• How foods affect health?

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    Dec 25

    Their effects on the body has a strong and lasting effect. Improper diet – one of the reasons for human disease. We both looked at the program of an integrated approach. Today will continue to meet with the theme of “FOOD”. (See table below). Let’s think about health! Human disease – is acidification of the body. Vsya greens, even the young sorrel., beans / peas lentils, beans, soybeans, sprouted beans, sugar All products are acidic sugar (jam, pastries), except for honey honey, agar-Nut Butter agaroid, butter, cream, olive, soybean, sesame, sunflower, corn, safflower, margarine Other acidic foods: white bread, pasta in a / c, starch, eggs, canned foods. The more extreme deviations are the pH, the stronger may be health problems. On the importance of acid-base balance in the human body, see the article “What to do to stay young and slow down aging? According to anthropologists, the diet of early man was on the third of the lean meat of wild animals and 2 / 3 of plant foods. ComPitanie modern man is made up of products, saturated fats, simple sugars, sodium chloride and poor in fiber, magnesium and potassium. Natalia Sitnevansitneva. What we are more “sour”, the worse the immune system works. I helps maintain optimum health and well-balanced water coral nutrition, regular use of vitamins, minerals and friendly microflora. Processes that increase the acidity of foods: thermal treatment (frying, boiling, etc. Under these conditions food was of an alkaline nature. That is, the food should prevail more products that make up this fine scheloch.

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