• Map of Health (SEM-card)

    Aug 9

    However, they have great penetrating power, which harms human health, contributing to the development of various waves are defined заболеваний. Developed science and technology company “Winalite”, located in Shenchzhen, health card is a modern high-tech means to combat electromagnetic izlucheniem. Adverse effects on the body have different frequencies of electromagnetic waves that are generated by electronic devices. Esche one way to use health card is its placement in the bags, cosmetic bags, purses and other objects, allowing to carry a map with you. Электромагнитные World Health Organization as one of the causes of environmental pollution. According to the China Research Institute of Technical testing and research professionals the Shanghai Committee of the control of emissions into the environment, for health card Winalite received high rates of absorption and attenuation of electromagnetic radiation. Also, its use helps to strengthen the work of all cells, to give the desired tone, enhance immune system function organizma. In addition, the tests which held a special commission to study the bioelectric flow in Keith

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