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    Aug 19

    Because if you get sick, then the money is not always possible to return to normal healthy life. However, the lack of understanding in this matter is found, not only in young children roditeley. But statistics gathered by experts in children’s hospitals, children’s medical centers and children’s hospitals in Moscow more than disappointing. When to get reception of such children, with regret konstatiruesh that hard to fix bugs, and sometimes even impossible. But you must admit that no amount of money to correct what is already enshrined in the born child. Protect yourself: eat right, exercise, sleep and much more. Therefore, when a child gets a good children’s clinic, a qualified doctor, the child’s health assessment takes into account all these factors, we consider the degree of risk for the implementation of inherited diseases. After discharge from the hospital, may already be familiar to you doctor comes acquainted with the baby. This is to some degree – a guarantee of a child’s health. Genetically determined predisposition to disease, the health of future parents, health and overall health (drugs, alcohol) at the moment of conception, living conditions, nutrition, general level of culture, during pregnancy, birth, health of the child after birth in the early period of adaptation, breastfeeding. The questions are many: power moms breast-feeding, maintaining lactation, timing and method of introduction of complementary foods, vitamin therapy, motor skills development, selection of toys, child cognitive activity, prevention of rickets, acute respiratory diseases, anemia, relationships with family members. Ministerstvo Russia declares health standards of preventive child health surveillance of the first year of life, compiled by leading experts in pediatrics. Sovmestno with his parents in children’s medical centers, children’s hospitals, the mass of the important issues addressed. Zdorove is composed of many factors. ” Its meaning is clear. Beginning with the acquisition of equipment and children’s first knowledge of the anatomical and physiological features of a newborn, care for them. Doctors, only help to be healthy, as far as possible in each sluchae. Evaluated the health status of the child, the risk of disease, heredity. Healthy children are smaller and, therefore, healthy parents. And so hurtful when you know how easy can be profilaktika.

    |If your health is the health of your loved ones!

    Life Energy DETA-AP can be treated by specially developed programs. Life Energy DETA-AP-20 can be configured to solve individual problems of the health of any patient by перепрограммирования. But first, let me ask you a few important voprosov. Bazovaya equipment equipped with 20 treatment programs: Life Energy DETA-AP-201) “Drainage” 2) “Ascaris” 3) “Pinworms” 4) “Giardia” 5 ) “Mycoplasmosis” 6) “Trichomoniasis” 7) “Candidiasis”, 8) “Onychomycosis” 9) “Staph infection, 10)” Staphylococcus-streptococcal infection “, 11),” Streptococcal infection “; 12)” Chlamydia “; 13) “Helicobacter”; 14) “Papilloma virus”; 15) “Herpes base”; 16) “Epstein-Barr virus”, 17) “Genital herpes”; 18) “Cytomegalovirus”; 19) “Herpes simplex”; 20) “Influenza with respiratory component. But check out today presents no difficulty. Of course, if you do not give up and really want to own health, their children and relatives svoim. Only possible to cure an infection which is already in the body-positive therapeutic effect is achieved due to good penetration of the electromagnetic field in the body. Entered treatment programs for children, most often are carriers of ascarids, pinworms, giardia. Ponimayu that it’s hard to believe. This medical device has a devastating impact on the different types of microorganisms. Rife: the electromagnetic field penetrates into the body and it resonates with the infection, which is programmed device. It is therefore very important to properly diagnose and carry out a strict course of action. The entire set consists of a core group of infections that occur in each seme. In this connection, use the device once a nedelyu. Three methods of effective recovery zdorovya. Life Energy DETA-effect device APLechebnoe Life Energy DETA-AP is based on the frequency of the electromagnetic field effects on microorganisms. If one family member is infected with any infection, in most cases, all the rest also will inevitably get sick. Can lead to a healthy norm for a few weeks or, at most, a few months of treatment in a comfortable home, or at work or in puteschestvii. Tehnologiya treatment proposed in 1993 by Russian scientist and inventor, academician Sergei Petrovich Konoplev, provided an opportunity to make this method of treatment available for virtually every cheloveka. The starter kit assembled programs that deal with many infections, sexually transmitted and non-primary cause of male and female health, infertility, miscarriage and problems are often passed the newborn. Terapiya based on the resonant frequencies of R. Increased capacity of the device, compared with the previous modifications, and increased range can be treated at the same time several members of semi. Parasites begin to die rapidly, and then enter the bloodstream and lymphatic system, which can cause toxic load. Each of them is intended to affect a certain type of parasite. Vy already care about your health, or wait for the well-known fried rooster peck? In the base Life Energy DETA-AP contains 13 programs: 1) “Drainage Therapy”, 2), “worming” 3) “Total protivoprotozoynaya” 4) “Candide” 5) “Staphylococcus” 6) “streptococci”; 7) “Escherichia coli”, 8) “Salmonella” 9) “SARS”, 10) “Herpes”, 11), “Ringworm”, 12), “Chlamydia”, 13) “Papilloma Virus». Особое account in treatment programs given to the health of future generations. Pribor can be programmed using any of ten anti-parasitic programs that are selected out of 160 available in the program database Therapy-6 (which can be individually selected for the treatment of a large circle of pathologies caused by the presence of microorganisms). “The first clinical trials have shown high efficiency of the device. Only thanks to the courage and efforts of enthusiasts physicians practice prodolzhalas. Heart, kidney, liver, blood pressure, men’s and women’s issues, etc. Efficiency techniques and confirmed by thousands of people and numerous clinical trials since 1993 and dozens of patents in different stranah. I’m talking about devices that use Deta 3 methods of electromagnetic therapy. Do you want to quickly, comfortably and without any side effects begin their recovery and their neighbors, using the most advanced technology of the 21st century? The herpes virus is killed by the body for 34 minutes!

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