• Health of Montenegro

    Mar 14

    Milosevic. First of all, this resort town operates one of the most famous European physiotherapy institutes – Institute of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation them. And your health! In general, heavy industry in Montenegro and in the neighboring countries is almost not present, and this means that in addition to the excellent climate and the work of medical professionals a high-level trips to Montenegro, give us the opportunity to relax in a clean meste. What is special to offer us Igalo? Samo without saying that the complex factors collected in Igalo, allow you to get maximum health benefits. Hotels Igalo receive solid four stars for the classic French classification. A helpful staff and a high level of service to provoke you to come back here again and again. Work and knowledge of these people allowed to maximize the use of local natural resources for the benefit of travelers. The beaches are predominantly man, so you will find a great landscape design, a smooth flat bottom, pebbles or sand on vybor.

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