from acute myocardial infarction are closely related to kureniem. In the house where one person smokes, 68. 8). 9). For those people who smoke and abuse alcohol, the risk of cancer (oral cavity and nasopharynx) increases by 15 times. 35% of children suffer from chronic diseases of respiratory organs, if two smokers – 83. As they say, the facts – are stubborn things. 10). Smokers live on average 10-15 years younger than those who do not kuryat. Smoking – the main cause of amputations nog. 76% and in households where smoking three, healthy children almost byvaet. This silly habit that causes many deaths zabolevaniy. 4). Smokers, of 100 newborn babies die in the first four days after rozhdeniya. 11). Razve these headline figures are not arguments in favor of those people who chose instead of smoking’s health?

  • Sep 25

    Dancing – is the embodiment of the audible visible. At the core workout focuses on a combination of stretching movements with proper breathing. Dance therapy is based on the premise that body and mind are interrelated. Here the emphasis is on how a person feels his body and movement, rather than on how well he knows the dance technique and how it looks during tantsa. Dancing – this sport and art, artistry, and chuvstva. With the help of dance can convey any mood, any feeling, emotion, passion, and recreate any scene. All the complexes studies in any way connected with rastyazhnoy body, and, as you know, pulled muscles are much less susceptible to injury. Dance movement therapy (DMT) – is a method of psychotherapy in which the body is a tool and move the process, helping clients to experience, recognize and express their feelings and conflicts. Very rarely dancers are clumsy and unwieldy. Ballroom dancing is meant good posture and strong back – with these problems, helping to address the classical choreography. Dance therapists believe that mental and emotional problems are presented in the body in the form of muscle clamps and limiting movement patterns. In addition, studies at a rapid pace and with great physical exertion interspersed with slow, requiring no great effort movements. Jazz not only improves the stretch the legs, but all classes tela. Yoga is best solves the problem of restoring the health of the spine and, in general, helps educate the will and control of mental equilibrium. When inattention to their health may be vulnerable to the foot and leg joints, or ballroom dancers pozvonochnik.

  • Sep 17

    No currently supply this factor is irrelevant to the needs of our body. And few know that these measures are very few to be zdorovym. Of course not, life is zhizn. And someone, reading literature, cleanses the body and primitive little effective methods. They pogibnut. Good day, dear readers. In fact, we use no more than 30% of the daily requirement of vitamins and mineralov. The fact that all the cells in our body are constantly updated. It defines up to 70% of our health and longevity. They must come from food into our bodies every day and in full obeme. We sometimes recalls late, when the problem goes too far. There is a feature of the Russian character: “While the thunder breaks out, the peasant will not cross. 90% of municipal sewage farms are not cleaned properly and in rivers polluted. The first factor is the stress: stress at work, outdoors, at home. Try to give the car a mere 30% of gasoline or oil, how far it is going away? While they are the catalysts of biochemical reactions in the body. And we and our children exist on the 30%. And to build new cells constantly need new foods – more than a hundred. And we thank God, we can affect it. Industrial emissions, vehicle exhaust, which are more harmful factors than the emissions of industrial enterprises. ” Do you want to be healthy and stay healthy for many, many years? No modern lifestyle does not allow us to eat right. Vot Statistics Institute of Nutrition of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences: deficiency of vitamin C in 100% of the population, lack of B vitamins, 70% of the population, and so on. If the mobile phone to put a chicken in the nest for 3 hours – of these eggs will never be born chicks.

  • Jul 11

    “Edinstvennaya connection between the solar zatmeniem and animal behavior can be changes in illumination, but it does not change from otlichaetsya light, which can nastupat of oblachnosti za “- skazal ekspert. Poslednee full zatmenie Solntsa nA in Russia nablyudalos 29 marta 2006 Year period. V. “Zatmenie Solntsa nikak not influences the health of people” – skazal Kuznetsov on Tuesday nA ppess -konfepentsii to add an RIA Novosti. N. ” “The only thing that can zatmenie vyzyvat – lokalnye changes in weather in the area of? Kuznetsov noted that “2007 was a anomalnym the depth and duration fazy minimalnoy aktivnosti Solntsa”, including a plane otcytstviya outbreaks vyzyvayuschih magnitnye buri.? the passage of the shadows” – said ekspert. Kak soobschalos panee, viewers telekanala “Vecti” see direct sunlight tpanslyatsiyu zatmeniya a avgusta, kotopaya will vectis from cities where ozhidaetsya full zatmenie Solntsa: Nizhnevartovska, Novosibirska Barnaula. Ekspert and noted that the weather-sensitive people tak nazyvaemye, including elderly people vozpasta, chasto peagiruyut nA magnitnye storm svyazannye vspyshkami nA with the sun, but these phenomena, he slovam, nikak not svyazany with solar zatmeniyami. It could nablyudat Kavkaze nA, in Kabardino-Balkarii, Stavropolskom kpae, Kalmykii, Astpahani, Dagectane, Volgogpadskoy oblasti, Altayskom kpae and Tuve.

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    Essential Question: What is the most expensive in the world? The project aims to provide students with necessary information in the field of conservation and the creation of conditions for the formation of a correct attitude toward his healthier future. Achieve positive results contributed to the favorable climate, the culture of communication and interpersonal relations in a humane assembled team. ”) – The secret to longevity? – Develop the skills to preserve and strengthen the health, safety and responsible behavior. In the process, students write the essay, found the answer to the question: Why should health? (Bulletin “Hardening – the path to health”) – The negative factors affecting your health? In the course of their work, we have seen clearly realized the idea of? Objectives: – To form relevant to their health and the health of others as the most important social values? Problematic issues: – The positive components of health. The project aims at developing children’s positive attitudes towards their health, helps to make students think about the need to be healthy, introduction to healthy living. (Abstract “Healthy going – all dobudesh”). Cooperation between itself and other subgroups. Good health, reasonable to maintain and strengthen the man himself, gives him a long and active life in society. (Presentation: “What determines health?

  • May 15

    Chto such as Holy tea? Sovershenno accidentally hit me information about the products of the Company Whole Wellness Club (translated as The World Health Club), which appeared four years ago here in Russia. You can drink it with sugar or without it – as you like. It’s a shame that I have learned about them so late.. It is worth to start drinking wonderful tea Holy tea, especially since it is very tasty. Will give you the hope of a return to normal healthy life. One package is enough for one month for one cheloveka. You can just add it to tea or other napitki. But today I want to tell you about what is possible. Pri constant use of this tea increases immunity, improves overall health and well-being and life satisfaction you feel. And now I want to share with you what I uznala. In this wonderful tea are medicinal plants, which are prevalent everywhere, milk thistle (or Marin thistle, thistle milk, holy thistle, etc. But I recently learned about a truly unique products that do not treat the disease and restore health by eliminating the causes of many diseases. As a result, significantly reduces the risk of gastro-intestinal tract, significantly lowers cholesterol and regulates blood pressure. And, besides, heals and rejuvenates kozha. Pantry truly unlimited nature. Eto not dietary supplements, not chemicals. I, of course, took advantage of this information – that is, I got myself there and then one of them – Holy tea., in different localities it is called differently, the leaves of mallow, marshmallow drug; knikus aptechnyy. His feature – as opposed to other herbal decoctions and infusions – it begins to operate in 2 days. We, as I said, treating illnesses medicinal plants.

  • Apr 21

    “Physical activity – an important factor for the health of the cardiovascular system and reduce the risk of heart problems. Their average age was 54 years old, and most were belokozhimi. During 11. If you can sing while walking, so the speed is too low. Total researchers collected data on 39 315 American women who work in health care. Walking helps guard against stroke. Quick step reduces the risk by 68%, duration of not less than two hours a week – 57% (for ischemic stroke reduction by 25% and 21% respectively). 4 kilometers per hour) or super-fast (more than 6 4 kilometers per hour). “Although the exact impact of different types of exercise on different types of stroke remains unclear, our results indicate that walking, in particular, reduces the risk of stroke” – sums up Settlmeyr. And if speed step is not less than 4. V overall physical activity reduces stroke risk by 25? Participants in the study also reported, at what rate they usually go: walking (up to 3. Walking – one of the ways to fulfill the norms of physical activity “- says the study’s lead author Jakub Settlmeyr School of Medicine at Harvard in the name of Bostone.

  • Apr 9

    Cooking of bioactive products require much less vremeni. Bolshinstvo diseases are the result of an unbalanced diet. Naprimer: Fresh juices, salads, kokteyli. All that is necessary for the formation of the human body and the maintenance of his life he gets consumed by pischi. V seedlings sprautse, embryos contained the highest concentration of all elements required for the formation, development and functioning of the human body. In addition, bioactive food diet can significantly reduce the cost of food compared with bioinertnoy food and most importantly improve their health. U consumers nutrient foods the body does not zashlakovyvaetsya, and therefore health stabiliziruetsya. The most widely and effectively used wheat germ, and germ – quail yaytso. This energy is not fully understood by mankind, but its effect has long been seen by consumers biogenic pischi. Eta lies at the bottom of the pyramid pitaniya. Adjusting the power, not only can reduce the risk of disease, but to get rid of all the species-bolezney. Biogenic products to also include embryos, such as raw egg. Oni contain all the necessary elements for the life of the organism, which are more digestible than the state bioinertnymi products and a greater concentration, and able to provide the body’s resistance to all diseases, get rid of all diseases including such as cancer, heart attacks and so on. Nakoplenie is due to the imbalance of chemical reactions in the body due to lack of components that provide this balance in the diet of bioinertnoy pischePitatsya bioinertnyh products – it means wasting money and time to acquire them and undermine their zdorove. Dlya beginning we just recommend that you try and gradually introduced into the diet of nutrients and bioactive produkty. Were fed from bioinertnyh products – it means wasting money and time to acquire them and undermine their food zdorove. My in kind almost all cook, soar, fry – and so we eat mostly processed produktami. V such products lies the highest living energy that is transmitted to humans by eating these foods.

  • Feb 3

    Biofield is divided, and has many “shades”. But then replaced with an artificial milk formula, which in its composition was completely identical to milk up to the enzymes. Cooked foods lose their aura significantly, although some of it remains. Biofield soup most strongly, as soon as he was removed from the plate, but then it starts to dry out very quickly. Therefore, cooked food is recommended immediately after cooking, until it has cooled. To study the effect of nutrition on human health are most commonly used experiments with rats. The second law of thermodynamics states that “energy is not taken out of nowhere and does not disappear, it merely changes from one form to another. Any cooked product is suitable for use in just days, even in its raw form it can be stored in the tens or hundreds of times longer. Maybe that’s why rat so get on well in the places of human habitation. Experiments on humans are prohibited for ethical reasons. This energy is so strong that even minuscule proportion of its lack of support for the life of the organism. As a result, the rats again began to feel great, become agile and mobile as before. Any processing of products promises to loss of vital energy. Cold hinders this process, but very slightly. ” One of the experiments was as follows. ” The human body also has this energy, called the biofield. Therefore, for their research, scientists use different animals. This is because the food preferences of these animals is almost identical to the eating habits of people. Another experiment was conducted on rats. The conclusion here might be: scientists have created an artificial mixture did not include in its composition is only one element inherent in all living things – invisible energy fields, the structure known under such names as “aura”, “aura”, “soul. Initially, newborn rats fed with natural milk, why they lived happily ever after, frolicked and quickly grew. Aura – the energy. However, this was not enough to sustain life in rats. How to determine the biological field of food? The next stage of the experiment was that the artificial mixture started to add a little liquid milk, a few drops.

  • Jan 26

    And now for success in life is largely affected by our image of healthy and beautiful cheloveka. Traditsionno Chinese treatment is this: the tendency to identify violations in the body – and this tendency strongly to destroy. Mnogie people believe that if they are not in the hospital or did not take off due to illness, then they have everything in order. BADy are prophylactic to strengthen, sustain and maintain health. NAShE food, our lifestyles, our health depends on us samih. “Get well while healthy” can be transformed into “healthy choices, while there is still the right choice. BADy – is a familiar FOOD, or what to eat to be healthy for life, they need to eat every den. It is a system recovery – mild and comfortable physical activity, nutrition, holistic skin care, good otdyh. “We all” – is hard to neglect the signals that the body gets our attention. With this recipe a person goes to a pharmacy. Whoopi Goldberg rightly notes that “the great happiness – it ezheutrennyaya defecation. Find answers to your questions in the NSP! ” The fact that the curse of the programs is the last chance to save our zdorovya. YES! Beauty and youth – this is achievable? “Get well” in Chinese does not mean “to swallow handfuls of pills pharmacies. This means waking up, feeling in excellent health, without having to take medication to start your day. There was a so-called ‘healthy lifestyle industry »- Wellness Industry. Most modern medical researchers are unanimous in their opinion – they find the cause of unusually high incidence of modern civilization in violation pitaniya. Hochesh live long, healthy, regularly and happily – Supplements Eat and live… And with whom? Wellness – English literally,” good health “. ” Preventive maintenance – it’s just the way that avoids excessive use of drugs. Wellness means to feel good, look good, long life, be full of energy. Zachastuyu run themselves, without paying attention to the first signs of illness, they simply did not reserve for itself the chances of a positive ozdorovlenie.

  • Jan 20

    The winners in life’s race will be the people of our time, able to cope with the pressure on their mind, generated by the competition. To thrive, you must use the full power of your brain – and there is nothing that helps the brain as a healthy body. We need health, not just in power. The mind is able to maintain the physical beauty and youth, to bear the body strength and health, life update and keep it from decay for many years. The high ideal of health and harmony must always live in our minds. This will raise people from the bed of death, helping them to make wonderful and brave deeds. You do not need to concentrate on their illnesses and to consider carefully the symptoms. Willpower gives the body vitality. We should never tell people that we are sick and do not consider themselves sick. If only we knew how to use the power of will and reason, to protect themselves, many of us would be able to extend health and youth to age a century and more. They do not necessarily have powerful muscles and a major figure – but they see an excess of vitality and nervous energy. Is the mind is not a natural guardian of the body? It is difficult to assume that the Creator gave all mankind at the mercy of a half-dozen drugs, in which we can be sure. Health – a requirement of our time, one of the conditions for success in life. Hidden within us the divine healing for many diseases that we suffer. The greatest long-lived men and women – people who have achieved higher mental and moral development. They lived in an elevated, avoiding friction and discord, which weaken the lives of many people.