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    Nov 3

    ” The second rule is a proper diet, and most importantly a properly selected diet – eating the best food, but use them less. Take special care of your physical health we live in the most wonderful time in human history, if we talk in terms of life expectancy and physical condition of the population. Today you will be able to live longer and feel better than you could ever. You can get all the exercise, which is necessary for making three to five times per week vigorous walks lasting from 30 to 60 minutes. Eliminate from your diet sweets, sweetened soft drinks, candies and anything else that contains sugar. You must make a plan and then stick to their own daily estimates. Perhaps it will be a complete rejection of desserts. Stop consume salt in excess and stop a product from white wheat flour. Set a goal to keep your weight under control – bring it back to normal, and then stay slim and physically fit for the rest of life. It sounds quite simple: “Less food and more exercise. Eat less high-calorie protein, fruits and vegetables. Kogda you will be able to fully control their habits in nutrition, you will become much easier to take control and habits relating to all other areas of your life. Such a commitment to promote health requires a great deal of self-control, self-control and self-discipline, but then the rewards can be extremely large. Suschestvuyut three rules for a long, happy and healthy life. The third rule of long life – proper amount of exercise.

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