• True Health. The new law on health

    Jul 21

    2010V new draft law “On the basis of health…” is somewhat controversial initiatives that affect kazhdogoNa site of the Health Ministry posted for public comment a new draft law – “On the basis of health protection in the Russian Federation. The procedures are often unnecessarily traumatic. ” Interestingly, they do so knowingly or unwittingly? And the law regards him seriously discussing kazhdogo. ” (The following three years can not be: a huge amount of research has shown that separation from parents to three years for damaging the child’s mind. That’s what parents usually complain of hospitalized children (feedback collected in personal conversations and in specialized sites): The medical staff does not comply with their direct duties. Nurses dozvatsya hard to help if your child became ill (especially at night), the necessary assistance is often put off until morning, when it’s a doctor. And now the society is still time to speak and to convey to legislators their views on the proposed novovvedeniyah. However, the pitfalls of the new bill is much greater. ” Public debate (began July 30) is not shaky or rolls: some activists beat the bells summoning the masses, but the masses awake. Seychas mainly professional societies: the insurers and physicians, as well as defenders of human rights of the family. Za: ensure that children had enough to eat (they often refuse to eat the hospital), relay soiled bed, drink, drive down the toilet or submit sudno. Act now law (Article 22 Principles of Legislation on health care, etc. Children resist painful procedures and medical staff rebuked their intimidation and force (or refuses to conduct procedures). Irina Lukyanov 30. Medical staff appointment and confuses drugs. One gets the impression that MPs are the principle “the worse – the better.

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