• Wine and health

    Jun 4

    Otchasti beneficial effects associated with alcohol contained in wine. Konechno, people are solely responsible to consult with their physicians and make their own decisions, but my views on this matter is very simple. The once highly prized wine for its health qualities – mainly because it was safer and more hygienic drink than water. In addition, alcohol is not recommended for people suffering from certain diseases, and pregnant women who are sure to consult a vrachu. Excess alcohol increases the risk of many ailments, including all those that protect the moderate consumption. And of course, we do not need any research to learn about the effects of relaxing one-tion or two glasses of wine at the end of dnya. It acts as an anticoagulant, which improves blood circulation. But now there is enough medical evidence to say that moderate consumption of alcohol, especially in the form of wine, is actually more healthy for most people than abstinence. Drink water to quench their thirst, and enjoy the flavor of good wine. It prevents blood clots and arterial trombov. UMERENNOE CONSUMPTION Bce, who recommends drinking wine as a health-drink, indicate that it benefits only a moderate and regular use. It served as a reliable antiseptic in an era when people had little idea of?

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