• Health and emotions

    Apr 10

    The element of water – it is fear, fear. If you have the element of Metal is unfavorable, in the Year of the Monkey or Rooster you ever fall in dreary state. When your arms and legs begin to trot – a sign of loss of energy in the body. In this case affects all cells in our body. To cope with this, we must strengthen the element of Fire – watch some comedy, laugh heartily – and anguish gone, because the element of Fire controls metal. Afraid of something you have to first destroy their kidneys. Kazhdy day we are experiencing different emotions. If the Earth is very much people are exposed to disturbing thoughts and reflections. Poetomu actively show their emotions to your health! And if the child is afraid of something, he will suffer from enuresis, and treat this disease should not frighten the child scary stories or cartoons for the night, and the love and care about the kid, and joy and sorrow emotsiyami. In our bodies there is a power failure. About emotions and their impact on our health, of course, in terms of you already familiar with the five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Vody. Crying raises energy and laughter and slows formed so complete harmony in the body, yin and yang in balance. Small children are not embarrassed laugh and shed tears in a mouthful – and crying and laughter heal them. Fire – it is joy and laughter. So do not be shy of his emotions – cry for health. Both you and your home will be at the same cheerfulness and joy and more energii. Remember the saying, “Laughter for no reason – a sign fool? We are pleased that, then laugh, and then get angry, sad, annoyed or afraid. The fact is that when we are afraid there is a strong rush of adrenalin in the blood, numb feet, and the energy is lowered. Earth – it’s anxiety, reflection. The element of Metal – it’s a feeling of sadness and longing. Here it is useful to move around, warm up and eat sour.

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