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    Jun 17

    I sincerely wish you health, and the rest – a wonderful, bright, kind, wonderful, material and spiritual will as a consequence of right living:). More specifically, structured and enriched in some way correct energy. ) video Eek-A-Mouse, which shows that not change (or correct at the time). But seriously, before you drink “raw” water, immerse the special corrector functional state. Fortunately, now that the pipes in many homes rusty rusty and filthy dirty. Discovered a ton of unexplored information! So – now beginning to change lives for the better – we will even more to love yourself and others, and love will love us! Structured water can make a difference. 3. I am sure that even though the statistics (80% of people in the world – the schizophrenics), we are in that number for some lucky (or fortunate) accident is not included. Where else would get the water… The pharmacies on this site somewhere esche. If you are in a nutshell what I saw, I heard (the main thoughts on health, enhance vitality, increase the “+” energy, and even the formation of success). Bottled water = dead water. Drink, people, water straight from the tap! Word – perhaps one of the most destructive and creative tools on the planet… I would like a brief and always loving to the world. But it’s better late, than not enough. Because at night the human body loses 1.

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