• Health: Myths and Realities

    Dec 7

    However, in Belarus, in practice, the opposite trend: a small but influential group of officials trying to put functional foods and dietary supplements in general, outside the law. Of course, in the first place will remain traditional foods in their reasonable and rational consumption. The global man-made disasters, technology intensive cropping, reckless use of chemicals not only industrial and agricultural sectors of the economy and living conditions, food processing and health care even cause irreparable damage to the ecological balance in prirode. Deficiency of chromium and vanadium leads to low blood sugar. Pharmaceutical giants and their lobby in the government, of course, are not interested in this growing industry. Supplements can help you quickly eliminate the identified deficiency in the body of some important veschestv. Vitamin C is involved in many metabolic processes. Vspomnim again saying the patriarch of all medicine of Hippocrates: “Your food should be the medicine, your medicine should be food. Pomnite: we need for the life of 90 items: 60 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 amino acids, 3 fatty amino acids and enzymes, bioflavonoids, dietary volokna. I Finally, a third way: widespread use of dietary supplements – precisely metered, easy to use. But, unfortunately, we never learned the most important subject in our lives – “How to maintain health and prolong life. Over the past 200 years of scientific and technological revolution drastically changed the face of the planet and the living conditions of her. ” And for the ignorance of the subject person is paying the most valuable thing he has – his health and his short zhiznyu. If it does not pay attention, you will develop the well-known disease – diabetes. He plans to increase the share of natural products of a given composition changed, the rejection of salts, sugars, fats, and the use of substitutes, which are very dorogo. A lack of calcium leads to the beginning more than a hundred diseases. V soils of Belarus is almost no iodine, and selenium. From our food disappear biologically active natural substances – vitamins and minerals, bioregulators metabolism, hormonal activity and immune functions of individual organs and systems of the body.

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