• Health – the most expensive that we have

    Mar 25

    The biologically active additives – not soon passing fashion, but the present and future prevention and diet. Kak keep this gift of nature itself and to help other people in this? Fast-fill micronutrient deficiency – substances necessary for normal functioning of all body systems cheloveka. Modern medicine with its strong pharmacology good cure for acute cases of disease and, unfortunately, poor coping with chronic diseases, treatment of which requires a comprehensive and integrated approach. WHAT IS THE MECHANISM OF ACTION BAD? BAD – is a health product, a unique structure that meets the needs of the human body in all the essential (indispensable) nutrients and has a positive impact on the entire spectrum of metabolic processes in the body. Foods that we eat, sometimes too rich aggressive toxic substances, and we can not always avoid the use of such food. -Helps detoxify toxic substances entering the body or produced as a result obmena. Unfortunately, the structure of the power of modern humans in recent years, characterized by reduced consumption of the most biologically valuable products, there is a significant deficiency in the diet full of protein, polinenasyshennyh fatty acids, vitamins, macro-and microelements in the excessive consumption of carbohydrates. For anyone watching their health and health care of their loved ones is extremely important reliable and objective information about the causes of disease and modern methods of prevention of disease.

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    • Health – the most expensive that we have An increasing number of clinical observations, based on the experience of practitioners, evidence of their effectiveness. -restores the activity of many enzyme systems organizma. Foods that we eat, sometimes too rich aggressive toxic substances, and we can not always avoid the use of such food. Health – the most expensive that we est. -Strengthen the
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