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    Jun 29

    How many hours a day student can read, write, solve, memorize without harm to health? It is in that age when a child’s life there are additional conditions for the occurrence of gastritis: a large psycho-emotional stress and disregard for proper nutrition – lunch is replaced by chips or crackers washed down with soda and. With 3 km of the hours that are in school! Norma at home cooking lessons for students 5-6 classes – 2. 5. Zamerte nagruzkiSpravlyaetsya whether your student with all the mental load can be determined by some indirect chronic fatigue priznakam. 3. The three most common diseases of schoolchildren – myopia, gastritis, spinal curvature. Pervichnoe usually happens in the family when the child is 4-8 years, and from their parents by kissing, common dishes, unwashed hands… A few years after infection with no signs of disease are observed. But children grow, they need to gain weight! 2. Pyati-sixth graders can not sleep at least 9. Simptomy are: 1. A six-day – 31 lesson. A roughness in adolescence – a sign of emotional diskomforta. The child has a cold forever. 5-10 hours without harm. Irregular pressure overload are particularly affected girls. The child is often a headache can rise blood pressure. 5-3 hours. A child can not sleep at night for a long time, but often goes to bed later than the allotted time. Mladsheklassnik wants to sleep in the day, although it was long before entering school from an afternoon nap otkazyvalsya.

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