• Manimeyking and health

    Apr 14

    Kak for some talk about running, as I do and it gives me that.? If you have an unhealthy spine, no matter how industrious you are, forget about the productive rabote. To get started just jogging at least 2 times per week, 2-5 miles at a convenient time for you and 5 minutes of exercise every day in the morning. Vy 15 minutes and you will seem to bother already couple of hours. The answer was simple: play sports, play sports… Yes, yes, it is twice said:) So I took the mind and is now actively fighting for his health, and to me it does not prevent work, and vice versa, Pal theme – it’s just For me, the most magical pendal! And all this is only the beginning, until you do not have pain in the spine, you can bend down to where you want and what you will, believe me, very quickly (just a couple of years) is absolutely healthy young man, a teenager can get to what would groan how old each rising from bed in the morning. It’s simple – it is really very important, especially us, the people conducting the computer most of the day, and someone all day and all night, In the process of earning dough, you can easily mess up your body and health will not return any dengami. D. After a year away, I started to feel some discomfort in the spine in the area of? Est view that laziness is not entirely in the head and not in psychology. You go by car, you have minimal physical activity (even in a shop across the road I traveled by car), muscle spinal cord atrophy, body presses on the spinal column, vertebrae put pressure on the intervertebral cartilage, all compressed, compressed nerves, everything starts to ache, and the pressure is greatest in the department back. I am not a doctor, all information is on the Internet. Lichno my back problems started after I bought the car. There may be a banal “unhealthy” body. Suddenly, for no apparent reason manifested itself not a serious injury an old back. Therefore, I do not recommend you run this delo. Zdorove spine. When you hear, read, tell you what to do and keep myself in top form, it really means to be in sports and keep myself fit. Backbone – the foundation of the skeleton, passes through billions of nerves.

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