• Jan 31

    Snow fell as much as the winter is not excluded.. If you have your own secrets keep yourself in good shape, share in their kommentariyah. V company currently offers Amway vitamins NUTRILITE brand to its partners to prevent them zdorovya. I wanted to communicate with their readers from the pages of bloga. Potom agreed with, so they brought him a variety of herbs. Dushu warmth that vitamins Nutrilite completely natural, ie, consisting of mainly vegetable vitamin komponenty. No where it was necessary to take the body elements. If you are sick, then a day or two, maybe three. V mid 20s of last century, he, among many other foreigners in jail. Rezultaty immediately appeared, with the most positive. 12 Reynborg years spent in China. Particles of some Reynborg added to the prison guards pischu. Istoriya create these vitamins, which I want to tell began in the twenties of last century was such a scientist Karl Reynborg, which is 30 – of the last century became interested in food supplements in the form of various plants to supplement the daily ratsiona. Pri this company sells Amway Nutrilite vitamins in accordance with Russian law only in shopping centers and kiosks to sell Nutrilite vitamins, ie adapted for implementation in vitamins pomescheniyah. Pri natural vitamins are needed for the organism in a complex matter, as it is created by nature itself. Companies. If the natural vitamins absorbed by our body is 90%, the interest-only synthesized in this 30. Not everyone can stomach it vyderzhat. Reynborga People asked about the meetings to get more information about the new produkte. This is a very tasty chewable tablets with orange drink vkusom. Information about mineral supplements is widespread (each of your friends Reynborga found many of his friends). Udovletvorit all bids Carl, of course, could not, and then he came up with a brilliant thought Reynborg founded in 1934, the company Salifornia Vitamins. But today, no matter how much was still weak from illness, was drawn to the computer. Sama blame much froze the other day. On decided to pay also for those who, in turn, will not only promote its own product further, but will also attract new people to it, using its already svyazi. Komaniya “Salifornia Vitamins», later renamed the «Nutrilite Products», thanks to new system sales, as consumers of the product became its distributors (distributors), quickly reached a turnover of $ 7 million, not invested a single dollar in reklamu. Kstati, with the help of this vitamin can clean the blood vessels to those who have problems with blood vessels. Vmesto antibiotic natural antibiotic – Vitamins “Garlic” which dissolve not in the stomach and the intestines, so there was no impact zheludke. S.

  • Jan 31

    Increases muscle mass; 2. Izbavlyaet of fat and cellulite; 2. 12. Saves time, money 2. 7. Uluchshaet circulation, digestion and 2. Of course, each of us sooner or later starts to think about their health and well-being and even longevity. 4. This is due to the fact that like many before I was happy with her body shape, health. 3. I attended classes at the fitness club and was very fond of the direction of Shaping, because this set of exercises quickly and easily give me alertness, more energy, vitality and well-being and satisfaction with their appearance. Even some of the exercises were for me not just dostupny. Obostryaet attention; 2. 6. 2. Oslablyaet psychological stress; 2. 14. Budu, is pleased to assist you in this difficult and requires great self-possession case, which leads us to the desired and the quick results. And most importantly, even those 15 minutes a day you can distribute throughout the day and engage in a car and driving, and in the workplace. 9. Prinosit visible results in its first week, Let’s will discuss these benefits. Increases and stabilizes the metabolism; 2.

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    Modern science in their discoveries closer to the biblical revelation about the nature of diseases and their causes by recognizing that in most cases the cause of physical illness are mental and emotional problems man. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, came to this earth to save man, to revive its spirit, refresh the mind and take the human disease and help people to live in accordance with the commandments of God and thus live a healthy and fulfilling lives, waiting for the full redemption of the spirit, soul and the body in the kingdom of heaven. For example, anger, fear, anxiety, murmuring, criticism, unforgiveness, resentment trigger the stress response in the body, which leads to various diseases. Darkened mind of man has led to a violation of God’s principles and laws in relation with God, each other, with regard to lifestyle, nutrition, rest, which in turn led to an increase in disease, lawlessness, and all kinds of evil, and became the basis for natural disasters, catastrophes, epidemics, wars and bloodshed.

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    Chto such as Holy tea? Eto not dietary supplements, not chemicals. The body is cleared of nicotine and the effects of passive smoking, in addition, tea helps to refrain from kureniya. People get rid of allergies Iceni fever of the body are derived residues of chemical medicines and heavy of metals. Pantry truly unlimited nature. In his articles, I introduce you to the treasures that nature has prepared for us. Will give you the hope of a return to normal healthy life. I, of course, took advantage of this information – that is, I got myself there and then one of them – Holy tea. One package is enough for one month for one cheloveka.. Vozdeystvie tea body is expressed in a soft cleansing of the body, resulting in reduced weight, reduced stomach, waist, improves sleep, increases energy, improves memory, reduces the amount of toxins in the blood. Enough to drink two cups of tea a day. As a result, significantly reduces the risk of gastro-intestinal tract, significantly lowers cholesterol and regulates blood pressure. In this wonderful tea are medicinal plants, which are prevalent everywhere, milk thistle (or Marin thistle, thistle milk, holy thistle, etc. We, as I said, treating illnesses medicinal plants.. Udalyayutsya toxins from the intestines, internal organs and the entire digestive system, as well as intestinal parasites, cleaned and maintained in a clean colon, kidney, liver and lungs. These are products that contain natural ingredients and selected so as to provide the greatest benefit. And, besides, heals and rejuvenates kozha. But I recently learned about a truly unique products that do not treat the disease and restore health by eliminating the causes of many diseases. Stay Healthy!Nu what I share with you a remarkable case, and if you want to try to get rid of too many problems to your health (and I am sure that now they even have children), you can contact me in touch and I’ll help you get the tea. Hello, friends! You can just add it to tea or other napitki.

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    Takim way to stay healthy one must first correctly pitatsya. And finally, the eighth principle – a healthy environment and good hygiene. From that moment began to increase the number of deaths from cardiovascular disease, cancer. In Russia, as elsewhere in the world, progressive chronic disease. Vtoroy – adequate use makronutrientov. Shestoy positive principle – the principle of sufficient son. Kontseptsiya optimal health was born in response to the increasingly rapid spread around the world of chronic diseases, which in most cases the cause smerti. Optimalnoe health – is the highest possible health, to which man can possess in order to reduce the risk of premature chronic zabolevaniy. And for the past 50 years the main reason for this – unhealthy lifestyle and improper pitanie. According to him, the problem of chronic diseases emerged in the United States in 1910 as a consequence of the beginning of the industrial era. Takaya same problem appeared in Brazil and India in the 70 – and also with the onset of industrial production. You can start slowly moving in the right direction – one step today, the next step tomorrow. Duke Johnson – 8 pillars, eight pillars of optimal health, which is based roof optimal health: The first principle – the principle of reduction factors riska. In foreign health care, a new concept – BEST ZDOROVE. Eto, says Dr.

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    And now for success in life is largely affected by our image of healthy and beautiful cheloveka. Traditsionno Chinese treatment is this: the tendency to identify violations in the body – and this tendency strongly to destroy. Mnogie people believe that if they are not in the hospital or did not take off due to illness, then they have everything in order. BADy are prophylactic to strengthen, sustain and maintain health. NAShE food, our lifestyles, our health depends on us samih. “Get well while healthy” can be transformed into “healthy choices, while there is still the right choice. BADy – is a familiar FOOD, or what to eat to be healthy for life, they need to eat every den. It is a system recovery – mild and comfortable physical activity, nutrition, holistic skin care, good otdyh. “We all” – is hard to neglect the signals that the body gets our attention. With this recipe a person goes to a pharmacy. Whoopi Goldberg rightly notes that “the great happiness – it ezheutrennyaya defecation. Find answers to your questions in the NSP! ” The fact that the curse of the programs is the last chance to save our zdorovya. YES! Beauty and youth – this is achievable? “Get well” in Chinese does not mean “to swallow handfuls of pills pharmacies. This means waking up, feeling in excellent health, without having to take medication to start your day. There was a so-called ‘healthy lifestyle industry »- Wellness Industry. Most modern medical researchers are unanimous in their opinion – they find the cause of unusually high incidence of modern civilization in violation pitaniya. Hochesh live long, healthy, regularly and happily – Supplements Eat and live… And with whom? Wellness – English literally,” good health “. ” Preventive maintenance – it’s just the way that avoids excessive use of drugs. Wellness means to feel good, look good, long life, be full of energy. Zachastuyu run themselves, without paying attention to the first signs of illness, they simply did not reserve for itself the chances of a positive ozdorovlenie.

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    When you’re scared, your body is mobilized to escape, and when you are angry, your body is mobilized to attack and when you’re depressed, your body is mobilized (or demobilized) to avoid from taking action, and when you’re happy, it is mobilized to the increased activity. Of course, not all diseases have a psychological origin. Thinking affects the health of another in another way – through its influence on lifestyle and attitude toward health. Release of sugar in the blood gives an immediate influx of energy and flow of adrenaline increases the activity of other important systems. Nevertheless, they are even better control over such destructive behavior such as overeating. I’ll make him take back his words, whatever it may cost me! How constructive thinking improves health studies provide a more detailed understanding of how the mind affects health. Often you can note the changes of rhythm heartbeat and breathing. In times of danger your body does not need an influx of energy to the organs of digestion, which supplies energy to “long acting”, in these times you need a quick burst of energy. They are less likely to suffer from respiratory infections, skin diseases, diarrhea, stomach pains, headaches, constipation and back pain. How can something as intangible as an idea, to influence a dense matter, as the body? Well-organized people also suffer less from the painful symptoms, although somewhat inferior emotional balance. When you’re worried – for example, before a performance or an important exam – your fingers are cold (you can check it out, putting her hands to her temples. You may also be noted that as a result of muscle tension deteriorated motor coordination, and you can not hold a straight line. Irritation, stress, conflicts with others and sudden changes can cause a sudden change in blood sugar that can lead to diabetic coma, insulin shock and chronic complications, such as disruption of the heart, kidney disease or blindness. If you could evaluate the condition of your body in times of strong excitation, the observed changes would take place simultaneously: muscle tension, increased heart rate, decrease in salivary secretion, the release of glucose and adrenaline in the blood, increased blood clotting, blood flow to the skin, especially on the hands and legs. Somebody said something, that is, sound waves are produced, which in themselves are harmless as long as they are not interpreted by the person to whom these words were intended. In view of the nature of psychosomatic disorders there is nothing imaginary. What caused such a stimulation of the body? Think different, and the reaction calm down. Regulation of blood sugar level depends not only on a balanced diet, exercise and insulin injections. Strong and long-term anger can increase the risk of cardio-vascular system. Effect of thought on the health of people spend a lot of money and time trying to prolong their life and make it more healthy and active. All these reactions have evolved during evolution to prepare the animal to act in critical situations. They tend to seek short-term pleasure and ignore the long-term consequences, which leads to drinking, smoking, drug use, erratic power supply and unreasonable risk, such as the neglect of means of protection during sexual intercourse. This is probably due to the fact that personal superstitions closely associated with depression. However, precisely because it is based on psychosomatic medicine. When you interpret something as a “shameful”, the blood rushes to his face. Example – this is the influence of mood and emotional states at the level of blood sugar in people with diabetes. These thoughts cause intense emotions, complemented by appropriate physiological responses. What do these chores, if I’m still useless person and my actions can not do anything to change? People who think destructive, may not for years go to the dentist, do not worry about nutrition, nedosypat and physical activity. Muscle tension to mobilize their heavy load. In both cases, constantly accumulating new evidence that positive thinking can not only help prevent the risk of disease, but also an effective aid in his rehabilitation. Immediately after that, his brain will respond this kind of thinking: “How dare he say that about me! Why cat arches his back, oskalivaet teeth and hisses when he is at risk? Disorganized people often can not cope with the habit of overeating because of poor self-discipline. Why do our muscles tense when we are asked to do something that we do not like? All these changes are due only anxious thoughts.

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    Will give you the hope of a return to normal healthy life. Udalyayutsya toxins from the intestines, internal organs and the entire digestive system, as well as intestinal parasites, cleaned and maintained in a clean colon, kidney, liver and lungs. Eto not dietary supplements, not chemicals. In his articles, I introduce you to the treasures that nature has prepared for us. And, besides, heals and rejuvenates kozha. It’s a shame that I have learned about them so late. We, as I said, treating illnesses medicinal plants. Pantry truly unlimited nature. One package is enough for one month for one cheloveka. It tastes of Chinese green tea. And now I want to share with you what I uznala. Nu what I share with you a remarkable case, and if you want to try to get rid of too many problems to your health (and I am sure that now they even have children), you can contact me in touch and I’ll help you get the tea. Na today. Sovershenno accidentally hit me information about the products of the Company Whole Wellness Club (translated as The World Health Club), which appeared four years ago here in Russia. Hello, friends! His feature – as opposed to other herbal decoctions and infusions – it begins to operate in 2 days. As a result, significantly reduces the risk of gastro-intestinal tract, significantly lowers cholesterol and regulates blood pressure. I, of course, took advantage of this information – that is, I got myself there and then one of them – Holy tea.. Lyudi constantly who use this kind of tea, say its highest efficiency.

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    Karera. Chances of profit due to coincidence обстоятельств. The ability to reach out to different teams will be active Lions in many areas of professional activity.

    Istoscheniya. In order to avoid this is to understand where best to self-realization. On the whole year will be successful in terms of health for the Scorpion. Career. In the future, the cancers displaying any investment, whether stocks or purchase nedvizhimosti. In order to gain strength before the next year should go to otpusk. However, too much sensibility may lead to increased pressure and dizziness. Karera. Should revise the financial arrangements and to strive to bolshemu. Magic the appeal of this sign is not to impress others. V Rabbits seldom show their feelings openly, they have a mutual love is rare, so they very much value otnosheniyami. Promotion at work and business success in their own hands, she did not pomoschnik. Po Year of the Rabbit is the happiest, as people born in the Year of the Rabbit (Cat), the most udachlivye. Lyubov strong. Energichnye Tigers will rest, and those who interfered with them will go out of their lives. It is recommended to exercise prudence, and spend earnings from umom. Cat (Rabbit), a quiet and gentle man to hold this year with no problems and turmoil in their families. Beginning in 2011 will be a favorable period for members of the sign of Libra. Lyubov. LevZdorove. Vzbalmoshnaya Monkey can take on any case, success is assured. Despite a good overall tone of the energy, Cancer could pose problems related to poor diet and gigienoy. Constant throwing between work and home can lead to neurosis and depression. OvenZdorove. VesyZdorove. But business success in 2011 can not expect stoit. In the winter she had to think about your health, so do not get sick grippom. ” Careers. Something to be sacrificed for the sake of “a strong rear. God Yellow Cat (Rabbit) in China is considered the year of peace and creativity. Zmeya-wise and dedicated the entire year will be loved, but it will not bring her any good. Lyubov. Good physical condition and good health will accompany the sign of the zodiac throughout the year. Dlya Rabbit 2011 – a year of success, joy and calm. However, in the spring Aries should be plenty of rest, to walk in the fresh air and try not to worry over trifles avoid depressiy. In the summer should pay attention to your digestive system and do not abuse alcohol napitkami. 2011 for the Tiger will udachliv. October Scorpios make sense again experience the passion of his nature and inconsistency, confusion and duplicity. But the tendency for people to sign this deal several tasks at once can lead to a decline in strength in the middle of the year. Who has not found a soul mate – find it! Kroliki ambitious and talented, respected and trusted colleagues and friends. Radi love and attention they are willing to sacrifice, can not tolerate loneliness. So do not forget about otdyhe. And on the Persian calendar year come March 21 Yellowish red Veprya. The basis of the family – understanding and support of loved ones. U indecisive and timid rooster comes just a quiet year. Lyubov. SkorpionZdorove. Etot Year of the Rabbit is quiet, life will go down to normal. In personal life, it is recommended to pay attention not only a partner, but yourself, your desires and needs. Spring – an opportune time to implement plans, no matter how ambitious they are. It is recommended to take a position of the observer and keep nervy. Hold on tight to the handrails! Karera. Successful business acquaintances, new partners and guarantee the success of communication in this field. U Horses – honest and hardworking, in 2011, can passionately fall in love. We recommend gradually make their case and not to bring the body to the nerve It is recommended not to forget those who are near. Reward will be forthcoming. For the Rabbit in the love of compatible partners – Pig or Eastern beliefs Koza. Unnecessary communication disappear. Despite the fact that the year does not promise Virgo troubles related to health, they should be more careful with their emotions. But as the Serpent wise foresight and she sees her sudbu. In April, the probability of obtaining novoydolzhnosti where scales will show up properly and will be at the top of fame and success. If it fits with the mind to the painful problem, then in 2011 for her will be lucky. By the end of the year should be attentive to our competitors and try to put forward their ideas on time rukovodstvu. September – the perfect time to start a new business, which later becomes a matter of life.

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    They must come from food into our bodies every day and in full obeme. Of course not, life is zhizn. It defines up to 70% of our health and longevity. Of course, tell you who does not want? If a person has no health – all for it makes no sense. And no matter how we tried to diversify your diet: eat fruits and vegetables – 3 times a day. Good day, dear readers. It remains to be surprised compensatory possibilities of the body. Then the filling in question: What Is that why you are doing? Half of Russia’s population drinks substandard and thus poisoned water. Moreover, vitamin deficiency occurs year-round, including summer and osenyu. Vtoroy factor affecting our health – it’s ecology. And to build new cells constantly need new foods – more than a hundred. And few know that these measures are very few to be zdorovym. Compare – medicine identifies only 12% of health cheloveka. They pogibnut. This data report from the state Department of Environmental sredy. The third factor affecting our health – it’s food. As is well known health – the basis for any happiness. Nash body is programmed for thousands of years the rate of 100% and we get from food, only 30% of the vitamins, minerals, fatty acids such as omega-3. Elektromagnitnye radiation appliances – televisions, refrigerators, microwave – oven, repeatedly reflected from the concrete skeletons of our homes, run through our body also mnogokratno. Unfortunately, NO! Vot Statistics Institute of Nutrition of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences: deficiency of vitamin C in 100% of the population, lack of B vitamins, 70% of the population, and so on. So many vitamins and minerals as needed for our body, we almost can not consume. First of all vitamins and minerals, the most important regulators of all functions of our body. Mozhet whether mankind renounce these achievements of civilization? someone involved in sports, someone running in the morning, someone is on a diet, while others are starving. While they are the catalysts of biochemical reactions in the body.

  • Jan 21

    Nemnogie pay attention to the nutrition from the viewpoint of the health of your teeth. Consume sugar in fruits and honey. High level of calcium in dairy products (milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, etc. Poleznoe effect on enamel also have fresh fruit and vegetables: apples, beets, rutabagas, morkov. The same goes for carbonated soft drinks and various lemonades. They can be eaten in small quantities, and after it is desirable to rinse rot. In this article we are talking just about this: what food should be avoided, and which, by contrast, used safely to prevent harm and to strengthen your zuby. Therefore, prevention of dental disease self is so important and urgent. Incidentally, among the professionals in recent years are of the opinion that a small amount of chocolate has a positive effect on dental health, even protects and strengthens ih. A what kind of foods can help maintain healthy teeth? There is a risk of various diseases of the mouth, gum disease, the appearance of plaque, caries protsessov. Posle you’ve had lunch or dinner, it is helpful to eat radishes or cucumbers, as they clean emal. V Third, citrus – another enemy of teeth.

  • Jan 20

    The winners in life’s race will be the people of our time, able to cope with the pressure on their mind, generated by the competition. To thrive, you must use the full power of your brain – and there is nothing that helps the brain as a healthy body. We need health, not just in power. The mind is able to maintain the physical beauty and youth, to bear the body strength and health, life update and keep it from decay for many years. The high ideal of health and harmony must always live in our minds. This will raise people from the bed of death, helping them to make wonderful and brave deeds. You do not need to concentrate on their illnesses and to consider carefully the symptoms. Willpower gives the body vitality. We should never tell people that we are sick and do not consider themselves sick. If only we knew how to use the power of will and reason, to protect themselves, many of us would be able to extend health and youth to age a century and more. They do not necessarily have powerful muscles and a major figure – but they see an excess of vitality and nervous energy. Is the mind is not a natural guardian of the body? It is difficult to assume that the Creator gave all mankind at the mercy of a half-dozen drugs, in which we can be sure. Health – a requirement of our time, one of the conditions for success in life. Hidden within us the divine healing for many diseases that we suffer. The greatest long-lived men and women – people who have achieved higher mental and moral development. They lived in an elevated, avoiding friction and discord, which weaken the lives of many people.

  • Jan 20

    In Japan, conducted an experiment here. Once he had with music to calm an angry man who threatened to set fire to the house. – Attack ease migraine “Spring Song” by Mendelssohn, “Humoresque” of Dvorak, Gershwin’s music (”An American in Paris”). “People all over the world sing lullabies. ” (From the book by P. ) Musical compositions, especially suitable for relaxation and sleep: Johann Sebastian Bach: 1. Ariya salt and variations (”Goldberg Variations”), a harpsichord. Appeared method of music therapy. Studies and experiments 19 – 20 cc gave a lot of important information on the effects of music on human health. The same goes for meditation and solitary reflection. There, the term “Mozart effect” introduced by U. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik. “Largo” from “Winter” (”Four Seasons”). Properly chosen harmonious melodies heal, soothe. Why not try to pull themselves out of a depressive mood, forcing myself to sing? Everything in our world there is vibration. “Largo” from Concerto for Flute minor. Clarinet improves the blood vessels, the flute has a positive effect on the lungs and bronchi, and the tube is effective in radiculitis and neuritis. Other – pop music, the amount of milk they were halved. On the relationship between music and health is well known for a long time. 120 lactating mothers were listening to music. If you do not go, do not get a job and everything falls out of the hands – let’s go by contradiction, ie, sing even through categorical “no wish” – it will help align the mood to deal with irritation, and then and it will go better and do it! No and hormonal system, blood pressure and immune system are also able to experience the beneficial effects of properly chosen music. Russian envoy Count Keyzerlink to get rid of painful insomnia, commissioned Johann Sebastian Bach some works, and it always had to be a musician, if necessary, to fulfill these kompozitsii. – Relaxing the action has “Waltz” by Shostakovich from the film “The Gadfly” Romance of the music for the film Sviridov “Snowstorm”. Pretty soon able to relax to music in tempo largo (very slow tempo and musical works in this rate. Wave energy musical sounds normalizes cardiac and respiratory rhythm, blood pressure, temperature, soothes and helps heal. Primitive peoples with monotonous rhythms injected himself into a trance state, the children fall asleep to the singing and music in a supermarket creates a relaxed atmosphere conducive to shopping. It has long been known that music is a fantastic way to relax and helps you fall asleep. Under the rate given by the music, adjust first such regular rhythms of the body, like breathing, heartbeat and biotoki mozga. – Remove the stress and focus – listen to Schubert, Liszt, Tchaikovsky, and Schumann. A case is known, often referred to psychologists. Vibrates every cell, every atom. 2. Akst-Gaderman “lazy and live long”) and even a few musical recipe: – When nervousness and irritability can help the music of Tchaikovsky, Pahmutova, Tariverdiev.

  • Jan 20

    Dairy products: liquid milk, dairy – cheese, sour cream, kefir, yogurt, cheese, mild. The most powerful, universal mechanism of antioxidant action has – Fitoformula anti-oxidant colloid. Various nutrition during pregnancy newborn pathology, along with other factors associated with hypovitaminosis on the most important tasks vitaminam. With pregnant women varies depending on health status, body weight, height, type of work, energy, climate, season and time beremennosti. The use of anti-oxidants with colloidal fitoformuloy Fimeyl Active Complex effectively corrects all of the major violations that lead to disease in women. Preparation for conception and pregnancy Biological food supplements – the most important part-lyayuschaya full health. As effective prod-ucts are colloidal fitoformuly of ED Medicine (UK), representing a second-generation in the form of colloidal solutions. The second half of pregnancy – 5-6 times a day, the last meal 2-3 hours before bedtime. And, above all, because we have virtually no concept of “family planning”. Due to the colloidal solution formula, consisting of a complex Active Fimeyl optimal number of bioactive components acting simultaneously on all the basic mechanisms that ensure normal operation and the regulatory function of the female reproductive system. Fitoformuly advised to take steps. ” All that’s required – it’s nutritious, fresh food: more fresh fruits and vegetables, reduce the consumption of sweet, salty, and refuse to canned food! Ensuring the normal development of the fetus and newborn. Maintaining the normal process of lactogenesis and control of the usefulness of breast milk. Recommended: courses and side dishes of pasta and cereals. Prevention of complications of pregnancy and childbirth. Osnovnye nutrition during pregnancy and after delivery: Maintenance of conditions favorable clinical course and outcome of pregnancy. You can: bread made from rye and wheat flour, bread and bran. General Prevention Colloidal fitoformuly – a necessary product for the harmonization of the health of women of plant-vitamin colloidal fitoformula Fimeyl Active Complex specialists ED medicine offers a new and effective product for the harmonization of women’s health. Not good: Strong fish and meat broth and gravy, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, marinades, pickles, spicy dishes and condiments. Fat: vegetable oil and butter. Know it all, but follow it, unfortunately, very few. Lactation – 5-6 times a day for 30-40 minutes before feeding rebenka. Today, using only conventional foods, neglecting specialized enriched foods – including biologically active food supplements – make up the daily requirement of essential (vital) substances nevozmozhno. Allowed: Meat, poultry, fish, low-fat varieties of boiled, stewed, baked form, seafood – in limited quantities. Limited to: grapes and citrus. Ritm nutrition during pregnancy it should be a fraction: The first half of pregnancy – 4-5 times per day, 2-3 hours before bedtime is not! If this does not necessarily constitute or complicated diet, “eating for two. Fitoformula Fimeyl Active Complex contains extracts of Damiana, Dandelion, Wild yam, Donkey tongue and raspberries. Watermelons and melons – in small quantities.

  • Jan 19

    Doctors recommend that sex before bedtime: hormones are introduced into every corner of the body where they are used optimally in the body vsego. 5. Snimaet voltage. Stimuliruet the brain because the brain during sex, well provided with blood, and it is known to increase the ability to clear myshleniyu. Zamette! Snizhaet aggressiveness, and in its absence, this aggressiveness aktiviruetsya. Splash of passion can cause so much trouble, like a sprain, the vaginal muscles, microtrauma mucosal redness and abrasions. Scientists have proved that sexually satisfied people are much less likely to be depressed sostoyaniya. And sex makes hair shine and improves nail growth, clears acne face and leads to normal blood pressure! And you know the consequences until the next den. Itak, SEX: 1. It is known that health can not buy, so we all want to be healthy: eat right, engage in sports, tempers the body. There are even hormones satisfaction, that act as natural sedatives. Cortisone, which ensures the appearance of distinguished happiness. 6. Recently, studies were conducted on how the lack of sex effect on human life. Sex and activates the immune system, which is most active at night. Scientific studies have shown that our memories are more durable if they are associated with strong emotsiyami. But we must remember not only the causes and consequences, and such as the ability to pick up sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy. Another interesting fact is that sex helps to keep a good memory. Even the heart of love is needed in order to be healthy! Zhelayu nice treat, because when they do not spring more thing I want to feel healthy… 3.

  • Jan 19

    These essential substances the human body can not synthesize, so we must include their daily diet. Medicine-10-15% 2. This is the dietary supplements, nutritional supplements, concentrates, that is natural, natural nutrients derived from food raw materials of animal, vegetable, marine and mineral origin. On the eve of the third millennium, humanity has decided, finally, the problem of how to live long, be healthy and beautiful at the same time. But today our diets are sorely lacking vitamins, fatty acids, polyunsaturated, minerals, micronutrients, fiber…. ” Fortunately, as a result of complex technologies essential scarce in human nutrition nutrients and biologically active substances have learned to select from a variety of sources, concentrating in tablets, capsules, powders, teas. People walk in circles for years, without receiving the effect of treatment or getting it for a short vremya. “Nutrition should be your medicine, medicine should be your food” GippokratEkspertami World Health Organization found that the health of modern man depends on: 1. Heredity-10-15% 4. The key to this decision were the dietary supplements to ensure pische. Pochemu modern doctors prescribed, mainly pharmaceuticals, pretending that they know nothing about alternative means of prevention and treatment? Most of the world’s leading scientists believe that today, found the perfect, safe and reliable way to maintain health and youth for many years

    |: The quality of products, some lying on the products

    But even more useful sunflower oil and soybean. Author Zdena Novachkova. Iron is essential for transporting oxygen to the cells. The reality is somewhat different. A pound of lemons contain more sugar than a pound of strawberries. But in a reasonable amount of chocolate good for the body. You know, for example, the more sugar – lemons or strawberries? It is not true and that people who eat only use vegetable fat, lower risk of heart attack, on the contrary, in some cases to heart attacks more likely. After a person drinks chilled drink with chunks of ice, the body tries to warm the mucosa and to develop heat, which will require energy, thus accelerating the metabolism. But the peel contains few nutrients.: Quality of products: some lies about produktah. Preobladaet view that brown bread healthier than white. Konechno you heard many times that the lower-calorie margarine than oil, and therefore more useful. Ostraya food metabolizm. Both types contain about the same amount of calories, contains only bitter cocoa and more so has antioxidant anti-cancer properties due to the content of a large number of polyphenols. Healthier bread baked from whole-grain, which is a source of fiber, minerals and vitamins. Accelerator is not only spicy food, but very cold. Speeds up the metabolism and the digestion of proteins. Therefore, the potatoes, boiled in their skins retains more nutrients than refined. Potatoes in their skins or bez.

  • Jan 18

    Or best friend? Only ten percent of Russians are close to the international level of consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, consume forty percent of half the recommended standards by scientists, and ten – do not eat fresh fruits and vegetables in general. Dry statistics? We eat because we are good, and fish, and meat no longer a deficit? The matter of national stereotypes supply established for centuries: the Russians stubbornly refuse to eat fruits, vegetables, potatoes, preferring vegetarian dishes with meat. Every tenth Russian uses even vegetables less than once a week, and yet on the recommendations of WHO, should eat 5. Neobhodimo mind that fruit – a product of “nebrendovanny,” and we are all under tremendous pressure from advertising and not think about the health properties of foods. “, Then most of us do not hesitate to call a pie or cake, a chocolate bar or a sandwich, etc. WHO says that one-third of cancer and cardiovascular disease could be prevented by frequent use of fruit, if the body receives adequate amounts of vitamin A, B, C, and E (all of them are found in vegetables and fruit). Let’s wait for it – after all, in essence, this means that three people suffering from cancer or cardiovascular disease, one would have stayed healthy.

  • Jan 17

    However, people with short fingers and shirokimiladonyami prone to disturbances in the circulatory system, primarily to an increase in blood davleniya. Boleznennost appearing in compression with the thumb of one hand places the thumb uosnovaniya other hand with the back of the hand and index finger – from the palm of your hand says about the problems in the heart. The skin on the hands and especially hand-held small scaly plates – the lack of vitamins A and D. Ih color dark red, even purple – Examine the kidneys and liver. Esli joints red, swollen and painful started to swell, srochnoobraschaytes to the doctor. If a sharp clicking on it with your thumb drugoyruki, you feel a piercing pain, seriously loans to their well-being – uvas appeared urgent problems zdorovem. Make sure to replenish its stock with help of vitamin supplements, eat more dairy products, meat, fish, mushrooms, soybeans, buckwheat, beans, kapusty. Konechno, all written below – in any case not accurate diagnoses. The fingertips are purple – should take digestive sistemoy. Joint pain and third phalanges mezhduvtoroy ring and index finger prevents ovozmozhnyh problems with the knee. Including the nature and zdorove. Common diseases: bronchial asthma, inflammation of the rectum, with fleshy palms gipotoniya.

    T problems with blood circulation. Esli draw a line from a point between the pinkie and ring finger to the wrist, tonizhnyaya third of this line in his hand (the wrist) corresponds to area of? Vozmozhnagiperfunktsiya thyroid zhelezy. In nihsnizhen metabolism, it is possible hypothyroidism. Vechno cold hands – violated the peripheral circulation, organizmunedostaet nicotinic acid. Korichnevye spots on the back of the hand, which most often appear upozhilyh people mean problems with the gall bladder. Esli skin terminal phalanges appeared deep longitudinal folds, like wrinkles and even skin and dries hands constantly, note the endocrine system. Влажные also indicate a problem with the endocrine system. It is not excluded that this nachaloishemicheskoy bolezni. And rightly so: it turns out, our hands and palms – kladezvsevozmozhnoy information. Suhost and pale skin on the hands – another symptom of problems in endokrinnoysisteme, in particular, it may be associated with hypofunction of thyroid gland (hypothyroidism). The pain, which appeared here when you mean that there is narusheniyav these bodies. If zheladoni peel large plates, go to a dermatologist: for hands poselilsyagribok. PALTsYChasto numb little fingers – go to the cardiologist: possible cardiovascular problems sserdechno sistemoy. Esli skin becomes yellow palms, likely changes in the liver gall bladder (hepatitis, cholelithiasis, cholecystitis,…). FORM RUKIIzdavna seen: the wider the hand, the stronger health. Na pathology in the urogenital system indicates severe pain during compression space between the hand-held middle and ring paltsami. BOLPo Chinese medicine, the point at the center of the palm is energeticheskimtsentrom entire body. But on etipriznaki pay attention and consult with the appropriate vrachom.

  • Jan 16

    Gazirovanny generated by reverse osmosis insanely healthy Verve drink has the same nutritional components that Vemma. It is not difficult to see that well-known energy drinks such as Monster, RedBull, Amp and not intended to support zdorovya.! One of the most influential popular science magazines of America Ms. Verve Mangosteen, aloe vera and green chay. Lyudi can not believe that good for the body can be so sweet to vkus. Taste fantastic! Chego not say about others… Who operate for one hour. S. VERVE = Vemma + mineral water, guarana, taurine, Dr.! palm, calling it “the best health product in the U. Zdorovy energy drink is hard to find, but now there Verve, which is unique in that it gives you an instant energy drink with vysokovitaminizirovan, mineralonasyschen contains antioxidants and is composed of formula not containing sahara. Why can not we have a healthy energy drinks that give us energy, which we need during the day and fill the gaps between meals pischi. Что part of the Verve? For a long time, medicine was in need of low-calorie energy drink without the high sugar content and kofeina.

  • Jan 15

    Found that certain ingredients palmetto reduced hyperplasia (increase) in the prostate. It should be remembered that selenium should not take more than 70 micrograms for adults per day without a doctor’s recommendation. The high content of vitamin A stimulates the reproductive system. These plants are well established in the clinic for the treatment of prostate diseases. In addition, FOREVER SIMPLE-6 contains a powerful antioxidant and anticancer compounds such as lycopene, vitamin E and selenium. Research conducted by scientists at the Detroit Cancer Center, USA, showed that with increasing amounts of lycopene in the diet of cancer patients the rate of growth of cancer cells is significantly reduced. What makes this product so beneficial to men’s health? Beta-sitostirol safflower seed prevents the synthesis of prostaglandins in the prostate, reducing congestion, swelling and inflammation and pain when urinating. To change these statistics require active preventive care for men, which can have FOREVER SIMPLE-6. Active components, such as dokazanol, restore the hormonal balance of male body and reduces prostate tumor growth, triterpenoids and phytosterols normalize the urinary system, the tannins have anti-inflammatory effect.

  • Jan 15

    – There is now a reassessment of views on certain pharmaceutical products and their real impact on the human body. Dlya maintain or restore your health and your family company Coral Club International offers more than 140 species of unique products for your health, the development of which there are six Nobel premii. – We are in no way conflicting with official medicine. “We need information about health” – is the knowledge that will help everyone make the right decisions about their health. Restore health – business of medicine. One reason – lack of absolutely everything connected with agriculture. But that’s not it, and the concept of health – a complete system of conservation and restoration of health, which is not found in any other firm offering biodobavki. Quality from A to Z – Coral Supplements Club there in the market for a long time and a very good account of themselves. Istoschenie – lack of a living cell substances, ie cellular pitaniya. More and more people are beginning to understand that supplements are vital to health. Besides, really, all products from Japan is a desperate shortage of control at the output of the country and at the entrance to Russia. Who better than you know, as changed people’s attitudes towards dietary supplements over the years? Therefore, humanity will increasingly require dietary supplements to foods that will help make our food full and healthy life, long and aktivnoy. Talk about food supplements as drugs, which is still regarded as such a lemon or an orange. Or rather, not to the dietary supplements, and to their distribution system, which used a group of companies. Intoksikatsiya or slags organizma3. Dlya saving and restoring the health Coral Club International company offers a wide range of products. BAA – nothing more than to Give your body enough clean water biologically available. We are from the very beginning understood how important in our case the level of service: happy customer will not seek anything else and yet not once come back to us. We simply have different objectives. However, even 13 years ago, dietary supplements are not a novelty. – I think it is a mistake to say that today, consumers have become tolerant to the industry of dietary supplements in general. Unscrupulous dealers are just mislead people, incorrectly informing them of the action of dietary supplements, and promising a 100% result from their use. Initially, many reacted negatively to them. Dve sides of one coin, Leonid Avgustovich, coral club has existed for over 13 years. Besedu led Victor SuschevskiyTri health law – or why we get sick? This is due to the fact that all products go through a double control: on the one hand, manufacturing companies with whom we work, how to check received for the production of raw materials and finished product, on the other – we do selectively control the quality. – What, in your opinion, the market prospects of dietary supplements? tightened customs control of food imported from Japan to the countries of Europe, including Russia. This site is for those who want to maintain physical and mental health, youth, beauty and vitality for years to come! Produktsiya Coral Health Club – absolutely necessary all! – In connection with recent events station “Fukushima-1? All together it makes the Concept Coral Health Club. Intervyu with President Leonid Lappo CCI (”KP” on May 12, 2011) Number of people on the planet is growing year by year, and the soil in this become more and more depleted, the water quality is deteriorating with each passing day, the air is saturated with exhaust… Frightening relationship. Krome, if you live in the city, in an unhealthy environment HEREUNDER fourth preservation of health – to protect your body from foul air, bad water, food nekaechtvennoy, electromagnetic radiation of various stresses, etc. That the food we eat today, including fruits and vegetables, not in a position to not only compensate, but even to meet the needs of the human body in the required materials to him. Obezvozhivanie organizma2. – Do not you think that now erased the boundaries between traditional and alternative medicine? Against this background, talking about improving the quality of food, then look to the future through the prism of rose-colored glasses. The concept of the health Coral Club says that the little good to take vitamins and minerals. Three laws of health – or that is necessary for human health: drink every cell of the body – the deficit of “live” vodyochistit body from parasites, toxins, toksinovnakormit every cell needs nutrients veschestvami. Dazhe if you prefer to health products of some other company, This information will be extremely useful to you, because gives the basic principles of recovery, not depending on what tools and supplements you for this ispolzuete. Because we offer vital products needed to each person from birth to old age. And then the problems begin. – Coral is mined at a distance of more than 2000 km from Fukushima and the radiation background is normal there. Supplements are helping people to not get sick.

  • Jan 12

    And then others followed, no less than great products. This unique, safe herbal mixture contains only natural substances and gently cleanses the digestive tract, and the whole body. The fact that it applies only to the club sisteme. Great a thousand patients from healthy tea lose weight, your health straightened. Believe me, not what happens, since in the dock and sage! Little people really do not like health, sports and do swim, then fat, reducing life to the limit, and pepper it, Dr. Such a life does not happen? Chego Well, these people have achieved a globally life changing, (did not attend fitness centers and trainers beating? One American Pepper – devised with thistle tea, so vosctanvlival health and cleared guts and brains. Narod Marin thistle (and medicine it is known Spotted, then Milk Thistle or Milk, or Holy Thistle). Hence the effect of this. Tea 20 years narodec blows everything “Jackson Health & Wellness Clinic” (a clinic in Tennessee).

  • Jan 12

    Spiritual health – health is in health and in disease. Harmonic, perfect sanity even rarer than the fullness of physical health, and a hundred times more difficult to reach. How often and how criminally we forget about it, ignoring the other, destroying themselves. These unnecessary suffering can not be, if we look ahead, embrace life in general, and most – if we learn each day to see his precious wealth of health of the child. Your optimism, your will, your understanding and participation in his life – love itself – that’s what he needed most. No excuse for barren samougryzeniya. The child needs our freshness, vigor and vitality, clarity of our mind, liveliness reactions, visual intuition, tireless, the stock of energy! But look around, compare. Our health needs them for a long time, for a lifetime. And not only the case that we are very likely still be the grandparents, with all its consequences and pressures, which require considerable energy. If not, and mental health. And it is not only a healthy heredity. You can have whatever physical disability and any disease, may be bedridden, unable to serve not only the child but also yourself – and still your child may be with you completely happy, healthy and do not want any other mother or another the pope. “In a healthy body – healthy mind”? Also not a reason – not to despair, nor to retreat. But not to cause anguish and despair. Absolute balance, your brain working like a machine, a life without anxiety and pain, without confusion, without separation – is this possible? But not all reduced to a state of nerves. The child has the right to healthy parents, a sacred right, the right to life.

  • Jan 12

    Breathing: Deep breathing is useful not only for the light, but can also be used to calm your mind. So learning these techniques can greatly help you. Learn more about how to strengthen the immune sistemu. Fruits and vegetables provide enzymes for the body to help absorb nutrients from food that is your main course. ”. Various methods of meditation, tantra, yoga, Zen, Vipassana, Tibetan techniques, Buddhist practices, and t. Kak stay in shape physically? But, if you do not want to go to different courses, just breathe deeply when you have stressful situations. For example, to avoid a cold, eat foods with vitamin C to prevent muscle soreness or injury, make sure you’ve done a good warm-up before any exercise and perform stretching exercises after a workout. Diet: Try to eat every day fruits and vegetables. How to stay healthy not only physically, but mentally and also? Drink as much water as possible during the day. Prezhde than I start explaining how to stay healthy, let’s understand health and disease. But this will not always, you can follow these tips daily or regular basis. What should I do? Read on to learn more about how to choose the appropriate action to be in good physical and mental zdorove. Health as defined by the World Health Organization: “Health is a state of complete physical, social and mental well-being and not merely the absence of physical defects or diseases. Read some tips on how to stay healthy physically and psihicheski. For example, try eating only healthy food.

  • Jan 11

    ” We can much more than we think, and this resource should be used. Life gave me a chance to find more interesting, more appropriate, and quite probably more financially profitable business. Act to eliminate the causes of stress or change relevant to the situation. The charter of the World Organization of Health states that health – a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Man is in a certain network of human relationships. Material component, especially now that strong effect on the health and his return with the medicine. Suppose you cut in the workplace. Life is now changing rapidly. What should I do? The ability to adapt to changing conditions – is also a sign of health. Bystroe response to stress, and recovery from it – is another factor of health. One of the determinants of health – the ability to show magnanimity and generosity. And if you can do something good to give to others, and they tell you too. Zdorove as happiness, everyone understands her. Stress is normal, it can not escape no one. You can treat this as a tragedy, but we can perceive the event differently. Folk wisdom has formulated this principle in the proverb: “Whatever is done for the best. No matter who or what you believe: in God, fate, cosmic mind, it’s important to feel that you are involved in this force, but also the most difficult time we can hope for help from above. If we cling to the old, it nemenuemo lead to depression, despair, boleznyam. Only 10% of our health depends on the medicine, the remaining 90% of us samih.

  • Jan 10

    The next stage of the experiment was that the artificial mixture started to add a little liquid milk, a few drops. Wood breathes the soul into its fruit. Therefore, for their research, scientists use different animals. But then replaced with an artificial milk formula, which in its composition was completely identical to milk up to the enzymes. Biofield is divided, and has many “shades”. ” It is known that all living beings possess biofield, as soon as it disappears, a living organism immediately turns into a lifeless, that is a corpse. Cold hinders this process, but very slightly. Experiments on humans are prohibited for ethical reasons. I want to give the results of some experiments which are described in the book of M. Another experiment was conducted on rats. One thousand test was divided into three groups, according to three groups of people. ” One of the experiments was as follows. The first group was called “Whitechapel” (the name of one of the areas of London), the second – “Indians” and the third – “Hunza” (mountainous nation Any processing of products promises to loss of vital energy. Some products have a strong positive energy, others are weaker aura, a third do not have it all. Initially, newborn rats fed with natural milk, why they lived happily ever after, frolicked and quickly grew. As soon as the fruit torn down, filling it with bioenergy is terminated, and she gradually begins to dry out. But as a result of substitution of rat withered and began to die one after another. After mixture is almost absolutely replicate the molecular composition of milk. ” The human body also has this energy, called the biofield. After all, they still receive the full range of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and all other components of natural milk, only in the form of an artificial mixture. About these shades psychics often say, when diagnosed with aura and define its color. Unconventional approach. Since the energy of the tomato dries much faster than the energy of the apple, because apple stays fresh throughout the whole year, and for tomato yield is only a month.

  • Jan 9

    We do about 20 000 breaths every day and fill our lungs on the average 13-15 m3 of air. In homes where a lot of books and papers, large quantities of paper dust is present, causing specific allergies, which often suffer from librarians. In the living quarters they come with clothes, shoes or inside upholstered furniture. Of course, yes, especially with the invention of the vacuum cleaner. In today’s world, indoor air pollution in dsyatki times higher than outdoors. What did we do to rid yourself of the dust in our homes? Studied under the microscope, passes through a spectral analysis and chemical and biological studies, house dust was far more dangerous than the street. Dangerous and any aerosol dust, and its in our homes abound: from cleaning with a damp cloth, from deodorants and cosmetics in aerosol cans. But the most troublesome component of dust – dust mites are microscopic in size from 100 to 300 microns, which feed on these skin cheshuykami. The actual mass of air that we breathe indoors, more than the total mass of all food and drink we consume in a lifetime. In samples of dust from the fan and an air conditioner were found even gangreny. Experts measured that one day we inhale with the air an average of about two tablespoons of dust! We will cover only a small fraction of those creatures that can live together with you to see kvartire. Podschitano that 1 gram of house dust mite can live up to 30 thousand of these mites. In short, it is at home everywhere we await harmful factors. WHAT SHOULD I DO? According to the World Health Organization, 20% of the population susceptible to allergies. Dust particles cause damage to the walls of the alveoli, the first immune barrier breaking and opening the way to infections and allergens.

  • Jan 8

    BADy in particular, and a healthy lifestyle in general – is the real prevention, which CAN. Subject to the single condition: TIME nachat.! With this recipe a person goes to a pharmacy. Who do you want to see tomorrow, after 20 years, 50, 100? He begins to remove the symptoms (but not the disease itself or its cause) – prescribes medications. Byt healthy and young – fun! And then heroically to treat already formed a ball so we problem. NAShE food, our lifestyles, our health depends on us samih.! However, not everyone knows where to hide the coveted golden key to the secrets of health and longevity. Fortunately, the answer to this question is found in the most authoritative scientific level. Cured of disease is much more expensive than their preduprezhdat. It is a system recovery – mild and comfortable physical activity, nutrition, holistic skin care, good otdyh. 30-40 years to a man begins to feel bad for him to have problems on the health and he goes to the doctor. “Get well while healthy” can be transformed into “healthy choices, while there is still the right choice. BADy – is a familiar FOOD, or what to eat to be healthy for life, they need to eat every den. Chto is Wellness? In the early 80s HHv. And now for success in life is largely affected by our image of healthy and beautiful cheloveka. But Wellness – this is not simply the opposite of illness. Ne better to stop in time, to listen to ourselves, to give some attention to their own person? Whoopi Goldberg rightly notes that “the great happiness – it ezheutrennyaya defecation. Find answers to your questions in the NSP! Who would not want to still be healthy? Timely initiation of prevention – it is a vital factor in the formation zdorovya. Naprimer, the benefits of a regular bowel movement has long been known. Kachestvennoe food – is it possible? ” Preventive maintenance – it’s just the way that avoids excessive use of drugs.

  • Jan 7

    The revival of the church as an institution, to no avail. Comes to the fact that the saints vodka. How many years is now living an average Ukrainian woman? And how not to use if alcohol advertising on television captivated the evening until it stops. According to estimates by some organizations, taking into account the effect of ethno-religious-cultural factors, safe levels for Ukraine should not exceed 3-3, 5 liters of pure alcohol. It suffices to observe that our citizens will consume, and how they do it. The priority of basic science over pseudo-scientific immediacy. For all these accomplishments are ordinary people – flesh and blood – and their health depends on whether Ukraine has the grandeur of this European country. What are shaking hands will raise from the ruins of our economy? And as obsessed with healthy living in the West! Soulful, delicate culture, promoting the growth of social consciousness. A politician who actually thinking such categories as “the nation’s health ‘, thinks strategically, and not enough for short-term” projects “and not taken on the back of future generations the burden of their debts – to the nature or foreign creditors. Church scattered, many denominations, churches are still divided. Which, in turn, directly affect those, for example, processes such as inflation. ” Moreover, each new occasion occurs, almost an ovation. But embedded in our traditions since ancient times such wonderful things as religious positions. And how he will live tomorrow? Some of the ancient said: “We are what we eat. Any educational institution begins with swimming pool and courts, rather than classrooms and desks. This, if anything, is that unifying national idea, which vainly seeks a generation of politicians and thinkers. Otherwise… Then think through for yourself. But, people somehow believe positions the exclusive domain of deeply religious citizens. Smoking in public places has long been a bad taste, and drink beer on the streets some fringe. Including political events. And he must fight for the world. From the fact that people come to the major religious holidays in the church, only to dedicate the water or food, spiritually they do not get it from. Health of the nation, as much in that sound… Most people believe that this term laid primarily physical health. So the health of the nation is still in great danger. World Health Organization recommended safe for the nation’s alcohol consumption should not exceed 6 liters per year, that is, for men it is about 25 grams of pure alcohol per day for women – up to 16 g. So we eat in the “fast food”, and home cook in the microwave try anything for a quick hand of the semis, bought in the nearest supermarket. The time now is that the preparation of a normal healthy meal we do not have neither the time nor the energy. Far-sighted policy, the country of impeccable historical mistakes. ” That’s a young nation suffers the gastro-intestinal diseases, multiplied by the headaches. But let’s be poryadku. How to determine the great state of your country or not?

  • Jan 5

    Returned to health with great vain attempts. Even 15 years ago, I gladly took a course of treatment in Slavyanogorsk (now Svyatogorsk) military hospital. Mukhin, V. Created for the military hospitals, sanatoriums in the best locations and resorts. But everywhere scurrying young, healthy people, near the cottages were expensive cars. A very simple. (Vysotsky), L. Serving in the army did not give me the opportunity to combine service with a normal rest. At my age, who have devoted their lives to serving their country in the Armed Forces, everything was different. Savchenko, did not serve in the army, and yet… Eternal Memory. Everything turned out differently. Not for nothing that the regulatory documents of life officer has the basic rule: an officer (in particular, the chief of the frontier) resides in the “in service”. Alekseenko, N. I’m not saying that my peers do not become officers of all live comfortably. Work they have been honorable, but instead demanded a full commitment, including health. The military reserve or retired retirement are long. Only a year later, I realized that I was losing my health for years, and I want to recover in a few months. My classmates Malgicheva S. Amezhdu way, for we in the war-disabled and VS very often refer veterans to help get a start in this very gospial for war veterans…

  • Jan 5

    It is difficult to change independently with high accuracy and often have to adjust for it. Pravda, these components change over time, for example, the same furniture in 50 years was very massive, covered with covers, 60-e is the fashion for a more simple and practical furniture, now has added to the furniture and appliances and a variety of scenery: fabrics, lamps, etc. For more cost-beneficial fluorescent lamps, because most of the energy they have transformed it into a glow, and not as warm as in a conventional bulb. Now, when the modern appliances apartments can protect against adverse impacts began to be understood under the comfort of a fine “tuning” the apartment, and the main components of the interior are more odnoobraznymi. Incandescent lamps make better use with a matte finish, as they are better than normal scatter light and not blind glaza. For health is the most relevant, since in a room where there is no comfort, deteriorating health, availability, may be aggravated by illness. At the time, including bacterial. So fluorescent lights are best suited for large rooms, offices, classes, and at home it is recommended to use the lamp nakalivaniya. However, the serious disadvantage of these lamps is that they are micropulsations light, which is tiring your eyes. Sleduet also know that the simultaneous use of natural light and artificial not harm vision. Navernoe, it makes no sense to speak of how important a comfortable atmosphere in the apartment. In contrast to this cozy room a positive effect on zdorove. It should be borne in mind that the glass is half retard ultraviolet rays, or even more – it depends on the material of glass, thickness, purity, and their number in the frame (one or two). Svet in the apartment – this is one of the main components of the interior. In any event, passing through the window light is not so useful, so you should use every opportunity to open wide the windows to sunshine freely penetrated pomeschenie.

  • Jan 4

    Who would not want to still be healthy? Fortunately, the answer to this question is found in the most authoritative scientific level. This means waking up, feeling in excellent health, without having to take medication to start your day. Who do you want to see tomorrow, after 20 years, 50, 100? NAShE food, our lifestyles, our health depends on us samih. Traditsionno Chinese treatment is this: the tendency to identify violations in the body – and this tendency strongly to destroy. However, not everyone knows where to hide the coveted golden key to the secrets of health and longevity. There was a so-called ‘healthy lifestyle industry »- Wellness Industry. “Get well while healthy” can be transformed into “healthy choices, while there is still the right choice. Wellness – English literally,” good health “. BADy in particular, and a healthy lifestyle in general – is the real prevention, which CAN. Beauty and youth – this is achievable? Whoopi Goldberg rightly notes that “the great happiness – it ezheutrennyaya defecation. Find answers to your questions in the NSP! And now for success in life is largely affected by our image of healthy and beautiful cheloveka. Wellness means to feel good, look good, long life, be full of energy. This is a way of life, optimism and positive thinking. ” The fact that the curse of the programs is the last chance to save our zdorovya. Here and tell them about BADy. 30-40 years to a man begins to feel bad for him to have problems on the health and he goes to the doctor. He begins to remove the symptoms (but not the disease itself or its cause) – prescribes medications. It is a system recovery – mild and comfortable physical activity, nutrition, holistic skin care, good otdyh.! Kak showed the world experience, the most rational and economical solution to the problem is the use of biologically active additives (BAA) to pische. Who do you want, and so live. No man would not dream of it. The Chinese have a wonderful saying: get well while healthy. Timely initiation of prevention – it is a vital factor in the formation zdorovya. Chto is Wellness? Ne better to stop in time, to listen to ourselves, to give some attention to their own person? Subject to the single condition: TIME nachat.!

  • Jan 3

    Kazhdy cellulite treatment at home will use more and more popular in our country. However, we have used and monographs, an anthology of philosophical writings. Naturalness and unnaturalness of health disease. Definitions of health and illness are borrowed mainly from the encyclopedic dictionaries. Competing points of view. These publications are preserved very old and very new ideas about the essence of health. The study of the dialectics of concepts shows how to become progressively more precise and deep knowledge of the body and its states. Such a definition, as can be seen, not just because it passes the signs of health, not its essence. Tut read 24k + the secret can be reviewed each year posetitel. In some studies expression of the essence of health and illness are classified, grouped by similar characteristics.? In the first half of the XIX century restored the idea of? Priobresti 24 Karat is not so slozhno.? In addition, you can always add a sign, which had never noticed before.

  • Jan 2

    And in the twentieth century the concept of health finds its current definition, which is essential for today’s modern Secret den. Competing points of view. Tut read 24k + the secret can be reviewed each year posetitel. These publications are generalizing, and stable. The study of the dialectics of concepts shows how to become progressively more precise and deep knowledge of the body and its states. Doctors say – take care of health. The disease, however, there is an unnatural state in which all these actions sent it difficult to read. It also appears that the process of cognition is controversial: some valuable discoveries often lost, forgotten, but then reappear with a solid rationale. Their ideas are striking in their depth, dialectical. A step forward, as you select a specific sign of health: the order in vital functions. In addition, you can always add a sign, which had never noticed before. These publications are preserved very old and very new ideas about the essence of health. Definitions of health and illness are borrowed mainly from the encyclopedic dictionaries. In some studies expression of the essence of health and illness are classified, grouped by similar characteristics. Such work will undoubtedly be useful because they give an idea of? What it is and how to protect it – do not say… The word “health” – one of the most common. Such a definition, as can be seen, not just because it passes the signs of health, not its essence. ” Further searches for the essence of health go in another direction. However, we have used and monographs, an anthology of philosophical writings. Health management has been prepared by all previous studies of this condition.?? Researchers are trying to distinguish the condition of the body on the degree of ordering of its systems and functions.

  • Jan 1

    The Director Eleni Renton modeling agency believes that the mere fact that retouching of images for such publications – a sign of ill health. In the life of Camille Lord does not look better than the victims of Nazi concentration camps. But this “size zero” is considered the standard, ideal for which to seek millions of women. The fact that her image was changed using a computer program. But to bring this process to an absurdity, injuring the psyche and the fate of people is unacceptable. Redaktor Jane Drucker took criticism and made further recognition. It turns out that Camille was the Lord of the shooting in such a way that any clothes, even the smallest size, it was hanging on. Instead of shooting for the cover of people with normal physiological parameters, they began to process the image in Photoshop pathological hudyshek. Renton. Show this kind was impossible. Eti images can be called “Before and After. ” Look at the smiling model Camilla Bishop, who introduced the Healthy magazine cover of the April issue. Direktor organization that studies nutritional disorders, Susan Ringwood said that this practice is unacceptable for several reasons. “This girl had to be fed and sent home to heal, and not” pump up “its image with additional pounds” – added Mrs. She is convinced that such a manipulation of the image of publication are obliged to inform the readers, otherwise it looks like cheating potrebiteley. Of course, completeness is hazardous to health and the fight against excess weight for the modern woman is very urgent. This story has identified several problem areas of modern health industry. Earlier the magazine was criticized for being promoted abnormally thin people as ideal models. True, the reaction to the criticism was unhealthy. First, the thinness is not synonymous with health, but rather the opposite.