• Chocolate and health

    Oct 2

    Conducted as experiments with mice, they were fed shokoladom. Yaponskie physicians consider the proven properties of chocolate such as increased resistance to stress, prevention of allergies, some types of cancer, peptic ulcer ulcer, anemia. Research scientists at Harvard University indicate that fans of “food of the gods” live longer than those who do not consume this delicacy at all. Regular consumption of chocolate has a rejuvenating effect on the cardio vascular system of human and prevents the formation of clots in blood vessels. Dr. 3 years before death forbade her to the doctors to use in food sladkoe. Chocolate produced from the seeds of the tropical cacao tree Theobroma (grechesk. Polza chocolate promotes the well-known by Nestle, which advises each person to eat 40 grams of dark chocolate every make, to give the body strength to deal with stress. Vyyasnilos that as cocoa from which chocolate is produced, is rich in flavonoids, it stimulates the nerve-vascular activity, improves concentration and pamyat. The opponents base their arguments chocolate on excessive consumption, as well as opponents of red wine. Raudenbush tested the verbal and visual memory and reaction speed, performance was higher in chocolate lovers. This compound dramatically reduces oxidation of low density lipoprotein – protects against heart disease. B.

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