• Alcohol and Health

    Dec 11

    Somehow morphed dnyuhi all there, but mostly for no reason. I look back like this to life – that I myself had made a for friends, if you look at? Sometimes I ask myself the question – what for all these fizkulturki in the morning, then if that’s because his coffin and then find the answer: a fuck a health need, if it does not spend. Alcoholic Am I – an occasion to look for. Well, in general, asshole parasitic on normal society – that is, to me. Pro babloOdin one likes to talk about the loot, about his leading role in the life of its absolute sufficiency to achieve zen. And it’s very sad when a few of them – always a limit, and generally nasty feeling. Obviously, a person with such talk and such a vital position and no money has never been (which, incidentally, is absolutely true). But yesterday’s revelry was just dnyuhoy – very notably booze and, specifically, I do so very close to world standards. And now seeking a new job that would pay to loot, not pennies. That is, you just have a lot of health, which any disasters nipochem. Do not understand – why him money if he was a lifelong without them. Works extremely reluctantly. The idea that I myself asshole and so is surrounded by assholes reject completely, because 1) no asshole (according to other people), 2) not all solid asshole around. I think it could be as much again – and a lot of health because it can survive in such conditions. And if he spent his free time to plunder the caravans, or there are any cash halturki, it is understandable, but not the same: sleep and booze.

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