• HEALTH BEGINS WITH WATER… “purifiers” Morning Dew “”

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    Aug 23

    Utrennyaya dew appears on the border day and night, acquires the magical power of the elixir of youth, beauty, health, and you. “Yantra” Morning Dew “purifies the water by: -? Wear sewage treatment plants, water communication is 70%. Takim salt, the water is still alive, good, potblagotvornomu effects on the body – living close to the nectar from the morning rosy. Being one of the main methods of ape-zarazhivaniya water chlorination is the formation of compounds that can cause cancer opuholey. Luchshy way to preserve his health and the health of their loved ones – to take care of clean water in your living dome. No at the same time, in its composition it is similar to that of natural clays. Cleaner water “Yantra” Morning Dew “is manufactured using a patented tehnologii. Water – the basis of of life. Podarite you and your family’s health and vital force of water each day, using the “Yantra” Morning Dew. “Why do you need a water purifier” Yantra “Morning Dew” every day? “Why,” Yantra “Morning Dew”?? Even in the XIX century, Louis Pasteur said that “80% of disease a person drinks the water. 2. 3. And this water is exposed to several types of negative effects: 1. Secondary zagryaznenieSegodnya water treatment technology in municipal water systems are outdated and do not correspond to a world standard. Osnovoy for him are substances used in manufacture, which are presented zhestkietrebovaniya, for example, in farmatsevticheskih.

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