• Should I trust corporation “Siberian health”?

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    Aug 9

    - a serious title, thought ya. “- Such phrases as I began to hear very often from people who began offering the” Siberian health. Yuridicheskoe office of its members gives it advantages not available to other forms of associations, such as limited liability companies. “No, I do not believe it. After this question in my mind I began to study the very corporation, product quality and product that I rabotat. In a broad sense, the corporation can be understood as any association with the economic objectives of the corporation deyatelnosti. Kak is not any, even the pharmaceutical company can afford to work on standards GMP. Corporatio – Association) – a legal entity that being the union of individuals, while independent of them (ie, self-governing). Many unique designs Corporation zapatentovany. ” It turns out people very often and a lot of cheating, or did not provide complete information, or may be advised of their incompetent? Term of a patent depends on an object of patenting and ranges from 10 to 25 years. The specific legal status and legal capacity of corporations determined by the location of its sozdaniya. Dobrovolnaya not intended to replace the mandatory, but voluntary compliance certificate is an additional and very effective guarantee of product quality. Rukovodyat and participate in product development scientists, doctors and professors of medical sciences. As a doctor I was very interested in what made products, I am very wary of all synthetic drugs, and probably would not have started to drink their own and give all of its products seme. Nt – protective document that certifies the exclusive right of authorship and priority of invention, utility model or industrial design. Pate? Under the invention, in the sense of patent law is a solution in any field relating to a product (eg, device, material) or process (process of affecting a material object with material resources). A patent for an invention in the Russian Federation is valid for 20 years from the date of application for issuance of patenta. Companies producing or importing goods, issuing a certificate of conformity GOST R certification voluntarily provide thereby a serious attitude on the part of, and partners, and investors. Vsya “Siberian Health” produced by GMP standartam. Function (from novolat. ” The raw material for the manufacture of dietary supplements and cosmetics is a wild medicinal herbs from the most reserved of Siberia, such as Lake Baikal and the Altai Mountains. Not many can boast of its production. For me, it meant one thing, I can trust with peace of mind “Siberian health.

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