• What determines health?

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    Jul 22

    However, feedback from the upcoming changes in the body, can not occur immediately. Формирование healthy lifestyle is a lengthy process and can last a lifetime. By the way, “valueology” (from the Latin valeo-«be healthy”) – the science of how to be healthy, differs significantly from the medicine that studies disease. I proceed from the principle of equivalence and their взаимозависимости. Na my opinion, it is interesting that the concept of a healthy lifestyle is to some extent, individual, and depends on many parameters. V result of following a healthy lifestyle, a person begins to change. To some extent this is the human development in the broadest ponimanii. Ultimately, the availability of this knowledge will allow each person to follow a healthy lifestyle to increase their health and active dolgoletie. For example: age, sex, social condition, the type of higher nervous activity and morpho-functional type, etc., which determine the optimal set of tools to work with your body. And here arises the question of lack of knowledge among the population valeological.

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