• Health and nutrition – how to make the diet effective tool

    Mar 4

    2. Menyu size you should be the same, but the difference is in quantity, because different materials need to have male and female organizma. 5. 3 times a day to eat fruit and ovoschi8. In the words of Eastern wisdom, the body must be maintained in good working condition so that it does not interfere with doing what hochetsya. V as entertainment and approval of this joint project can be weighed together, advise the authors of this ideii then we offer the following project plan: 1. This is especially true of men and cancer prostaty. Avoid alkogol10. ” Of course, that’s right, it’s better today to make an effort to eat right, than to spend a fortune tomorrow for treatment. I here’s a new recipe for what to do to make your diet give maximum results and that you do not stray from the “righteous path”: dieting with muzhem. There is a slow, biting small pieces and chewing hard. To set objectives that you can achieve and measure success odezhdy. However zavtrakat4. Power to contain a sufficient number of antioxidant substances (read above) and included as little as possible, fat, sodium, fat meats, red meat, especially fried or grilled too-low in fruit and vegetables, which increases the possibility of cancer.

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