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Will,I know we haven’t seen each other in like 10 years, but I am your half sister Emma. I was only 3 the last time I saw you, so I don’t really remember, but I really want to meet you. My dad, or our dad, just told me that I’m going to an all girls’ boarding school in the fall. It is all the way across the country, but just happens to be only an hour away from your house. I just wanted to contact you to ask if we could meet up once I get out there in August. If you don’t want to, just let me know, I understand.Advertisements

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After all this rough brutal sex, he finally grunted like a mad animal while he released his hot thick load of man cum into my short beautiful busty, wife,. “Cum inside me Harry. Make me pregnant. Show my wimp husband how it is done. Show him that you are a real man and he is just a silly, tiny little cuckold,” she said.After this, he bent her over again and fucked her harder than ever before and made Rashmi cum again. She squirted so much that night, our bed was soaking with her love juices. He emptied another hot load like a bull and impregnated my Rashmi again.Advertisements

A mom, son, grandpa tale – Family taboo / Page 3

Joey groped frantically unzipping his fly and bringing forth his stiff cock. He began stroking it firmly, staring into the mirror, listening to his mother’s moans and groans.The sailor swiveled his head enough for Joey to note that he was much younger than the fellas his mother usually brought home. Joey smiled, knowing his mother was reaping the rewards of the younger suitor with, no doubt, a stiffer cock that could last much longer. Joey wondered how long they had been at it.Advertisements

Deflowering Hot Virgin Odisha College Girl,

“Hi” to all the sexy school girls, college girls, working women, recently married women, widow women, divorced women, and the rest of the beautiful women.First, I would like to tell you all that you are the best creation by God.I am a massage therapist and was working as a freelancer. During this process, I met many college girls and housewives who really want to release their tensions through massage and have a good sex session in the end. I also would like to tell you that all those who get massages will not get banged unless they want it and it’s also a professional job.Advertisements

I cheated on my husband and somehow improved four sex lives / Page 3

I swallowed as much as I could and then got to my feet and stood in front of him, my pussy in his face. He looked up and I could tell he didn’t know what to do next. I thought about giving him a lesson on how to GIVE oral sex, but decided that it would take to long and I had to get back to my husband.I went out one balcony and grabbed my bikini bottom and his shorts and whisked into the bathroom dropping the shorts on the floor at his feet on the way by. Once there I dried his cum off of my chin and chest and some that had started to leak out of my pussy. I put on my bottom and headed out the door, not bothering with the shirt. I remember telling him as I went by, sill sitting on the bed with his flip-flops on and nothing else, “Why don’t you come down in a little while and join us at the pool. Close up on the way out.”Advertisements

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This was it, I began to increase my breathing and soon enough, with a massive gasp, I felt my cock jerk with first convulsion of orgasm. I quickly shifted it back into Danis mouth where I proceeded to empty and entire overload of hot billowy cum down her throat.Heaven… Dani didn’t stop until my cock ceased jerking. She choked down every last drop. As this was happening, Guest began his own release… When it was his time, he ripped off his condom and began to jerk his big cock over Dani’s belly. Like me, ribbons of hot cum released over her stomach and tits.Advertisements

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Our family’s ate together that night at the barbeque where I had to deal with scowls from Dad anytime I glanced towards Holly. We played it straight, though I sometimes wonder why Mom or Dad never picked up on the vibe between Maggie and her cousin,. They sat together giggling like lovers, or maybe I thought that because I knew the truth.After dinner, I had to setup the movie screen. As families pulled up lawn chairs, I caught a glimpse of Maggie and Holly heading towards the woods. Instead of feeling jealous, I smiled and sat through another family rated movie. It was too dark to try and find Maggie and Holly, so I headed back to the empty tent. I still found it easy to smile, even when alone. Laying down on my cot, I rubbed my hard-on, hoping Maggie would be back soon.Advertisements

Mother and Daughter and New Boobs,

Mother, and Daughter, and New Boobs,Very little was said.Advertisements

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I took care of my dick for 2 days and it healed. After 2 days she invited me to her house as her grandmother and husband went to their native place and her mother, went to hospital for night duty. She will be alone in house whole night.I felt so happy for this invitation. We kissed passionately and she left home after the tuition. That night after my dinner I was looking at the watch and was waiting for people in the street to go inside. Since it’s a small town and winter season people went into their houses and closed the doors by 10PM. I was happy and went for a walk to observe the situation there at her house. There were no one outside and I quickly went into her house. She has kept the door opened and switched off all the lights in the hall and living room, the kitchen room light guided me into the house.In that dark room with light coming from Kitchen, I was stunned to see my darling in a silver metallic coloured satin nighty. She was glowing and looking like an angel without wings. I couldn’t control myself. I quickly hugged her and I kissed her all over her face starting her forehead then her eyes, nose, cheeks and on lips. She was licking my lower lip and myself her upper lip. I inserted my tongue into her mouth and it was a passionate kiss and we were in lip lock for about 2-3 minutes exchanging each other saliva.Advertisements

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Then, Mounica took my dick in her mouth. I was a little tired, so I let her do, what she does best. She squeezed my butt and was forcing my dick towards her mouth. Mounica was able to completely take my dick in her mouth and she was deep throating it like a pro. She deep throated my dick and held it for 20 seconds. Now, I caught my breath and took her hair into my hands and started fucking her mouth in all the possible angles. Few strokes I took it deep inside, few I was fucking to her left, few on to her right side of the mouth and few on the tip. I never had my dick sucked like that. I never had such pleasure in my life. My dick never wanted to leave that mouth. Even while writing about this, my dick became so fucking hard. I continued fucking her mouth till I was about to come.I pulled my dick out of Mounica’s mouth and she took my dick in her hand. I told her I am about to cum and she stroked the head of my dick a few times and I came very hard. She directed my cum towards their mouths and breasts. Both their mouths and boobs were covered in my cum. Then Mounica took my dick into her mouth and sucked it until every drop of semen left my dick. Now, they started licking each other lips and boobs and clean themselves of my cum. I inserted my now softening dick in between their lips and they were cleaning my dick and their lips like they have forgotten that the world exists. After that, we went to the near by water pump and cleansed ourselves. Then we came to the bed, held on tightly to each other naked, as the bed supposed to be for 1 person, was holding 3 people, covered ourselves with a blanket, talked for some time about our sexual fantasies, desires and then we drifted off, with the alarm about to rang after 2 hours for another steamy session.Advertisements

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He edged forward. Her hole resisted but it was no match for the weight behind his hips, as the tip of his cock buried inside her.“Haaa – aaaaaaaah!” Mae yelled out, but it wasn’t the pained screams he’d heard before, he knew it was a good pain. He knew her being relaxed, made all the difference.Advertisements

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As I got to them, I very cautiously opened it. It must have taken me thirty seconds to open, because it sounded like there was sand in the tracks, and made a loud racket if you slung it opened. After getting in the room, I walked to the door of the bedroom, and by this time, Gina had her legs pressed together and he was practically leaning against her knees begging her to let him play with her.I could tell instantly that Gina was way more in the sleep mood than the fool around mood, and this would be the first time I hadn’t been right there, which I’m sure to her made it a different thing altogether. I suppose there’s a fine line between fucking with your husband watching and loving it, and fucking someone without him knowing.Advertisements

Mom’s Chat Seduction / Page 2

In the car, Dad’s police car, of course, I was hoping Dad wouldn’t talk of what happened the night before.“I bet you jerked off last night,” he said, then added in a whiny voice, “thinking about your mom.”Advertisements

My honeymoon trip:part-05 / Page 2

“why you have bought this ?(Ankit)for our long journey(Rima)you are already drunk Ankit(Ankit)oh darling have it ,you will enjoy the journey.” As driver moved the car ,Ankit put beer in a glass as I started drinking it ,looking at me my hubby lifted my skirt as he put his finger on my vagina.just rubbing his […]

Biwi ko Apne Samne Dusre Aadmi se Chudwaya / Page 2

mene Preetam se kaha.. “yeh view tum kabhi nahi bhul paoge, Rumi ko piche se chodne ka maza he alag hai”Preetam ne mughe jawab diya “aap bhi yaha bethe ho kiya..” or woh dono zor zor se hasne lage, or apne kaam continue karte rahe..Advertisements

Creamy Mother and Daughter / Page 3

“Honey, congratulations,” said Christina as we both applauded.“Thanks, but I couldn’t have done it without both of you.” Clarissa hugged her mother, tighter and began rubbing her skinny legs against her mother,’s equally slim legs. Their loving relationship was closer than any mother, and daughter could be. It strengthened them, it strengthened us.Advertisements

Separated mother looks at her son in a new light / Page 3

“Yeah mom I should be, and Brittney has to work late, so yea I should be here.” He replied back.“Awesome” I said as I continued to pour. A few moments pass by and I mention to him how I am suppose to meet a girl friend for dinner and would be home shortly afterwards. He didn’t really seem to care, but if only he knew the entire story behind our dinner it may change his mind a little I think. Advertisements

I just want to be used / Page 2

Just as I did, he brushed my hands aside, pulled his cock out of my mouth, and let his load build up, then told me to open my mouth, and shot one huge load into my mouth saying “you BETTER swallow, it!”I loved the feel of his full load in my mouth, and my tongue swished it around, while he went away to clean off. I kept swishing him in my mouth deciding whether or not to swallow,. I wanted to, I love cum,, like really, really, really love cum,. But, today was not his day, I got up from the bed, walked over to the sink and regretfully spit him out.Advertisements

Mommy abuses and rapes her baby boy and girl / Page 3

THUMP! Went the bat and Shruthi got a taste of her own medicine. She doubled up and fell to the floor as shockwaves of pain rolled through her body from her stinging genitals. Anu had held nothing back and Shruthi hadn’t expected such force on the first shot. The pain just made her that much closer to cumming, however, and she was leaking pussy juice as she reeled on the ground, Jit lying on the ground beside her. She looked up at Anu who was smiling happily with her legs still spread, trying to allow air flow to her reddened slit which still hadn’t healed from Shruthi’s beating. Shruthi lunged madly and grabbed her baby, girl by her clit, squeezed it and pulled hard, bringing her to the ground as well, screaming in extreme pain. With her other hand, the mother grabbed her baby, boy’s balls and squeezed just as hard. Jit squealed and cried as his mother mercilessly pulled and squeezed on his tender baby, testicles. After a few seconds of chaos, Shruthi let her children go and stood up, letting them recover as she lightly slapped her red pussy to hasten her orgasm.Suddenly, the front door opened. Anu was happy – Daddy, was home! He always treated her better than Mommy,. Shruthi thanked her stars – she really needed some major stimulation to get her orgasm, and her husband knew exactly how to use her. She whispered something to her daughter, and she ran off, nodding. Shruthi picked up Jit and slapped his balls again to keep his stimulation going. She carried him with her mouth inches from his hard pee pee and testicles so that she could tell her husband the happy news as soon as she saw him.Advertisements

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His dick is always special to me.

Wife suspects hubby is hiring whores,

Cheating, wife,, Wife, suspects hubby, is hiring whores,, Sarah Martin smiled at her husband, Bill. He grinned back at her and she felt the familiar tingle run up her spine. Damn him, he could turn her on even when she had other things on her mind.“Honey, we need to talk.”Advertisements

He realises his mother is a woman and not just a mum / Page 3

The epithet confirms her anger when my mother, spits her reply: “That fucking wanker, that’s what.”I’m at a loss for what to say next. I don’t like emotional scenes; I feel uncomfortable and embarrassed and usually avoid any awkwardness, opting for a sweep-it-under-the-carpet attitude. But she’s my mother,, and there’s nobody else to help.Advertisements

My Desire for Nidhi Bhabhi / Page 2

Will you give time to me once you are married? What kind of girls should I look for you? I usually answered nothing but keep smiling looking at her meaningfully at her such query. Sometimes I gave the non-specific answer while seducing her in my mind. One day while she was asking me what sort of girls I would like to marry again and again, I answered like you. Like Me? What do you mean dear Dewar she asked with a nonspecific smile. I answered I mean beautiful like you.She smiled again and told don’t be liar dear, I am not beautiful, and tended to leave the room. I pulled her holding her hand and told firmly, I am not lying, You are the most beautiful lady in my eyes. Instantly her eyes started talking with me with joy but within few moments she became sad and told dear Rajveer, I am unlucky, don’t say something like this again, go back home and she left her drawing room.Advertisements

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