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    Mar 3

    After a month of weekly massages health is stable. Recommended weekly sessions during the month, then 1 per month. At the end of the session 5-10 minutes sleep and tea. A practical man – he knows what he wants. How it looks: The client is written in advance by telephone at his convenience spare time, working hours from 10. To support the operation of repeated sessions several times a month. Client 52, physical fatigue, muscle pain in legs and back – took a course 10 massage, after massage the abdomen disappeared very frequent bouts of heartburn, improved skin condition. How is saving time and money to get the maximum benefit for your body? So, given, first of all the wishes of their loyal customers, and consolidated in a single session of massage health and beauty. Additionally held a free 2-hour consultation of a psychologist. And knowing this, and just wants to get everything in one set. Sleep efficiency and recovered. Client 54 years, chronic headaches, lumbar – after the first sessions have improved the health of first third stock, and then again back pain.

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