• Forever Health-MEN

    Mar 29

    What makes this product so beneficial to men’s health? Found that certain ingredients palmetto reduced hyperplasia (increase) in the prostate. This is a product with universal deystviem. It is important that all components FOREVER SIMPLE-6 are selected so that they can enhance each other’s It is composed of extracts of plants: fruit trees and dwarf tomato seeds, safflower and African plum bark. Men beg their full attention, because that is the product directly otnositsyak health of men. Beta-sitostirol safflower seed prevents the synthesis of prostaglandins in the prostate, reducing congestion, swelling and inflammation and pain when urinating. Itak: Meet with the product – FOREVER SIMPLE-6, developed by Forever Living Products specifically for men! Hello Friends, Today we continue to explore production of FLP. In addition, beta-sitostirol regulates cholesterol levels. This powerful dietary supplement has a universal effect on the male body: adjusts the hormonal balance, reduces inflammation in diseases of the prostate gland, is a preventive measure against prostate adenoma and helps to maintain full reproductive function for many years. French physicians, in 60 of the last century, it was shown that an extract of the bark of African plum (Pygeum africanum) is effective in treating BPH.

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