• Health Insurance in the Russian Federation

    Aug 7

    Concern for health and disability of its citizens is a fundamental obligation of developed states, advancing along the path of democratic development. Individuals may purchase insurance for voluntary medical health insurance on their own. For the unemployed, the state pays the fees. That’s why health care costs are a necessary article of the state budget. ” The Act establishes the right of people to receive a specified list of medical services in Russia, in the case of insurance case. Dlya care abroad, there are also policy VHI health insurance, which have limited life and are made to stay citizens on the territory of another country. This type of health insurance is formed by contributions from the individual organizations or grazhdan. The policy of voluntary health insurance operates primarily within the region, whereas the MHI policy, is to receive medical services throughout the RF. The volume of aid is determined by the amount of insurance coverage, which depends on the cost of the policy. Of 1993) passed a law “On Health Insurance in the Russian Federation. For the development of health insurance in 1991 (hereinafter referred to as amended.

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