• Dec 31

    An excellent supplier of iron to the body of the child is a dietary supplement KROHAFERIN, which provides a very high absorption of this element. KROHAFERINDefitsit iron is very dangerous for children. It’s better to drink a course of dietary supplements “KROHATSINK”, and then take up the KROHAFERIN, or do naoborot. At the same time it is at an early age it occurs most often. Mental retardation and reduced mental abilities may also be due to iron deficiency. Zinc deficiency may affect intelligence, cause impaired immunity, including antitumor, inhibit sexual development. The lack of this element can also help to reduce appetite, the appearance of the skin inflammation in adolescents. It takes into account the individual needs of the child’s body in this important elemente. The child increases fatigue, reduced immunity, increased risk of acute infections. Vse BAA series of children’s Mites are absolutely safe. 3. Iron deficiency causes anemia, “hypoxia” (hypoxia), disruption of the brain, heart and kidneys. Disturbances in the body that have occurred due to the lack of this element can last a lifetime. Self-iodine in the body can not produce, you can get it only with food. He can often be in a bad mood, to respond to all irritable. If he is healthy, happy and parents. A good source of zinc are pine nuts, meat, sesame seeds and, of course, BAA “KROHATSINK” 2. That concern, warmth, love, and of course health that parents give their children in the future play a decisive role in the formation of a mature man. However, we note that even high-quality products have lost their usefulness. The daily rate of consumption – three tablets per day. V everything is interconnected: the joys, and sorrows fall at all. All this suggests that children like adults, need dietary supplements. KROHAKALTsINKaltsy – an essential element for the child.

  • Dec 21

    Vyrabatyvaet immunity against the flu! 6. Researchers concluded that the one who has sex a little more likely to suffer from headaches, circulatory disorders, painful need for excessive eating, nervousness and insomnia. Sex and activates the immune system, which is most active at night. It is known that health can not buy, so we all want to be healthy: eat right, engage in sports, tempers the body. Scientific studies have shown that our memories are more durable if they are associated with strong emotsiyami. Cortisone, which ensures the appearance of distinguished happiness. Preryvchatoe breathing during orgasm leads to a deep breath during the relaxation: thus the blood is enriched kislorodom. Recently, studies were conducted on how the lack of sex effect on human life. During a romantic embrace our feelings through the nerve endings in the brain are transmitted to the center of satisfaction. Even the heart of love is needed in order to be healthy! 3. Snimaet voltage. 2. Pregnancy, in turn, may be desirable or not. Another interesting fact is that sex helps to keep a good memory. In addition, the sex – the most pleasant and most natural remedy for insomnia, and this is also linked to hormones. And do you know that sex is directly related to your health?

  • Nov 17

    What is the difference, what’s the level of cholesterol, what pressure, what they do not have enough vitamins? It is a system recovery – mild and comfortable physical activity, nutrition, holistic skin care, good otdyh. Kto of us would not want to live longer? ” The fact that the curse of the programs is the last chance to save our zdorovya. No man would not dream of it. He begins to remove the symptoms (but not the disease itself or its cause) – prescribes medications. Fortunately, the answer to this question is found in the most authoritative scientific level. What does the doctor? Kak showed the world experience, the most rational and economical solution to the problem is the use of biologically active additives (BAA) to pische. But Wellness – this is not simply the opposite of illness. Ne better to stop in time, to listen to ourselves, to give some attention to their own person? There was a so-called ‘healthy lifestyle industry »- Wellness Industry.! Eternal value of healthy life – in your rukah. Kachestvennoe food – is it possible? YES! ” The Chinese traditional medicine is meant for anything, not drugs: the correct way of thinking, breathing exercises, exercises, massages, use of herbs and minerals, natural produkty. NAShE food, our lifestyles, our health depends on us samih. “Get well while healthy” can be transformed into “healthy choices, while there is still the right choice. Chto is Wellness? With this recipe a person goes to a pharmacy. In the early 80s HHv. Budte healthy and optimistic! Here and tell them about BADy. Find answers to your questions in the NSP! “We all” – is hard to neglect the signals that the body gets our attention.

  • Oct 30

    In her clothing a child should not sweat. The norm in humidity in the house – about 50% at a temperature of about 21 gradusa. Therapists recommend several measures to reduce the risk of respiratory illnesses in the winter. Ne forget about right, a gradual hardening of the child. Heating dries the air and leads to drying of the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, and this is – a way to mikrobov. Everyone knows that winter respiratory infections are sick more often. Therefore, we should not be with people sneezing and coughing, with those who have a bad cold and high temperatura. Infection is easily transmitted through airborne droplets, it is well-known viral respiratory infections, flu, sore throat, pneumonia and others. Est special humidifiers. This may help in mild heat nasmorke.

  • Oct 6

    These publications are preserved very old and very new ideas about the essence of health. In the middle of the XIX century, researchers seek to expand the complex state of health on the constituent elements – the spiritual and social. Their ideas are striking in their depth, dialectical. It also appears that the process of cognition is controversial: some valuable discoveries often lost, forgotten, but then reappear with a solid rationale. Doctors say – take care of health. In addition, you can always add a sign, which had never noticed before. Naturalness and unnaturalness of health disease. Kazhdy cellulite treatment at home will use more and more popular in our country. In the dialectical analysis it becomes clear that the idea of? At the end of XVIII century was considered the natural state of health of the organism, and disease – unnatural. The disease, however, there is an unnatural state in which all these actions sent it difficult to read. Such work will undoubtedly be useful because they give an idea of? competing points of view. And in the twentieth century the concept of health finds its current definition, which is essential for today’s modern Secret den. In the first half of the XIX century restored the idea of?

  • Oct 2

    Conducted as experiments with mice, they were fed shokoladom. Yaponskie physicians consider the proven properties of chocolate such as increased resistance to stress, prevention of allergies, some types of cancer, peptic ulcer ulcer, anemia. Research scientists at Harvard University indicate that fans of “food of the gods” live longer than those who do not consume this delicacy at all. Regular consumption of chocolate has a rejuvenating effect on the cardio vascular system of human and prevents the formation of clots in blood vessels. Dr. 3 years before death forbade her to the doctors to use in food sladkoe. Chocolate produced from the seeds of the tropical cacao tree Theobroma (grechesk. Polza chocolate promotes the well-known by Nestle, which advises each person to eat 40 grams of dark chocolate every make, to give the body strength to deal with stress. Vyyasnilos that as cocoa from which chocolate is produced, is rich in flavonoids, it stimulates the nerve-vascular activity, improves concentration and pamyat. The opponents base their arguments chocolate on excessive consumption, as well as opponents of red wine. Raudenbush tested the verbal and visual memory and reaction speed, performance was higher in chocolate lovers. This compound dramatically reduces oxidation of low density lipoprotein – protects against heart disease. B.

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    ) Sam card has such advantages as magnitoustoychivost, heat resistance, mechanical strength. Antiradiation card-sticker on your mobile phone WINGUARD – this is unique and so far has no analogues in the world of scientific development «Winalite International», specially designed for big cities, are not able to do without a cell phone, and therefore constantly exposed to its harmful effects on health. Due to this there is absorption of electromagnetic radiation and neutralizes the harmful effects that this radiation has on people. Innovative technologies for the company, allowed to issue a series of unique and effective protective products are very popular antiradiation card-sticker on your mobile phone «WINGUARD». In other cases, the SEM-card fit in a handbag, makeup bag, purse, pocket, so that it could carry. Breathable and Extra-layer – Soft and breathable filter medium. 7% of electromagnetic radiation and reduce its deleterious effect on 99. The effect of the cem-card. Sam Card «Health Card» eliminates electromagnetic radiation, maintaining your health. Protection against electromagnetic radiation and «Health Card» The harm caused by electromagnetic radiation, is not subject to any doubt. Winmask provides a high level of antibacterial protection, comfortable use, ease of use and high filtration capacity. Oni able to redirect the radiation coming into the human body from the outside world through the spin-lattice interaction, convert electromagnetic energy into heat, extending it to create a screen to change the configuration of the electromagnetic field surrounding a person. Respiratory Mask «WINMASK» This mask is perfect for your face, to meet all your needs and expectations, will help to maintain health., so it is starting to wear off, spoiling the appearance of the phone. By combining research and development and innovative design, the company “Winalite” raised respiratory protection to new levels. Using SEM-map in the above manner, we can effectively attenuate harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation on the human body. So really there is no reliable way to protect yourself from this “invisible killer”? Ishodya of these alarming data, the company “Winalite” from the very beginning of its existence, sought a means to protect their partners from the negative impact of modern technology on their health. – Special rounded design provides more filtration area. Sealed packaged individually – Helps prevent pollution masks during storage. – Delivers better acceptance by the consumer. The resulting figures suggest that when compared with other products of similar purpose card wins Sam «Health Card». – The most comfortable respirator face mask. Therefore, in the set are 5 cards, stickers of various designs and colors, all with the logo «Winalite». Simple design – simple design masks does not prevent review and allows you to combine the mask with the other remedies. Not surprisingly, therefore, that the owners of cell phones often appear nervous system disorders.

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    So, consider this fact. Produkty company really in demand and sell for themselves. Payment order is made by credit card. Teach. ) As is the case in many companies, network marketingaStoimost product is low (around $ 40) and any person, even a student and pensioner can afford to buy it, even more so for their own health. In order to start making the company Whole Wellness Club and at the same time improve their health, you need to do just two conditions: 1. Odnim not enough time to live the old, old age, others do not have time to live molodymi. You can still pay for your order and money transfer through Western Union. The company can easily overcome the global crisis. 2. So you do not have to persuade anyone – people do on your recommendation will be happy to upotreblyat. WARNING: Working at Whole Wellness Club – a novelty in the world of MLM.

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    And well, if not cause harm to another, “curing” one thing. And while it est. It is not yet too late? But now I want to narrate a different story. That is the most cherished triple mineral, or rather the necessary materials for our food organizma. The so-called “traditional medicine” is now also flourishing. I am afraid that you did not used to it delat. What sense to spend money on products that do not have even a taste of what to speak about the benefits? The heart then beats you every day, and the brain also works without pereryva. They are harder to find. And to do it every day! Minerals. You are not used to invest in your health? In a certain sense. The answer is simple – to help himself. As you are such a sum – 135 rubles per day per person? While you are free to move, while the doctors did not want to cut off a piece of you? Yes, today we are not spared. Vitaminy. For technology to be paid, as for rare earth elements, because these funds are then invested in new development. Improvised methods. About your growing generation, it is also living our lives and breathes the same air with us. And the possible children! The horror! But fortunately, I can tell you the good news. And that it not! They should be healthy and happy. Or do you think it will always be with you Yes, unfortunately, most of us did not realize that health and wellness in our crazy world must support each den. My used to spend on rings, fur coats, cars, travel, apartments, even already in stock investing! Yes, more precisely in the combination of nutrients, so necessary for our organizmu. Or trend in real estate…. A do not know because you are not accustomed to doing it. This is especially true for those who are particularly susceptible to harmful factors by virtue of their employment or professional life. And not so long ago we bought tomatoes that had a taste. Ya love fresh salad. Everyone wants the best for their detkam. A how would you like? Mne interesting answer to this question: how much money you are willing to invest every day in person to you? So we went back to the original question: How much do you spend on your well-being? Mankind has learned not only to drain, to absorb, but also reproduce. But for those who remember how much we throw away every day in the wind – unnecessary studs, movie tickets, tenth or third coat dress, cigarettes, booze, clubs, parties… Food… In hypermarkets in SUPER will not fit. And with that you can not disagree. Be healthy and happy! And the cucumber was the smell! Yes, how much money? In his health, his well-being, in their performance in the future, in my fancy, old age, if you want? Konechno same wisdom of the ages, has never been useless. Ot I sincerely wish you all the good-health, happiness, peace, love and long life!

  • Mar 22

    Against the backdrop of rapid development of science and technology and education dramatically increases rapidly medical ignorance. I am sure that no one else. Armed with chemical drugs, modern medicine has declared itself a monopoly in respect of the patient. With the development of modern integration processes human life and health are increasingly losing personal character. On Combating severe illnesses such as cancer, and can not speak. Ultimately the choice will follow you. Authority falls noble profession a physician, a belief in him, especially in oncology. She unceremoniously rejected the natural cures. Reducing the prices of modern medicines will not be long until a weighty alternative to them. With the rapid development of chemical science and chemical production rates, even on prescription drugs generally are rising. Without claiming to be the unanimous recognition, we could write: health – is the satisfaction of man his physical, mental and social status *. It has long been believed that health – is the physical condition of a person living on natural laws. On Earth, still millions of sick and infirm, from lack of vitamins and elemental power, the millions unable to have the medicines needed to treat. But admit it’s still coming. The state slogan about health care to the citizens discredit the reality of the situation. Modern medicine to cure thoroughly. MD, Senior Fellow, Institute of Experimental Pathology, Oncology and Radiobiology NAS of Ukraine Volodymyr Mosienko in one of the metropolitan newspapers, said: “For the outcomes of almost no one takes responsibility… Medicine in general is experiencing a deep conceptual, method Prelogical, social, moral, and, finally, the political crisis because it can not solve the problem of human factors in medical terms, to ensure social order for the health of the population. Who among statesmen, decades after the adoption of the language dares to declare that his country’s health care close to fulfilling its implementation? Learn how to become truly healthy without drugs. In an official document of the World Health Organization (WHO), adopted in 1947, says: “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely absence of disease and injury. Felt by those who heal and those who are treated. A living being created by nature and connected with it throughout life, can not be treated in isolation from it. The authority of medicine is in direct proportion to the actual state of health in society. What unites and divides the official and alternative medicine? In many countries, health declared one of the most important objects of state attention. In the deteriorating situation in medicine systematically reduced funding for its needs. Medicine, as none of the other social areas in urgent need of radical reform. But before we continue the conversation, let me thank you for agreeing to listen to me. Unable to cope with the responsibilities assumed by the treatment of human medicine can not be solved to admit that the drug treatment system did not live up to expectations. Therefore, to medicine and indifferent people should not be. In today’s world a person’s life, his work, rest, medical treatment are more influenced by politics, social conditions and situation in society, than from himself. ” The impression is that this wording does not reflect reality, and is oriented toward a bright future, which is not able to reach a single person. But things are really bad there.

    |To succeed you must have excellent health

    According to their life experience, I am convinced of one thing: “…. Always be heard and understood, and 7. To achieve success in life must be, above all, to organize themselves. How to be healthy you are all well aware of, but something that can be recalled as a health tool…. First we need to get a goal in life, who to be (a millionaire, a manager, broker, web designer, entrepreneur, businessman, artist, hairdresser, pastry chef), and then strive to achieve it by any means, it is desirable to be honest, but to understand what you want from this life sometimes is not easy. It’s not as easy as it might seem. ” Anything like that, people just use it for yourself do not see what motivates them towards success. To love and be loved 5. ” Without health nothing else. “It’s better to be poor and healthy – the rich and the sick”, or better yet “healthy and wealthy – than poor and sick. The road to success. Why? Believe me, nothing “super” in their ways to achieve the planned there. Most of us want to be successful in this life (the word” successful “you can attach different meanings, such as: 1. How? Have (I mean the ownership of the right) is the most modern computer 6. But, alas, it does not happen (or rather – very unlikely). There is a golden rule, “to locate the person to himself, it is necessary that he saw in you a good listener,” because everyone wants to be sure that people listen to him and take part in its affairs, as most, basically, people are interested in their personal Positive problem at all… Everything described here is the “smallest building blocks of a strong wall” in the name of success. Always one step ahead, so to speak ‘on the crest of a wave’ of life, and so on and so forth…). Always have breakfast, lunch dinner and 150, preferably 200 grams (strong or fortified) 3. To be a leader in a certain range, 2. How to be, what to do to achieve this? This ability is called in different ways, such as “secret” or “supernormal.

  • Feb 21

    Izvestno that the leading cause of premature death in developed countries take for cardiovascular disease. It improves the functional state of the cardiovascular system, normalize blood circulation, strengthen blood vessel walls, increasing their flexibility and reduce the risk of trombov. However, thousands of people across Russia and in CIS countries have found a way to reclaim that property. Otherwise it is called “cancer vaccine” – Food Witham. Izvestno that a person should receive food vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Lose health is easy, but to return it can be very difficult. Because children are so fond of chips, hot dogs and other produkty. Adversely affect energy food, bad habits and unhealthy lifestyle. Doctors note bleak picture today atherosclerosis has become manifest at a younger age than ever before. It is recommended to all those who lead an active life – Food FORCE BIO. Health is happiness. As a result, blood vessels are formed plaques and thrombi. However, this does not happen because very greatly changed our food products have become less useful. Where to look for health? It restores the intestinal microflora, strengthens the body’s own forces and includes a full range of necessary vitaminov. It is clear that the disease is much more difficult to remove than to prevent its occurrence in advance. Cases when the plaques appear even in children. “Research and Production” means that the company itself is engaged in the production of goods and has its own scientific base. Vizitnoy NNPTSTO card company may be considered anti-aging mezokokteyli. But not always successful. Dlya vision improvement in the company NNPTSTO also represented several products.

  • Jan 2

    And in the twentieth century the concept of health finds its current definition, which is essential for today’s modern Secret den. Competing points of view. Tut read 24k + the secret can be reviewed each year posetitel. These publications are generalizing, and stable. The study of the dialectics of concepts shows how to become progressively more precise and deep knowledge of the body and its states. Doctors say – take care of health. The disease, however, there is an unnatural state in which all these actions sent it difficult to read. It also appears that the process of cognition is controversial: some valuable discoveries often lost, forgotten, but then reappear with a solid rationale. Their ideas are striking in their depth, dialectical. A step forward, as you select a specific sign of health: the order in vital functions. In addition, you can always add a sign, which had never noticed before. These publications are preserved very old and very new ideas about the essence of health. Definitions of health and illness are borrowed mainly from the encyclopedic dictionaries. In some studies expression of the essence of health and illness are classified, grouped by similar characteristics. Such work will undoubtedly be useful because they give an idea of? What it is and how to protect it – do not say… The word “health” – one of the most common. Such a definition, as can be seen, not just because it passes the signs of health, not its essence. ” Further searches for the essence of health go in another direction. However, we have used and monographs, an anthology of philosophical writings. Health management has been prepared by all previous studies of this condition.?? Researchers are trying to distinguish the condition of the body on the degree of ordering of its systems and functions.