• Culture of Health – Balance of primary sources

    Nov 3

    But the beauty comes only through beauty – the beauty of thought and beauty desires. Thought lives, expressing themselves through the body. Health – it’s a balance, ill health – respectively – this imbalance. It is logical to assume – if an unbalanced system lead to a balance – a state of health would return. And, backed by the influence of this idea leads to the land of beautiful and healing items. Location – where “All is well. It’s like a balance beam – where a little added or taken – and bias. Balance – a very precarious state. What many do not want to take – a man is what he thinks. Culture Thoughts must stand in front of the body of culture. Well, when the sun is shining in the morning, well, the rain, well – when the mountain breathed volcano, well, when a wedding, well, when the divorce… This is a magical place where “sucked” from the creative ideas of Space. So how do you have to balance such a complex and multi-layered organism, as a person? Beautiful wishes, corresponding to the beautiful thoughts are born as the levels of the mind. Therefore, the alignment of the Mind at the central point (balance point) – the basis of modern Man’s Health.

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