• Biolit guard of women’s health

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    Oct 14

    However, the laws of the world of pharmacology require manufacturers of dietary supplements fully standards-compliant GMP. The aim of the treatment program is the development of treatment guidelines specifically and individually for each of the women surveyed. Now herbal remedies can be selected individually on the testimony of every woman after conducted due diligence, that increases the effectiveness of multiple treatment and reduces the risk of developing breast cancer. In the structure of cancer incidence of women with breast cancer is 20%, which is 3 times larger than the combined share of all cancer pathology reproductive system. Chem. Breast Cancer – leading cause of death of the female population today. Science Valentina Burkov, as head of OOO “Biola” is always doing everything possible that would be the company’s products meet international standards. In Tomsk reception of the program “Women’s Health” is based on the prenatal maternity them. Breast is now clearly regarded as a precancerous condition that affects 60% of women and 80% – are at the same time and gynecological pathology. Larisa Sotnikova Stepanovna. Together with specialists from the regional health care in 2009 were carried out clinical trials of dietary supplements herbal Altai, developed and manufactured by LLC “Biola”, with a view to their possible use in treatment of mastitis and a variety of gynecological disorders. Scientific-practical program “Women’s Health” is composed of two parts: a diagnostic and therapeutic.

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