• The most simple ways to support brain health

    Mar 13

    For two reasons: First, smoking causes damage to brain cells, and secondly, it is known to cause lung cancer, and when the disease spreads, one of her favorite targets is exactly mozg. It is very important to try to observe sleep: in the past to fit the bed and getting up too early. 8. 1. 3. Use a wireless headset for mobile phones. Warming up also improves memory by increasing the brain substances that promote the growth of nerve kletok. Additionally monitor the level of blood cholesterol and control blood davlenie. People have always been obsessed with the loss of extra pounds of weight, heart health and protection in recent decades – the desire to push the knowledge of cancer. Ochen often easier to blame genes, age, or accident, When it comes to memory loss, brain tumors, stroke and other diseases of the brain. Quit smoking.? 7. The use of only one useful product will not help keep the brain healthy. Alcohol does not contradict the idea of?

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