• The strength and health. Orison Marde

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    Mar 28

    From kindergarten to school, from college to the office and beyond – tension is becoming stronger. You do not need to concentrate on their illnesses and to consider carefully the symptoms. These people make their living in the great affairs. We need health, not just in power. These people belonged to Napoleon, able to spend in the saddle twenty hours. These people belonged to Gladstone, was holding the wheel firmly to the ship’s eighty-four years, and minced large trees at eighty-five years. These people belonged to Franklin, who is seventy years went hiking on nature. It is difficult to assume that the Creator gave all mankind at the mercy of a half-dozen drugs, in which we can be sure. The greatest long-lived men and women – people who have achieved higher mental and moral development. They do not necessarily have powerful muscles and a major figure – but they see an excess of vitality and nervous energy. They lived in an elevated, avoiding friction and discord, which weaken the lives of many people. Do not let the thought that you may not be the master of his own life. Diseases of the need to resist it on principle. The high ideal of health and harmony must always live in our minds. We should never tell people that we are sick and do not consider themselves sick. Willpower gives the body vitality. To thrive, you must use the full power of your brain – and there is nothing that helps the brain as a healthy body. Is the mind is not a natural guardian of the body?

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