• Health dearer!

    May 5

    Louis Brower informs us of the thousands infected with AIDS and cytomegalovirus (as well as hepatitis B – but this is in comparison with AIDS is a detail…). ” Read a book better in the morning – braces are better than coffee (saving some! Save budget money, do not get sick in the prevention – this is a public benefit masshtaba. Save preferably on drugs – because the preservation of health is a few vygod. What I personally can you do against the idiotic phrase “everyone wants to be like her? The Russian state and even Belarus has also demanded tough distinction to dairy products (milk, of course), milk-vegetable drinks and vegetable (without milk). Pervaya benefit – you will not spend money on drugs that are all over the world (especially – we have) more expensive. Tin of condensed milk, in which instead of milk laid floral surrogate (or divorced milk, add vegetable oil and soy), is at least a couple of three rubles cheaper. Vvedennye good habits will give their rezultaty. – Washing powder) instead of meat and milk? ) And sober (in the sense – deprive of illusion. Totally safe medications does not happen – even water for injection can be fatal allergen – you need to mention that it serves to breed more “serious” drugs, rather than water? Savings on health does not happen vygodnoy. Uzhe infected “blood” infusion of thousands of people, of which a considerable part of a thing of the l another world. V 90s of last century, milk was a deficit – mothers of children born 20 years ago, well remember the line, which had to be noted by no later than 5:00 am. Save on health can not be – then still be more expensive. Soy protein is, of course, too good. Example of savings on health, or how not to do if… If you value your life and zdorovem. Savings – it contagious. To save on quality for higher returns – is not new. Understanding the “essential” purchases, not all the same. A that, in fact, is absolutely indispensable in the human diet? If you’re lucky – the milk in the house will be, if not – the child will be left without breast kashi. A these ideals and values? One of St. Compensation paid, and apologies (those who ought to) do not yield – for that, you see, you need very high recognition of injustice “top”… If democracy close to France so difficult to achieve justice, strict implementation of control and security, even if The state order does not provide citizens protection of health, and vice versa – leads to death and a painful disease – what if we ask for? Oshibochka out, ce la Vie, sorry… Please – no one said not yet. The result of more than deplorable: the state has paid compensation billion francs – by the victim, or their relatives still alive. Curd, as whole milk, can also be improved to a disgrace. Take, for example, the addition of detergent to the milk? French leadership (in the very top) to make responsible decisions – whom to pay millions of francs: French firm (Institute Pasteur, among other things) or American (not less than reputable firm Abbott and Organon). Excellent article to save – it’s cigarettes, alcohol, potato chips, sausage… What a day we spend money on is clearly harmful nonsense? Vtoraya benefit – you will not get sick – and, consequently, you will keep your health! Like the sunrise, as the fare on the subway – by itself, in stereotype behavior in avtomate. Louis Brower – author of “The pharmaceutical and food mafia. Sekonoimli millions – billions paid. Do you personally share this view that the domestic is always better, especially if it is cheaper? Parental purse – yes, but with life tsenostyami results are not as swift and obvious.

    Twas persisted and after a scandal. Not all situations can be avoided in life – so let those who really need to be all they need! Yes, and crisis management experience at all (those over 20) there, and a place for bags in the hallway is free… So on what can be saved? to form for yourself? The second condition: if you really search and find vegetable protein, for a variety of supplements and diet. The rising generation will adjust our efforts, and learn the (perhaps) some of their chast.

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