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    Mar 3

    ” As you can see, the disease Avicenna assigned only the last two stages. Smiling beautiful woman has regained strength and confidence feminine charm! Most researchers agree that there are three main states: health, disease and intermediate. Occupation is: Rosalie LeytaZdorove is not everything, but we are without health nothing. 89507777332). Applied for the program, but very carefully asked about each product supply, taking a disciplined program: long-term detoxification, nutrition, food directional rejuvenating honey, Formula young cocktail, Edelstar balm, long-term antioxidants (viting, pine resin, etc. This is the third state is called predboleznyu, the state of tension, stress, or rather – prenosological state. Today will be the topic of conversation – the female theme! Avicenna more than a thousand years ago distinguished between six levels of health and illness: “Sometimes a healthy body to the limit, the body is healthy, but not to the extreme, the body is not healthy, but not sore, then the body is in good condition, quickly perceiving health, then – body sore slight ailment, then-body, sick to the utmost. Lychagina Olga (tel. My dream is to help children and women who first came to me back in 7klasse (dreamed of working in the maternity), but fate had – their own way, had 27 years of work in the village.

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